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Pls note that Peacepink has nothing to do with the persons sending you emails offering you money. If you receive any of those emails/messages, by any means, do NOT give out any of your personal data or bankaccount number or such. These are spams and "membership" will be suspended instantly when detected./Annie

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Help needed for publishing book-updated version by Soleilmavis



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"Mind Control with Electromagnetic Frequency" A document written by Soleilmavis, presented at a conference in China

This is a document presented by Soleilmavis at a conference held in China in January earlier this year. She wanted to share it with us and sent it via email to me.  (She is still not able to log in at PP at all)

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Invitation Covert Harassment Conference, 20 November 2014, Brussels‏



Dear Madam / Sir,

The European Coalition against Covert Harassment (EUCACH) and the STOPEG Foundation (STOP Electronic weapons and Gang stalking) cordially invite you to attend the world's first ever Conference on Covert Harassment.

In addition to a wide range of topics… Continue

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Choice of language when communicating

Lately, when looking at the latest post in the activity field, some members make the choice using french only to communicate or post blogposts. I advice you all to use english as the main language when it comes to communicate openly via the activity field or chats. If you want to use french only, pls use the private functions since the rest of us do not understand french, or post your blogposts in both english and french. (for those of you that might not understand english very well, google…


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Similarities in our member map VS the map where the NSA program X-keyscore servers are situated...

When having a look at our member map and where the clusters are and where its almost empty, and then look at the map where the X-keyscore servers are situated (scroll down for the map), they to me look very similar, perhaps a coincidence, or perhaps not..

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A New Year is coming..

I wish all Peacepink members a Happy New Year! We have all suffered far too long already, so lets hope this new coming year will be the year when we all get our freedom back! I also would like to say thank you all for so generously sharing your stories and experiencies, the support and advice given eachother how to cope this nightmare we are forced to live in 24/7, and for lifting eachother up when perhaps hope is fading. Thanks all also for the hard work put down in seaking, sharing and…


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He wants to copy your brain...

He wants to copy your brain:


Ray Kurzweil track record is long as an arm . He is the inventor , author and visionary future .…


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Article published in a Swedish newspaper: "Scientists have created mind-reading machine"..

This article was published in one of the biggest daily newspapers in Sweden 2011, I have translated it via Google.



Scientists have created mind-reading machine…


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Meeting in Genéva...

Got some horrific news tonight, Magnus Olsson and some other TI´s from different orgs. are at the moment in Geneva for a meeting regarding our situation with World Organisation against Torture International Secretariat Geneva. The night after the meeting took place Magnus stopped breathing and life saving treatment was done, he had to go by ambulance to the hospital. This is what is done to us when getting closer...About a year ago, Sean stinn-R.I.P, another active and very bright american…


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Science experiments about sleepdeprivation

Lack of sleep can have an effect that brain injury…


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Svensk/EU org. advarer: Nanopartikler i vores kroppe danner forbindelse mellem vores hjerne/nervesystem og mindcontrolcomputere

This was published in a Danish newspaper, the same article as I´ve posted before, but scroll down for more interesting stuff.

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Optogenetics is being used to remotely and wirelessly enslave many men and women throughout the world in a completely invisible deniable way.Green algae is light sensitive.A protein causes green algae to swim towards or away from light.Light is now being used to control the behaviour of human brain cells.You take the gene that encodes the green algae protein and another piece of DNA called a promoter and you put them in a virus which you then inject into human beings while they are unconscious.…See More
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"I know, reconstructing now, how the people in my country were easily complicit in our senseless persecution for 34 years."



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