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Meditation: Placing Divine Mother's Copper Gold Lotus in each Chakra ~ Waves of Bliss



Dear Friends,

Welcome to September of 2012.

For our meditation this month we have a wonderful Grid of Light. This Grid was offered at the 8/8 Portal Channeling as a gift of thanksgiving for all we receive in togetherness by our own Jim Foster. I hope you enjoy it and share it with your loved…


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Blue Moon Transmission ~ Ashtar Command ~ Judy Satori


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NSA - Whistleblower Video

Another distraction to keep the U.S. citizens from knowing that they are mining data straight from their brains. This video is interesting but this guy knows way more than he is telling.

Here is another…


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: TIs often report that the perps can see what TIs are seeing, as if looking through their victims’ eyes.  This involves satellite technology* and Remote Neural Monitoring**.

On 30 April 2012, in an article about enhancements to US Navy uniforms, the UK Newspaper the Daily Mail also revealed one of a range of new ‘cyborg’ technologies under test by the Pentagon. The article  stated:

‘Another groundbreaking high-tech military system will…


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All the world is a stage

Seems like the Final Act is upon us. I don't know my role in all of this but I am stepping aside and just being a spectator now. There's nothing I can do to help people as I could barely help myself right now. When the economies crash there will be a lot of angry people.…


Added by Grim Reaper on August 31, 2012 at 5:08am — 1 Comment

Starting to believe

I'm starting to believe all of the negative things that people have said about me. Maybe I am a fake, a goth wannabe, a wolf, pathetic, poser, disgusting. Maybe it is all true after all.

Added by Aaron Stanley on August 31, 2012 at 12:27am — 2 Comments

Journalist exposing US microwave torture towers under savage attack.

All info. can be found on website NOW PUBLIC/CROWD POWERED MEDIA. Top mili. Contractor Lockheed Martin administers em torture MENTICIDE To 1000's of extrajudicially persecuted US citizens, targeted as dissidents or undesirables for reasons of politics and hate........etc and on same site look at us-govt-runs-gangstalking-vigilantism-says-ex-fbi-official. Also,Get political with Vic livingston, veteran journalist.....scroll down to 'scrivener's replies......he states it is black ops that secret… Continue

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Spett. le C***

Centro Studio Trento…


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Losing trust

No one truly cares. I'm starting to think everyone on here is a perp. No one cares about what I've been through. I came on this site to share what has happened to me, and find comfort and care. I guess there is no such thing as love, peace, and care. I think won't cave is a perp. He claims to care about what I go through yet he turns around and disrespects me. I've lost trust in everyone. I'm thinking about calling it quits on this site. I don't trust anyone anymore.

Added by Aaron Stanley on August 30, 2012 at 4:03am — 13 Comments

False Attributing--What the Perps Want

A lot of people are guilty of false attributing.  It's when one event makes them paranoid, scared or have an array of other feelings for another event.


For example, the perps stalk you for a week and then you get a flat tire caused by a nail in the road.  You then say that the perps caused your tire to go flat.   You blame them for other things like dirty dishes, bad hair days and everything else.  This causes you to lose credibility.


They love this because we…


Added by kaela creighton on August 29, 2012 at 10:00pm — 3 Comments

Marilyn Manson And Others

It sounds crazy and schizophrenic, but our artists really are advertising their weapons in songs.  We see this in the satellite of Placebo's "Bitter End," Beck's "Novacaine" and Madonna's "A Bedtime Story."


Anyway, let's see what this moron's ideology is, shall we?



"We are our own wicked gods.... sadistic and constantly inflicting a slow


Today's sermon: Tips for Surviving the End Times, from Our



Added by kaela creighton on August 29, 2012 at 1:00pm — 3 Comments

Our Abusive Government and My Internal Struggle Not to Be Like Them

So, if you don't know, the government is actually in our heads and mining information.

Most people are like, "no way" or "I don't have anything interesting to share.  Why would they care about me?"

I mean, I get that because aren't they to the point where they need computers to do nearly everything important anyway?  Individuals no longer have anything extraordinary in a single brain.

Except when our "overlords" need to steal something and have to exploit us in order to…


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New scannings coming up 29/8 in Washington DC area....


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Calling on Motorhomes and Nobody's Returning Calls

I posted a little while ago that I'm looking for a motorhome.  I've made dozens of calls and sent dozens of emails on motorhomes that still appear on craigslist, and not one returned call or email.  Could it be because I'm targeted? 

Added by sam on August 29, 2012 at 12:21am — 4 Comments

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Micro chip invasion

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Active Denial System L’  Active Denial System (ADS) è un’arma non letale ad energia diretta, costituita da un trasmettitore ad una frequenza di 95…


Added by AtlantiTeo on August 28, 2012 at 11:00am — 1 Comment

addition to previous post

I live in Toronto Canada, my perps are in my city. They are not any kind of government, just regular people who somehow got access to this technology and are abusing it in some kind of gang. So if Anything happens to me please raise your voice about this.

Added by Igor Marochkin on August 28, 2012 at 9:43am — No Comments

Please give advise

Hi I was wondering have you or anybody you may know ever tried going deep underground, or a desolate place like sahara desert or high north, please give any advice
Because I am planning a trip and I am still collecting money for it. Because my funds are low could you ask people for possible recommendation. Also can you advise on places or countries which you visited and still had the signal. Please leave any kind of feedback. Thank You.

Added by Igor Marochkin on August 28, 2012 at 9:38am — 2 Comments

No More Nightmares

I need assistance from whoever that can help me. This never ending nightmare never ceases. All the professionals I seek are useless. Some idiot is pressing all my buttons and I hate that. Having my body and mind hijacked and I'm surprised they haven't suffered the same consequences yet. The final minutes are here and I just…


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"Its hard to tell but i think this thing aside from actual stalking is basicly an a.i. of sorts.  I found wax smudging can stop the hacks i was experiencing which tells me its external signal manipulation."
13 hours ago
Mathiew Burkett posted a blog post

Being Severely Abused

I am having someone that is severely abusing me really bad right now by repeatedly breaking my internet connection when I am trying to do my job.They are able to do this because they are hacked into my computer and these people are for sure hacking into everyones computer here because that is how it all starts out, they are all hacking into our computer through the internet.That is not the only thing that this person has been doing, they are attacking me and harassing me with some kind of an…See More
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Sandy Lomax replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"In reply to your question about a perp being jealous, maybe he is psychopathic? This article says that psychopaths feel envy and…"
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CLS replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Hello, I updated my website. Please read it and share it save it. I recommend all victims to document what is happening to you. My website has details at the bottom no how you can do this if you…"
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"Bonjour,  Dans la dernière lettre d'info de PACTSINTL ----> - un article sur les dégradations  cérébrales probables  dues à du HCE ,  des employés de…"
CLS replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Hello Angeline, I wonder about the humans involved in this crime. How do they look at themselves in the face? Does the CIA/NSA/Military people involved have kids? Do they go home and say I had a good day at work destroying innocent peoples lives?…"
Angeline Klas replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Sorry what I am trying to say is that they tell everybody I gossip about them. They lie! I believe that a lot of people believe what they say about me."



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