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Do's and dont's for TI's


Step 1: Start soon as possible to shield your sleeping place, dont make it to small, make it comfortable in size. Use HF and LF reflecting materials, use HF and LF absorbing materials, use magnetic absorbing materials.

Step 2: Try to jam their signals

Step 3: Try to locate your Perp via radio direction finding

Step 4: Place an Bounty on the head of your Perp

Step 5: Try to…


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ELF, VLF, LF Orgonite

Hey peops,

this will be my blog where i post my works and ideas to build an driven Orgonite.

At the moment i'm not sure how big the Orgonite gets. It is still under construction.

Im going to use different Crystals.... Amethyst, Mountain Crystal, Hämatit, Rose quartz and red Jaspis.... Hämatit and Jaspis containing an naturally high amount of Ferrum.

I will use just Iron shavings.

Further i will build it with different Copper…


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pulsed radio signals and magnetic fields

Weißes Rauschen

und Elektrosmog


Amerikanische Wissenschaftler haben die Effekte von pulsierenden Funkwellen und Magnetfeldern untersucht und dabei festgestellt, dass menschliche Zellen pulsierende Funkwellen und Magnetfelder mit körpereigenen…


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Resistance against Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) / MindControl (MK)

We all should make an information booklet about RNM und MK, we should take this booklet an visit Scientists, Technology Labs and Industries. We should go to their Boss and make him or her believe, they  could get a victim of this technological holocaust, we should make them believing and knowing that they need an fully working countermeasure device and that there will be an market to earn millions and milliards of Dollars and Euros, because there will be soon a time where everyone needs one…


Added by Janine on January 8, 2014 at 8:43pm — 4 Comments

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"Again watch US president interviews closely. You can tell B2B communication by facial expressions."
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"I think the doctor assaulting us or wrote the torture script got a free university degree"
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"Exam questions given to you via v2k or b2b."
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"I tHow many preps got university degrees? With v2k or b2b you can cheat easily."
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"Watch interviews with different US Presidents Maybe you can start to see brain to brain communication happening by their facial expressions."
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"Brain to Brain communication? Your brain connected through a computer to another person? "COMMIE CLOUD" I call it. Communist cloud."
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