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Passed in 2008 the brain to control 24 hours to persecute my entire 21 years

I am a small country was a 24-hour secret agency to carry out the spirit of the victims of persecution, may be in my mother's belly, I was a fascist group of criminals using satellite eye on me, I should have been a beautiful Appearance, the well-being of a happy childhood, a warm family, but rather those in my life, almost all do not feel, and for this reason that when the brain waves in the face o f inhuman persecution of the organization crazy, but I completely lost The resistance, just as I… Continue

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After 14 Years, I finally found a Camera!

Hello all, Jill from Arizona here!

After 14 years of crimes against humanity, I finally found an itty bitty camera, in my ceiling! (:0))

I usually take off my glasses when I go to bed and I'm blind until I put them back on, in the morning. Well, the other night, a friend of mine was supposed to come visit me. So I put my contacts in.... While I was waiting for my friend, I eventually fell asleep. When I awoke in the morning, I of course was still wearing my… Continue

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Gone, when I look back ( 走了,蓦然回首)

Gone, when I look back

Unreal is it? In real life you have? We will answer the mildly.

Green mountains and blue waters, the four seasons. With the warm spring wind is gathering flowers fairy paradise; summer flowers and green leaves, is worth two cents of their dance scene; of the fall harvest season and as warm as in spring, is the desire of God at a time when Enron; winter The cold is expected Qiao, Snow White is the time to travel the world ... ... all reflect the… Continue

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Columbus Day Chem-Trails in Columbus, OH

Columbus Day, Predicted "OZONE ALERT" in AM paper. OZONE ALERT on afternoon news, called rare. "Prismatic clouds" reported on evening news. Many Chem-Trails filmed from 7pm Sunday, allday Monday. Chem-Trails evolved into compleatly dreary day cloud cover. MULTI passes by expensive jets. DOZENS!!! Stay tuned and God Speed. PG Bruce

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If we enter personal details asked of us in surveys or questionaires and use tools provided by google and others they can sell it to third parties

Dear Reader,

"Who owns your medical test results and personal health data?"

I read the headline five times and still couldn't believe it wasn't a rhetorical question. But apparently, the increasing access that third parties have to our medical records and other health information has opened the topic for debate.

The driving force behind the recent controversy is a new technological development called a personal health record, or PHR. PHRs are electronic files… Continue

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Soleilmavis - Case summary of Mind Control torture and abuse




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Soleilmavis' Story (Apr2002 -- Aug2002)

This is the edited version of Chapter 3.

Before sending to the publisher, Please have a look and point out any mistake of spelling, grammer or other.


Chapter Three: God’s consolation brought joy to my soul




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Soleilmavis- история жертвы психотронного террора

Имя: Soleilmavis

Гражданство: Китай

Начало преследования: с декабря 2001 года.


Уважаемые дамы и господа! Я поддерживаю всемирную компанию против пыток и унижений,

осуществляемых посредством психотронного оружия. Я являюсь жертвой электронного воздействия, организованного сталкинга и пыток с применением оружия…


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Soleilmavis – Sintesi del caso di tortura e abuso da Controllo Mentale (Italian)

Thanks to Ms Giovy from Italy for translating it into Italian.

Soleilmavis – Sintesi del caso di tortura e abuso da Controllo Mentale

Pubblicato da Soleilmavis il 29 Settembre 2008 a 8:30 pm

Visita il blog di Soleilmavis


Cittadinanza: Cina

Anno di Inizio della Tortura/Abuso: Dicembre 2001…


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Soleilmavis - víctima de acoso electrónico, de control mental (spanish)


Traducido por Rudy Andria


Nacionalidad: China

Inicio Torturas: Diciembre 2001



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Soleilmavis - victime de harcèlement électronique, de contrôle mental (French)

Thanks to Mr Rudy from France for translating it into French and into Spanish


Citizenship: China

Year Torture/Abuse Began: Dec 2001




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the science behind the voices in your mind

The Physics of Consciousness

(c) Robert Neil Boyd

"Elysium" (c) Jeffrey Bedrick. Used with permission from the artist.

New Articles

Toward a New Subquantum Integration Approach to Sentient Reality (A. Klein, R. N. Boyd)

A Sentience and Consciousness-based Quantum Physics (R. N. Boyd)

Selected Articles and Websites

Clifford Algebra Description of Consciousness (Tony Smith)

Clifford Structure of Consciousness (Tony… Continue

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For a life milestone ------Mindcontrol of life (一段生命里程---Mindcontrol下的人生)

For a life milestone ------Mindcontrol of life

Life is a White Paper,

In the fine mist and micro-waves on the lake, the mighty,

In the wave of small bumps on the boat,

Always looking forward to the other side.

The waves moment after another as a partner,

Dancing life confused,

In the shore where

Mindcontrol weapon in the lives of… Continue

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眼睛宽关闭了 我未曾想是这样大崇拜的敌人,但是,如果您被看见什么我发现了关于他们。 有在用餐与尸体的精神上聪明的照片纳粹战犯被撒布在兵连祸结的乡下附近。 因为证据在您前面,被计划连接更明显,很每天。 在称alt.freemasonry互济会会员的小组受有加拿大养老金计划资助的Carlyle小组支持的小组的保护。 相信我的我的兄弟支持我,但是就是不可能做什么关于不原谅人的不退让的竞选从被资助停止antimasons。 现在得到工作是很容易的,因为那是什么我成为善于然后骚扰开始。 我的参考把吓跑的和对潜在的工作的扰乱的电话我要求自己每天相当它价值然后纳粹晚餐的照片和我再充满活力推挤。 名单是小的只有一些人直接地面对了互济会会员。… Continue

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Jill's experience as a TI....


This addendum speaks of my history and current experiences as a TI (targeted individual), as well as other aspects of my life, by our government and military. I hope many will view this and learn about the atrocities that are being committed within the United States, at this time. Torture of American citizens has been going on for decades and is finally coming to light. We, the victims, need your help to eliminate the Perps’ (perpetrators) activities and perhaps bring the… Continue

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The dawn on the horizon

10 years, I have daily physical pain and mental suffering through -- 24 hours a day. 在人生的长河中,这十几年是最可宝贵的,是生命中的黄金季节,是为国奋斗体现人生意义的关键时期,是理想转化为现实 ,为人类文明增添属于每一个人应有的注笔这一伟大使命奋进的美好岁月。In the life span, 10 years is the most precious, life is the golden season States struggle to embody the meaning of life in the critical period is the ideal into reality. add to human civilization belongs to each individual should have the injection of T advance this great mission of the good… Continue

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Statements of Lynn A Surgalla

Lynn A Surgalla, Former Vice-President United States Psychotronics Association

PO Box 2, Monmouth Beach, NJ 07750


To the Congress:

As Former Vice-President of the United States Psychotronics Association, I assure the Congress that the illegal testing, development and use of Psychotronic, Microwave, Laser and other forms of Electromagnetic Directed Energy Weaponry is a matter of grave concern to both the US and International Communities. These weapons… Continue

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A letter from Rep. Jim Guest

JIMGUEST_LETTER.jpgletter from jim guest.doc




P.O. BOX 412


Tele:… Continue

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Ye Yuan first broke

Ye Yuan first broke

夜色朦胧,弦月素雅,零星的灯光穿透雾似轻烟的大街小巷,给零仃的行人带来凄凉的寒意。Obscurity night, Tseng simple and elegant, isolated light fog seems Light Smoke penetrating the streets, to the pedestrian-alone brought misery to the cold. 江淮中学高中三年级学生们上晚自习放学了,袁野与已往一样在淮海街三岔口与同学分手,孤身一人与青春作伴,一路小跑,进了深深小巷。Jianghuai three-year high school students on a school night, Ye Yuan and the same as in previous Huaihai Street Hui parted with the students, young unmarried with the comfort and companionship of road running, deep… Continue

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