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The truth about gangstalking

Hi guys

This is for those of you who feel you are being gangstalked by others especially your family. I've been guilty of thinking and saying that my family is involved in my targeting. Ive realised it couldn't be further from the truth. I actually come from a really  loving and caring family who gave me a great life and every opportunity and would never willingly do something to hurt me. I'm sure your families are much the same.

I hate to say that all people are capable of…


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Physicians for human rights

PHR works to secure justice and human rights for all. It might be worth contacting them.

Here is their website

And contact details 

Physicians for Human Rights

256 W 38th Street, 9th Floor

New York, NY 10018

Tel: +1.646.564.3720

Fax: +1.646.564.3750

Boston Office

Physicians for Human Rights

434 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 503

Boston, MA 02118

Tel: +1.617.301.4200



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Illusions created

Has anyone else experienced the illusions the perpetrators can create with reality.

Some examples of mine are....years ago my friends and l were at the beach one night and all of us saw a tidal wave coming at us. We ran for our lives. Obviously it never came but it was bizarre that we all saw the same thing. The perpetrators drew pictures in the sky with clouds..perfectly clear pictures as l randomly looked up. A couple of years ago l was walking alone at night and felt and heard…


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The latest

Life can be quite a nightmare these days. After having morgellons for so many years it has led to an arthritic condition. The kind of arthritis l have is my immune system attacking my body. Morgellons is toxic, full of bacteria and it gets into every part of your body even your bones. It makes sense that my immune system has become confused and is attacking my own body. This has been a difficult revelation. Ive been so sick and sore and its just not needed on top of the mind control torture.…


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Another day another problem

I went to the doctors today to get some test results. Im in pain all over and chronic pain on my shoulders, arms, neck and feet. I know my body is severely inflammed which is a consequence of years of living with morgellons disease. The doctor has misdiagnosed me with something minor. I know his diagnosis is inaccurate but try telling a doctor they are wrong or that maybe just maybe you know your body better then they do. Of course l cant tell him about the morgellons because then l'll be…


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Good news

I stopped smoking 6 days ago after 26yrs....its early days but lm determined.

The reason for my immense joy about it is the perps put me on an addiction program when l was a teenager. Ive battled drug, alcohol, gambling and smoking addictions. If l can kick this l undo their programming for good. I know we have choices but its difficult to change the course of a mind control program they put you on.

Theres one more matter lm addressing....addiction to a pain-killer which is…


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They are making my life so impossible

Over the 13 years of being targeted the perps have gradually increased their torment of me. It is now becoming so unbearable. My body is full of a parasitic disease they gave me...l am 43 and my body is quickly wasting. Its full of parasitic shit and toxins. There are living things moving in my stomach. They have put snake like creatures in me or massive worms and they wont let me take anything to kill them.

The perps torment me all day with threats of torture and perversion. They…


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If youre like me youve been perped/harassed by people close to you, aquaintances the general public etc. When people lm talking to are playing mind games with me lve noticed something. If l feed it (pay attention to it, get upset or angry even to myself) they do it even more. If l pretend l dont notice and carry on with the conversation treating them normally they dont do it.

It feels like people are literally mind controlled to play perp. Its like they become double-minded. One mind…


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Doin it hard

Over the last several months they have been stopping me from doing all activity.

Im not allowed to read, write, walk, housework,  music....nothing! Even eating. They want me to lay down on my bed in misery all day long. Its been so hard, lve become hugely depressed.

They want me smoking cigs and thats it....cigarettes have become all l do. I tried to give them up last couple of days and they are hitting me with misery....making me feel suicidal if l try to stop.

Im about…


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Heartbreaking animal cruelty

Every day l have to listen to the dogs next door being mistreated. The owners treat them like rubbish, they are tied up all day and also tortured with DEWs. Lately its gotten much worse and one in particular is always attacked. His piercing crying is heartbreaking every day. The owners are doing something to him but when l look over the fence they stop (as they know lm approaching) These dogs have the saddest looks in their eyes and the one who is always attacked is tied in a corner 24/7…


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Child perps

Has anyone been perped by kids? This is too weird when the most innocent are involved. Ive been perped by kids that are too young to understand evil. Cld this be some kind of posession happening in them?

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Keeping high frequency

Tls are forced to live in states of reason for this is we are more susceptible to all kinds of attacks if our vibration is low. Our attacks are on the brain and senses so we have to fight back with these areas. When our pos energy is low its easier for them to latch on to us and further our states of pain and suffering.

Dont underestimate energy.....feeding ourselves with positive energy makes attack on us more difficult. Google "raising frequency" or "raising…


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Does anyone think we Tls are a different race/species? Could we be less hybrid/more full blood human than the rest of the race? Have you noticed how quick they are? How they can focus on two things at speaking to another and focusing on you at the same time?....also quick hands? Sounds/words so quickly synched to your thoughts. Have they left some of us less genetic engineered? be food for their negative energy vamping?

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Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia

Ive just been reading some articles about accurately diagnosing schizophrenia. Apparently there are blood tests available (but for some unknown reason are extremely expensive). Theres also a simple eye test that claims 99% accurate diagnosis. These are still years away from being available to public. It makes no sense...Schizophrenia is more than a 100yr old illness and still no diagnostic method other than questioning the patients symptoms. BOGUS!

So l was trying to get on a website…


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The globalist agenda

I dont think our governments are the main problem....they are little more than puppets for a powerful network above them. We are lead to believe they are in control but l dont know how much influence they truly have over world affairs. Have a read.

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Ever since my targeting started their mojo has been that they are attacking me because l have sinned against God and they have legal universal rights to do it. I "belong" to them according to their warped logic. According to them it is past life sins l am paying for and l have to make right in this life to be freed. The bible teaches we live one life but l have researched that the truth of reincarnation was wiped from the bible (ld say by them if its true)

Anyway they programmed me to…


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The latest news on the bioethics commission coverup

I watched this meeting of targeted individuals giving their testimonies to the bioethics commission. I could tell by the very obvious poker-faced looks on Amy Gutmann and the others on the committee that they knew it was all true but were…


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For anyone who believes in a higher power of love and goodness

I know there are various religions and spiritual beliefs amongst us so here is a protection prayer that is for anyone who believes in a Holy God. It is a good one because its easily memorized and can be repeated when under attack or anytime. Try to really believe in the words you are praying......they are solid truth!

The light of God surrounds me

The love of God enfolds me

The power of God protects me

The presence of God watches over me

Wherever l…


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native american

When all the trees have been cut down

When all the animals have been hunted

When all the waters are polluted

When the air is unsafe to breathe

Only then will they discover they cant eat money - Cree Prophecy

May the sun bring you new energy by day

May the moon softly restore you by night

May the rain wash away your worries

May the breeze blow new strength into your being

May you walk gently through the world and…


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fellow Tls

I wish you strength when you feel weak

I wish you a fighting spirit against the enemy

I wish you endurance against torture

I wish you comfort when you are pained

I wish you hope in times that feel hopeless

I wish you friendship in isolation

I wish you peace when your mind is heavy with confusion

I wish you freedom from this senseless persecution

And l wish justice done to those who hurt you

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