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Update bad

Theyre telling me not to eat....that all food here is unclean as in made of sentient much pressure and my mum telling me eat eat eat! Had to go to psych ward. They questioned me about loads of junk but they knew exactly whats going on. I cant believe these ppl get paid to lie like this. All these poor souls who go to them for help and they cover this disgraceful crap and collect their fat pay conscience!

I have to admit choice...they want me back…


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Does anyone think we Tls are a different race/species? Could we be less hybrid/more full blood human than the rest of the race? Have you noticed how quick they are? How they can focus on two things at speaking to another and focusing on you at the same time?....also quick hands? Sounds/words so quickly synched to your thoughts. Have they left some of us less genetic engineered? be food for their negative energy vamping?

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Early programming

Hey pppls

When my targeting started years ago l turned to God as many of us do. I prayed for years for God to take away my addictions and for help all of us. One day l found God gave me 2 miracles. He undid a "lovesick " curse l had since l was a small child. I was always infatuated/obsessed/lovesick with any guy that walked by and got my attention. It caused loads of heartbreak in my life. I never knew it was part of my mc program from very early on. I fell in love with God and He…


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Suicide program

The last 2 months has killed me. Im in pieces. Depression is chronic. I cant cope, crying non stop. Ive picked up an alcohol addiction to medicate the pain. I hate alcoholism but lm not coping with the mental emotional pain. Im thinking suicidal thoughts planning to jump. I cant find a way out of this state they have me in. I lost god months ago...prayer is so weak.

The mental part they are playing is prtending to care...."we care and we want to help you but we just cant". Its a cruel…


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Hey everyone!

Hi guys

Its been ages since lve been here. I hope youve all been good as can be in these really hard circumstances.

Oh gosh! Life has been so crazy. Gangstalking around here is soooo rampant. Without exageration ld say that 95% of people l interact with are perps....including my entire family and relatives, shop keepers, posties, neighbours....even when l ring a company to organise insurance or something....they are ALL perps. Whats going on guys?? This is awful awful…


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Our battle in proving targeting is real and not schizophrenia

Ive just been reading some articles about accurately diagnosing schizophrenia. Apparently there are blood tests available (but for some unknown reason are extremely expensive). Theres also a simple eye test that claims 99% accurate diagnosis. These are still years away from being available to public. It makes no sense...Schizophrenia is more than a 100yr old illness and still no diagnostic method other than questioning the patients symptoms. BOGUS!

So l was trying to get on a website…


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The law of attraction etc

Im interested in ppls opinions on this school of thought thats becoming so popular......"that we are responsible for all our circumstances because we at some point, somehow attracted them"

I get pissed off at this teaching because l dont recall doing anything to attract this hell. I understand that positive thought attracts positive vibe etc but l cant "positively think" my way out of this situation. I see good ppl suffering sad lives and evil ppl living the good life. So why is this…


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The ugly truth

Something nobody wants to talk about..... SRA and the global pedophile network but l feel the need to post about it because these are the most innocent and helpless Tls and big names are involved from all walks of life. Also l am recently remembering that l was sexually abused as a child....according to my perps it was my "father" who took me to locations where adults were involved in SRA on children. Apparently my dad owed the satanic network something for a reason l have not yet uncovered.…


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The globalist agenda

I dont think our governments are the main problem....they are little more than puppets for a powerful network above them. We are lead to believe they are in control but l dont know how much influence they truly have over world affairs. Have a read.

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Ever since my targeting started their mojo has been that they are attacking me because l have sinned against God and they have legal universal rights to do it. I "belong" to them according to their warped logic. According to them it is past life sins l am paying for and l have to make right in this life to be freed. The bible teaches we live one life but l have researched that the truth of reincarnation was wiped from the bible (ld say by them if its true)

Anyway they programmed me to…


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Can anyone explain what ISIS is using terror for. I thought their philosophy was that they hated non muslims so why are they attacking predominantly muslim countries like Turkey. I just realised l dont understand what they are doing. Is it all part of the larger plot of the spread of evil by those behind the scenes.....including the western countries like U.S, Europe, australia? Im beginning to come to the conclusion that the evil beings in control regardless religion, race, nation are all…


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The latest news on the bioethics commission coverup

I watched this meeting of targeted individuals giving their testimonies to the bioethics commission. I could tell by the very obvious poker-faced looks on Amy Gutmann and the others on the committee that they knew it was all true but were…


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For anyone who believes in a higher power of love and goodness

I know there are various religions and spiritual beliefs amongst us so here is a protection prayer that is for anyone who believes in a Holy God. It is a good one because its easily memorized and can be repeated when under attack or anytime. Try to really believe in the words you are praying......they are solid truth!

The light of God surrounds me

The love of God enfolds me

The power of God protects me

The presence of God watches over me

Wherever l…


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native american

When all the trees have been cut down

When all the animals have been hunted

When all the waters are polluted

When the air is unsafe to breathe

Only then will they discover they cant eat money - Cree Prophecy

May the sun bring you new energy by day

May the moon softly restore you by night

May the rain wash away your worries

May the breeze blow new strength into your being

May you walk gently through the world and…


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fellow Tls

I wish you strength when you feel weak

I wish you a fighting spirit against the enemy

I wish you endurance against torture

I wish you comfort when you are pained

I wish you hope in times that feel hopeless

I wish you friendship in isolation

I wish you peace when your mind is heavy with confusion

I wish you freedom from this senseless persecution

And l wish justice done to those who hurt you

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fellow Tls

I wish you strength when you feel weak

I wish you a fighting spirit against the enemy

I wish you endurance against torture

I wish you comfort when you are pained

I wish you hope in times that feel hopeless

I wish you friendship in isolation

I wish you peace when your mind is heavy with confusion

I wish you freedom from this senseless persecution

And l wish justice done to those who hurt you

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the latest

My mum gives me my anti depressant everyday so l dont forget it (or so l thought)

I picked it up and being a capsule it fell apart, split in half. To my absolute shock l see an anti-psychotic fall out of the middle. I looked at her in absolute horror. She looks back with complete self righteousness and tells me she had to give them to me somehow because l wouldnt take them myself and that shes been hiding them in the anti depressants for a few years. I was boiling with anger. How…


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girly question

How do you guys deal with this emotionally. I'll wear my heart on my sleeve here to say l cry.... a lot nearly every other day. In the beginning I was red hot angry and I used to telepathically tell them what they are and where theyre burn in hell for a long frickin time.

As the years have passed I let go of my anger but its now replaced with utter sadness. 

Im in a cycle I cant escape. I go great guns for a while believing in my version of God, having faith and…


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the perp blame game

Do you guys get accused of things by the perps? Eg....your targeting is your fault, you brought it on yourself? You have done this and that bad thing in your life so you have brought this on yourself? Condemned every time you make a bad decision ? You are a bad person etc?

l believe the perps have shaped much of my life and then blamed me for errors I made. Im not trying to evade responsibility but I really believe they have mind controlled many of my decisions. One example is they…


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techno dreams

Every night....all night. But its like john finch describes they are "organic nightmares". Awful, rape, torture, drugging but I can actually feel thrm doing it to my body....its more than just a regular nightmare.

I have had these since I was a child so I know these creatures have been with me a long time.

Does anyone get the sensation of falling as youre drifting off? I always used to get it then it stopped ten yrs ago when they revealed themselves and I became a Tl. Now I…


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