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please forward.thanks.

Ontario Government directly gets involved in my torture case. This is why Toronto Police, Canadian torturers madly keep torturing, terrorizing me in my home and in my workplace by every possible means regardless of UN, International Human Rights Community, International Court.

Look at Ontario Govenment's car, stalking me.…


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please forward.thanks.

Ontario Government directly gets involved in my torture case. This is why Toronto Police, Canadian torturers madly keep torturing, terrorizing me in my home and in my workplace by every possible means regardless of UN, International Human Rights Community, International Court.

Look at Ontario Govenment's car, stalking me.…


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Report some gangs of biological mental weapons terrorists in tianjin

My information:



Age: 31

Birthday: 1985-8-21

Gender: female

Residence: tianjin

Location of finding suffer and be persecuted: China,Tianjin, xiqing district, the Jin Ao international residential, the 16th building/ China, Tianjin,Tianjin port district, Sinoma material yard in tianjin port,  in the office of tianjin hai yi industry &trade co., LTD

Time of finding suffer and be victim: in May 2014

Status: married…


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The AI


I was really having trouble with AI. I wanted to know what it looked like.

Sometimes seeing is believing. I want to see and know what I am up against. I seen a lot of methods of gangstalking. But the AI has been a mistery to me. I really have to know if it's a AI or some creep living 3 door from where I live with the electronical weapon following me around. Don't get angry at me but, the Perps are working hard on giving me memory loss and it's working very very well…


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Why Chiropractic If You Don’t Have Pain? (Powerful New Anatomy Research on the Global Health Benefits)

Most people pursue chiropractic care when they have back pain, neck pain, or headaches, and then typically not until other treatment efforts or the passage of time have failed to provide relief. When relief is obtained the problem is assumed to be solved, with no further need for spinal attention. This may be the way you’ve been trained to think as well. However, there is a much bigger reason to care for your spine. Consider the following key points.



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Journée de protestation contre le Harcèlement Electromagnétique et en Réseau Place de La République à Paris le 17 Juin 2017 à 12h.

"Message aux IC qui seront présents à la manif:

Il nous a été possible d'organiser cette manifestation grâce à trois personnes (TI) domiciliées à Paris, Cette condition était nécessaire pour obtenir l'autorisation. J'ai donc fait ce choix : Anne, Maria et Claire. Ces dernières ont eu la volonté mais surtout le courage d'indiquer leurs noms sur un document transmis à la préfecture. Et parce que toute la responsabilité des conséquences leur incombe en cas de propos…


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In solidarity with ADVHER and Sam's demonstration against electromagnetic harassment, illegal experiments and network harassment(Organized Stalking), Stopzet organize a meeting on the same day.

En solidarité avec l’association ADVHER, Sam et les victimes en France, l’association des victimes polonaises Stopzet organise une manifestation ce même jour du 17 Juin 2017 contre le harcèlement électromagnétique, ses expérimentations illégales et le harcèlement en réseau.

In solidarity with the association ADVHER, Sam and the victims in France, the Polish victims' association Stopzet is organizing a demonstration on the same day of 17 June…


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just a quick comment and a reply to sue

Hey sue. It is great to hear from you. I became fully controlled in March of 2015. movement, walking, and talking. they made me fall off a balcony and break my spine and pelvis, and heelbones. since the beginning, but so much more now, they try not to let me relax or rest. It is really unfortunate you are going through all of this. if you want to know my opinion on something interesting, I have a feeling that the secret government, mind-control affiliates, etc. are experimenting with the… Continue

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look and think about it.

Toronto police,Canadian torturers are so  shameless and brutal regarding two Prime Ministers of Canada,why?  I bebieve you can figure it out.


Quiet’ Hells Angels share hotel with Stephen Harper. 




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Scientists read monkeys` minds to make perfect replicas of the faces they have just seen

Scientists showed 8 faces to the monkeys and recorded their brain waves while they saw the faces, and then were able to reconstruct the images perfectly from the brain recordings.  This also showed the mathematical way that…


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UN and ICC, what can I do?

Please see my that photo.

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Hey everyone!

Hi guys

Its been ages since lve been here. I hope youve all been good as can be in these really hard circumstances.

Oh gosh! Life has been so crazy. Gangstalking around here is soooo rampant. Without exageration ld say that 95% of people l interact with are perps....including my entire family and relatives, shop keepers, posties, neighbours....even when l ring a company to organise insurance or something....they are ALL perps. Whats going on guys?? This is awful awful…


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"Lend me an eye of wisdom, let me See through all these tantalizing flashes Clearly, thoroughly, down to earth"

Flowers behind the fog, moon in the river

Can you tell the interchangeable and illusory world?

Tides up and down, clouds form and disappear, blossom then fade the flowers

Can you appreciate the colorful beauty of all seasons?

A mind of worrisome lead to troublesome

Does affection mean laughter and flattering?

Intimacy may not mean care

Do you know which is truth, which is deception?

Which is the expression of a deep…


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Global Surveillance Technology - Trump in Saudi - IMPORTANT

This is what the NSA have developed and implemented, the Saudi's are now integrated into the global fusion centre. The important part is the HCI (Human Computer Interface) and occult, or that it is being revealed to the general public and hopefully causing discussion. They're playing with the devil.

Those of you that are going through this will know its an extreme hack on-yourself, and through your awareness and resistance of things it will keep you on your toes e.g. abusive…


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missing it all

I haven't been on for awhile and miss all that is going on.  But I remember to pray for all who are harassed,  and I pray for the harassers also.  It may not help them... then again, who can tell. I would love to see them change.

I appreciate the red ribbon from cat cat who is a caring person. I have been totally occupied trying to take care of my daughter, who is slowly passing away.

It does not help much that all my siblings are OLD ,  like me!  I have a brother who has been…


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I did.

Added by Robin Yan on May 24, 2017 at 9:05pm — 1 Comment

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ALBUM 36 - Rivelazioni Ufficiali Psicotroniche

"I was dugged and mind controlled with the psich drugs too and now when i have at last menaged to come off them the Georgian psyciaters still do not give me my peace and even yesterday i had the visit one of them who has come to my house with the…"
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