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PATENTS Of Mind Control And Behavior Modification Technologies

Nervous system excitation device – US Patent 3393279

This invention relates to electromagnetic excitation of the nervous system of a mammal and pertains more particularly to a method and apparatus for exciting the nervous system of a person with electromagnetic waves that are capable of causing that person to become conscious of…


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REMOTE NEURAL MONITORING: A Technology Used For Controlling the Human Brain


Remote Neural Monitoring(RNM) works remotely to control the brain in order to read and detect any criminal thought taking place inside the mind of a possible perpetrator.…


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I once heard wirelessly transmitted technologically induced voices coming from inside my head in the past. These internal voices informed me at that time that they were planning to totally paralyze me in the future but they would leave me with the ability to feel pain. They further informed me…


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Here is my question for all of them. Please forward it. Thanks.


UN Human Rights

UN Human Rights Council

International Bar Association

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International

Amnesty International Canada

International Human Rights Community

International Criminal Court

Canadian Governments

All Canadian media, including  Reporters Without Borders,  Canadian Civil Liberties Association, senator  Marko Rubio, facebook, my posts or evidence on UN, International Human Rights Community  , International…


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please god help me

I know ive lost, i know im worthless, and i wish i could take my own can i worship the god who did this to me so i will no longer be a target ...ive begged for my life for so many painful years as I am begging now

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I know i am worthless, how can i worship the god who is targeting me so I can finally have some peace in my life

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World Takeover by the Jewish nazis - updated

Please help oppose all this nazi rubbish –

the Orwellian terrorism, wars, torture programs and secret police states

Please publicise everything I send you everywhere you can

World Takeover by the Jewish Nazis

The takeover of the Western world (and consequently, and subsequently, the rest of the world) by the Jewish nazis – surprise and dystopian totalitarian nightmare coda to the ‘End of History’. *…


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Strange street theater (planned Organized Stalking)

Well, yesterday I experienced one of those strange occasions where perps directly do weird shit.
This is usually uncommon these days, but the few times that happened makes me remember why some TIs might believe that perps are expectant of a TI action and try to "communicate something", as in expecting not just a violent response or retaliation, but in the sense of following certain actions that the TI might or might not be guided to interpret situations or actions accordingly to…

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Autonomous weapons can kill without human control

Guardian article and video about flying autonomous robots or "slaughterbots" which attack in swarms. The UN is currently discussing whether they should be banned, because they make decisions independently of humans.

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Industrial hemp is the earths number one resource.   Industrial hemp is an environmentally friendly plant.  Industrial hemp only takes ninety days to grow to full maturity.  Industrial hemp has sixty thousand different uses.  Industrial hemp can be used for building materials, clothing, fuel, food, paper,…


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Sign of The Endtimes (WWJD) November

Sign of Endtime (WWJD) November

Please share make available to the TI Community and if possible email Bob Fletcher and Thank him for his work on Exposing these Truths that are being…


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Public Awareness Campaign

Join us for public awareness campaign around the world. Signs on auto's, Wear Tee-Shirts and hand out fliers. Only bring awareness of these crimes to the public will bring them into the light. I have handed out over 7,000 fliers this summer and hoping to make it 10,000 by the end of the year. Each person that joins in shortens our fight for the truth to come out. WE WILL WIN THIS FIGHT/WAR AND BRING THIS INTO THE LIGHT. God Bless all

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Many individuals are claiming the satellites do not and can not exist. They have been hoaxed into existence in order to make us believe we can not easily solve the non-consensual remote neural monitoring problem. It is highly improbable that they exist because they would burn up immediately upon entering the thermosphere. Air and space can not exist side by side as we are being informed. Air and space have never even…


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Freedom of Speech

Eight hundred evil-doers, mostly composed of dark luciferians and satanists have decided to inform the rest of the seven billion members of the human race that we are no longer entitled to freedom of speech even though we have enjoyed freedom of speech for five hundred million years or more. We the seven billion members of the human race will continue to practice freedom of speech for the next five hundred million…


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Unnecessary bullying

Today I was very angry at the Perps. 

The male thinks he's attractive so does the woman perp.

The male perp thinks I want him, you should see his head. 

Looking stupid with his Roden head, a typical RAT.

THEY know that jogging relaxes me, so they decided to torture me more in my head.

While I was jogging I was harressed by cars driving by. 

People show up to see me running. The Woman Perp is hilarious, she thinks she's so smart. You should hear how…


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Perps gone crazy, Jekal and Hide

Today the perps didn't manipulate my brain that rough.

I became a robot.

There is more peace in my brain.they had mind controlled me to;

Give them the finger,

Go to bed,

Don't turn on the tv they said,

Turn of the lights,

Put more beef cubes in the food,

Walk to the door,

You have to make those clothes as soon as possible,

Water the plants,

Drink water,

Go online,

As soon as they hear that have another idea, they jump on it and…


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Non-consensual remote neural monitoring combined with long term brain mapping of human beings while these human beings are going about their every day lives leads to the eventual capability of black budget neuro weapons experts to partially bio-robotized said human beings over many years. When the human being is fully brain mapped that human being can be programmed to have sounds and words and whole sentences…


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Is Psychiatry the Science of Lies?

As the controversy surrounding the DSM-5 continues to grow, it is perhaps timely to remind readers of a famous critic of psychiatryThomas…


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