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LaBrat replied to kas's discussion Human Subject Experimentation Federal Regulations in the group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"freedom's just another word for nothing left to bet   except for my life, which is in my case always a bit of a 'gambol' anyway - but no takers on THIS one, cedric!   i call these fools the 'occidental…"
37 minutes ago
LaBrat replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"beautiful, baby!   you couldn't PAY me to sit around like a petty adolescent voyeur wasting my time trying to 'intimidate' someone because they feel differently, think more clearly, HAVEN'T sold away the last of their…"
45 minutes ago
LaBrat left a comment for AtlantiTeo
"my symptoms are so mild (except g-s) that i didn't much care till my g-f got burns etc too   I have a lot to learn and you are helping, thanks again! "
1 hour ago
Nick replied to Nick's discussion Perp
"Also, if you are on this site every day, regularly -- i would say it would be healthy to not post/read/ respond as much...get outside, do things, workout...while talking to each other helps greatly, we also need to LIVE. There are probably more…"
1 hour ago
Nick posted a discussion


I haven't been on this site for a very long time and don't know when I will be next but wanted to post a few things: 1) for those of you who believe a machine is talking to you all day every day, i don't agree with that logic whatsoever...i believe that this technology allows for your perp to speak to you while doing other things...Why would there be humans involved whatsoever if a machine could do it? Do you think that this technology which is beyond advanced, is the only thing on the planet…See More
1 hour ago
Cedric replied to kas's discussion Human Subject Experimentation Federal Regulations in the group UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
"Since the patriot act, none of these matter anymore - especially when one is on a terrorist list. There are many good reasons now to assume that the very reason we TI's are being tortured in all impunity is because certain individuals who are…"
2 hours ago
bresil fabrice posted a status
""j'ai bricoler l'opération '' recherch&destroy'' have a nice day and good luck.""
3 hours ago
Tracy replied to deca's discussion How many Ti`s do you think there is ?
"fascinating deca. goes to show the extensive search of brain understandings. to bad the learnings are often put to sinister uses, like how can we get control of everyone's brain, or induce death blows untracable if they won't be controlled…"
3 hours ago



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