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Drug cartels and electronic harassment

I have posted elsewhere that, at least in my case, electronic harassment is related to drug cartel activity.  The question arises, why would drug lords be interested in one such a crime?  It seems counter-intuitive.  But it is not the same drug lords acting alone: there are governments involved in drug cartel activity; governments that have long had psychotronic synthetic telepathy technology capabilities.  So it is not the drug lords themselves that send a cartel operative to plant a…


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PACTS, FFCHS, Derrick Robinson & Gavin Long

The picture above was uploaded to his gmail account. The moment I saw his picture, I instantly remembered corresponding with him. At that time he was in West Africa and I was very glad to have someone from that region of the world participating in our organization. He was requesting to be added to our Buddy List to which I replied, 'sure.' Then a month later for unexplained reasons, he wanted to deactivate his account.…


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Electronic harassment: U.S. Army acknowledges basic facts

The U.S. Army is the only government agency that has proven willing to release even basic information about the radar technology used to perpetrate electronic harassment.  Indeed, in a document declassified on December 13, 2006, the U.S. Department of the Army, U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command tacitly acknowledged that there is experimentation about what it called “microwave hearing,” defined as a phenomenon in…


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A victim's experience: electronic harassment and locus of control

As I have posted it elsewhere, former U.S. National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism Richard Alan Clarke has had something to say about “conspiracy theories”; I quote from the Internet site “I'm not a conspiracy guy.  In fact, I've spent most of my life knocking down conspiracy theories.  But my rule has always been you don't knock down a conspiracy…


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Use of substances against electronic harassment victims

Use of substances against electronic harassment victims

By 2013, after years of vicious electronic harassment, I realized that the solution to my problem would not come from the federal government.  In turn, to file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit Pro Se, this is without legal representation, is a losing proposition; or, as an attorney once told me, “Judges think of Pro Se plaintiffs as…


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Electronic harassment: the end of justice as we know it

Mind control is carried out through the use of what also are electromagnetic weapons.  The following article, by a former Marine Corps leader, Col. Gary Anderson, reveals a bit about it:


I quote from the same article: "We in the military tried on a number of occasions to work with the…


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Evil Justice Department top official as an accessory to electronic harassment



I read a lot of “conspiracy theories” out there; few of which really make sense.  As an independent journalist and freelance intelligence analyst, I never rule out any ‘conspiracy theory’ about electronic harassment before matching it against what I know regarding mind control.  The latter, as a years-long victim of it, being sound knowledge on my part.  Simply stated, some conspiracy theories make no sense at all.  For instance, the bunch of conspiracy theories about “evil…


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Remote sensing used to perpetrate electronic harassment

As I write these blogs, I notice that the technical side to them is esoteric to most readers; esoteric, in the sense of being unintelligible.  In fact, it has taken me a pair of general physics college classes, plus years of research and hard-thinking, to understand the matter.  To acquaint yourself with the technology involved, firstly check this internet resource:…


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Psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment

Back in the Seventies, the U.S. Army gave a clue about the existence of psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment when it declassified the following document:

I quote from the…


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Drug cartel activity and electronic harassment: foreign government/s involved

To whomever may be reading this posting: please read the rest of my postings elsewhere in Peacepink.  Each of them represents a fragment of a complex national security problem involving electronic harassment.  It is not about my case only; it is a widespread problem.  In fact, only six years ago I concluded that I was being electronically harassed.…


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Tyrone Dew TI is Homeless He Needs Your Help


Due to the nature of the crimes inflicting him, he has been forced out of his home and into the streets. But that has not discourage him from exposing these Targeted Individual crimes against humanity.

He is in need financial assistance so he can use the money to eat, shower and live some level of existence.

Your financial contributions should…


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Purchase Land For Homeless TIs

I am seeking your financial support to purchase land. The land will consist of 5 to more acres. We will use it as a safe haven for individuals who are being targeted with electronic harassment and organized gang stalking.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture that involves the use of micro-wave weapons. These weapons are experimental and there use is highly…


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August 2015 Journal


8-2 Around 6AM heart palpitation and irregular right arm movement. When I turned to the other side, arm palpitation stopped for a short period, but continued with less frequency. The distant between the viewer area is greater than the area I moved from in the beginning. This clarifies what I already knew the attacks are being made by single individuals carrying the…


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The recent days

Hello my friends and friendlies.

I thought I would post something about the recent torture I've been through.

I have nearly entirely been off drugs for two and a half weeks.

I experienced a fairly minor form of what I know to be torture related to overheating, some kind of transmogrification through my use of diphenhydramine, Vyvanse, and other substances, as well as slowly being fried over time. Electronically. Strangely, especially with the love of my friends,…


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Tactile hallucinations used in my enslavement

This is a text-message I sent a friend not long ago. I thought it could be a valuable thing to post.

I was basically asked, "What kind of tactile hallucinations do you experience constantly? How do you feel about them?"

The hallucinated drooling... That started after I drooled in sunnybrook hospital. I associated my saliva with poison. But the drooling doesn't happen spontaneously, it happens when I have creative or imaginative thoughts, or when I try to think of evidence…


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Not A Real Chip But A Computer Invisible Micro Program Darpa US World Wide Gov. NWO

It may not be a real chip but an program invisible micro from your computer US Gov. I'm implanted  Darpa (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency) Invisible Tech. Cloaks, Airplanes, Tanks links below!

Raymond Inv. Micro-ing USA Using Illegal Authenic Darpa Alien Tech Comp. Invisible Micro-ing US Citizens  For Obama / 2 Mil Yr!  

Howard Raymond said Palm Desert., CA. Police could arrest him right now at 72319 Blue Ridge Ct. CA 92260 dor micro implanting CA with an Alien…


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The device to control human brains

I read the news about a device to control human brains, call it A brain–computer interface (BCI).

I have no idea about this device but this must be something related to V2K harassment.

Here is a copy part of the wikipedia page:

A brain–computer interface (BCI), often called a mind-machine interface (MMI), or sometimes called a direct neural interface (DNI), synthetic telepathy interface (STI)…


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