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Dear Canada TIs: If our "petition to the house of commons, Canada" was denied...

If our "petition to the house of commons, Canada" was denied, here is the guide line on how to deal with it.

With the government refusing to start a public inquiry and the International Criminal Court having launched a “preliminary” investigation into the Afghan detainee issue, law experts say there is a very real chance Canadian officials could be charged with war crimes.

“International law is very clear,” said Mr. Dosanjh, a lawyer and former attorney general of British… Continue

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Where does one turn...

 When no one believes what you are telling them.... I have called the Omaha Police a couple times and the Omaha FBI with no results. I feel as if they don't believe a word I am saying to them. I am being eletronically harassed by organized crime. Today, I was caused a lot pain in my neck, spine, feet, head and even my breast were hurt, It is amazing what a micro-chip can do. But where do I turn to get results? I am tired of being victimized by electronic harassment!

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I need help

I would like to make signs and go down to where the protestor are in Boston.I would like to give us exposure.I woud need pamphlets and materials, so I stay on the message.Is there a site to download materials?Also, I posted on youtube, the assualt on my family in Austin by 2 off-duty police detectives.  Please go there and view the video.Use keywords  "Austin Police Corruption." It is under the screen name 'freedomformatto'. There are two videos to watch.  The FBI, police departments,… Continue

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Psichiatria trentina di nuovo sotto inchiesta.

Quotidiano CORRIERE del TRENTINO 23/09/2009…


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DESIGNATES THE ENTIRE MONTH OF NOVEMBER 2011**AS**CONTACT "JOHN HOLDREN" MONTH***As you already know after speaking before the Presidential Commission forthe Study of Bioethical Issues in Washington and New York, we were told ourinformation was forwarded to John Holdren at the following address:John HoldrenOffice of Science and Technology PolicyExecutive Office of the PresidentNew… Continue

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Don't reject of inpulse because u.f.o rekated, the ammach is giving a voice to people willing to share, so embracing the cause. ENGLAND RISE !!Enjoy and trace you path. LOVE.


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On this powerful tool called web there are several groups of energy weapons and mind control victims which are crying for attention, Darrim Daoud was screaming too.. Like all victims of this unjust society he deserve acknowledgment..and above all justice !! Just like all the movements that are occupying the squares and working towards solutions, targeted individuals have the need to gather and proceed. Don’t need to stress that for those they have endured torture and harassment for many…


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After submitting our petition,"Petition to the house of Commons, Canada"...


Dear all:

After submitting our petition,"Petition to the house of Commons, Canada", we'd better draft one "press release" , hoping international organizations and medias pay attention to where we are now. Please refer to Maher Arar case. You can see how many international organizations…

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News articles about Soleilmavis

Judyth Piazza interviews Soleilmavis Liu About Mind Control Technologies

10 Oct 2011


1-Tell us a little bit about yourself?

I am a Chinese citizen, born and raised in China,…


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first step on how to end this

If we really want to go on the offensive, i suggest we gather our strength and numbers and focus our attacks on the "Neighborhood Watch" because those guys are our main adversaries and they are the ones doing the grunt work and harassment.


We gotta find a way and means to bring to the public eye and into the limelight of the REAL PURPOSE of the NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH which is to mess with people on a black list.  


I notice there are a lot of perps on this site…


Added by adamsmasher on October 23, 2011 at 8:35am — 10 Comments

They Have to Believe in Something to Stabilize

In order to figure out what they really believe in, we have to chart the current standing of society and the morals that it operates by as well as where it's going by these morals.


We can then infer what their morals are, their agenda and what they believe in.


I know this may not interest the majority of you, but some of you are probably trying to figure out how to fight them to survive.


Beck loves to say that we don't know, but he's only one…


Added by kaela creighton on October 22, 2011 at 8:06pm — 1 Comment

Nano Augmentation: A Reality! for Mind Control !!!



Nano Augmentation: A Reality!

A cyberbrain is a set of implants which wire one’s brains directly with a computer network.

A human brain is made out of…


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Social Animals and Snake Eyes

So the majority of humans seem to think that they are better than others, and this causes the crazy ones to have a leg up because humans will do stupid things to each other to prove that they are superior.   It's like, you're real special kid.  I'm sure you'll save humanity or make your leader give you a lollipop.  Or they'll save you from the death ray this time but your whole family that you need dies.


Miss Rose -- Now I won't ever do it. :P  Like I could anyway with the…


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Get your letter in the paper

Stay within the word limit, think locally and don't call names.

By Katie Litvin

Every month, the typical small-town newspaper editor receives hundreds or even thousands of letters from readers.

Still, many are unprintable either because they are too long, too confusing or just plain offensive.

That means it's not that hard to get your letter published, provided you follow a few simple rules.

Here are a few tips to better your chances:

What to…


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Gilmar Vicentini walk from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

Gilmar Vicentini walk from Las Vegas to Los Angeles

As many of you know, on Sunday morning, October 2, (and yes this is historical for our community), Gilmar left his apartment in Las Vegas heading out on foot for the Brazilian Consulate in Los Angeles hoping to raise awareness of our plight along the way. At this time he's starting to enter the Mojave Desert after having left a town called Primm, Nevada a while back, which is at the Nevada/California border.




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Beck's Little Cyanide Show

So not that anyone cares, but I was hit by cyanide.  They did it a few times, and I didn't know what cyanide was, so one time I let them do it--because I had nowhere to go and ran out of money running from them, and it killed me, but I came back because luckily hydrogen cyanide really isn't a big deal.  I get a little dizzy, and my brain is messed up now.  It's getting better. 


It's like cyanide with an orgasm.  It's quite painful.  He's got his machine up there on his Mellow…


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China and HK are definitely NWO. . .

I just got back from vacation in China, Macau and Hong Kong and they are definitely NWO turf. On board the Cathay Air and the Dragon Air Airline from hong kong to beijing and back, the plane PA kept mentioning the "one world alliance"-- which is NWO?

Yeah and my perps from California followed me all the way to China and Hong Kong-- from my hometown in Southern California, probably mobilized half if not all of the neighborhood watch perps in my hometown to stalk me in China and Hong…


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Subliminal Messages that Cause Them to Feel like Cool Kids and Us to Get confused

53 was a number sprayed on both a poverty add and an abandoned house of a billionaire that was housing poor people that had settled in.


13 is in several TV shows on what appears to be disorganized peoples' clothing.  These people are obviously disabled.  They are made out to be the losers.  I think one example was "The Kids Next Door" or something.


3 seems to follow along workers.


Now I know that there are hundreds of subliminal messages out…


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