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Treason is the destruction of the foundations of the economy and of bureaucracy all over the world.

The more I try to overcome this program, the more I encounter the destruction of the economy, the destruction of laws and associated bureaucracy, the destruction of the Constitution, the destruction of the education system, the destruction of key aspects of the pharmaceutical industry & of associated medical / insurance industries, the as*-backwards glorification of "disruption" by idiots who are too stupid to realize that their actions are destroying the world, the stupidity of DARPA &… Continue

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illuminiti goals of destruction, visions of past lives (NSA dream warfare?)

This link exposes why our world is ass-backwards, and why there are a group of people that are literally out to destroy the world - pull the rug out from underneath everyone, create products that are deliberately designed to fail, set out to corrupt & sabotage everyone, commit insurance fraud, blacklist those who don't cooperate and join their mafia network, sabotage economies, countries, governments, industries, products, food supplies, families, religions, and literally destroy their own… Continue

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Increased Intensity- Is it tied to the 9/11 Anniversary? Someone has declared war on US soil & the rest of the world and no one is able to detect it or stop it.

The intensity has been increased for the past few days, especially from 9pm to 6am, with 3am being an especially intense time. The refrigerator kicks into high gear like someone is directing some sort of microwave communication device into it (or maybe it's a radar gun), there is energy in the entire apt, the high voltage power lines will occasionally hum louder than usual, and there are tire tracks in the field surrounding the high voltage power line tower. SOCOM and the military industrial… Continue

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How many banking deals have been "deliberately designed to fail"? Does it tie into the global cabal's 9/11 masterplan?

Just how many deals have global bankers made that are "designed to fail"? This article is from 2010, Greece's bad deal involves the same firm which basically resulted in the bankruptcy of an entire country, and other recent scandals all over the world involve questionable banking deals, some with the same firm. "Too Big to Fail" has destroyed many economies around the world, just how much of that destruction was deliberately planned? Does it tie into the masterplan of the glo…


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How the illuminati masterplan is tied to 9/11

Founding of the illuminati & Discovery of 9/11 as the true birthdate of Jesus.

9/11/3 BC - Jesus was born on Wednesday September 11, 3 B.C. between the hours of 6:18 (sunset) and 7:39 (moonset) Palestine time.

■ There is another significant religious event occurring about 2000 years later on September 11, 1999. According to Hebrew scriptures September 11, 1999 was the 6,000th anniversary of Adam's creation, and year 1 on the Hebrew calendar.

■Many people in the middle…


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Worldwide Criminal Cabal using advanced technology to control the world.

In this article, it mentions how the worldwide organized criminal cabal has advanced technology to control the world, I think we all know what that advanced technology consists of.  These delusional cheapskate New World Order  masterplanners are out to bankrupt the world and steal the assets out from underneath everyone.  I hope their plan backfires. How can any organized criminal element con and swindle so many people into believing their satanic masterplan?…


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high powered electrical field

It is possible that some of the high powered electrical field that we experience is coming from local equipment. I experienced the intense field last night, and tonight I checked outside after hearing a noise, and it seems that the neighbor may be going thru the same situation because tonight there was no noise near my apt, but there was a lot of noise near their apt, but the energy field was turned off before I could verify and record it. It is dark out, but from what I can see, there may have… Continue

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New World Order = Corruption

Are they telling us that with all the sophisticated systems they have in place to verify identity, especially SS#s and/or fingerprints, they can not properly handle determining duplicate voters in multiple states? I realize that many states have already been manipulated/persuaded/conned/swindled into doing away with fingerprints for drivers licenses, but maybe they need to restore that fingerprint requirement. Many states have now been persuaded into using Crosscheck software for voter… Continue

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Why aren't the wealthy creating jobs?

Keynes is inappropriate for this economy. There is no need for either tax cuts for the wealthy nor for increased government spending because there is already so much money at the top that the wealthy have more than enough money to create jobs for the entire world, and most governments are already near bankruptcy from overspending.

It is time for the wealthy to step up to the plate and create jobs, that's what the 1980s trickle-down tax cuts of 20% or more per year for the past 30 years… Continue

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1980s - decade of hostile takeovers, 20% or more tax cuts for the rich

Controversial thought for the day:

When a company decides to go public to raise money for expansion, etc, only sell 49% of the ownership in your company, retain the other 51% of the ownership to avoid hostile takeovers, etc.

Wall Street & the underwriters may try to persuade/convince the CEOs to give away more ownership to the public (say 75% or more) to get more cash upfront, but it comes with the dangers of a future hostile takeover.

When true entrepreneurs own a company… Continue

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Have our futures been stolen from us?

Have our futures been stolen from us?

Every citizen & every business has a fiduciary responsibility to their country & to the economy to ensure that it will survive into the future and that it will operate in a fair & equitable manner. It is such an important obligation of every citizen in our country that a constitutional amendment should be created to remind everyone of their responsibilities to the long-term survival of their country and not to the mighty dollar.

An… Continue

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illuminati, Hitler, Nazi Human guinea pig network

Food for thought: Hitler also thought he was doing God's work and saving the world. Instead he became a version of the antichrist.

More Food for thought: The illuminati started in Bavaria 200 to 300 years ago, did Hitler mistakenly blame / target the Jews instead of blaming / targeting the illuminati? It's typical of the illuminati to hide in the shadows and frame others for their sabotage, was Hitler duped &/or used?

In addition, were Hitler & his army/scientists infiltrated… Continue

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Flat tax campaign is worldwide, amounts to a tax cut for the rich

Interesting coincidence ... it appears that this flat tax campaign is worldwide .... even New Zealand is being bombarded with proposals. A flat tax would be guaranteed to lower taxes on the rich, so who would pick up the slack (or do they want the governments to go bankrupt from lack of money)? Just how much money is being spent worldwide to 'influence' people with propaganda campaigns to give the rich another tax break? The rich already got a minimum tax cut of 20% per year for over 30 years… Continue

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New World Order = New World Mafia

There have been so many actions recently by so many different entities that do not seem to make sense. What would cause this increase in unusual situations across so many different areas? Is there now so much money & influence/networking at the top that common sense has been put on hold? This is what too much spare money does to those people / businesses that make up the top 1% of the economy - they are ripe for delusional thinking & corruption, bribery, extortion, etc.

One… Continue

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So many law changes around 2007, what were they up to? A new Mafia?

Why were there so many questionable & covert changes made to real estate laws around 2007, just as the real estate market was collapsing? Just how organized was this change of so many real estate laws all over the country (or was it also done worldwide)?

This was a change made surreptitiously to the Texas laws in 2007 to facilitate the MERS system bypassing the clerk recording process. Was this another attempt to hoodwink America and violate the most basic premise of real estate law,… Continue

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Forced sale of condos due to law changes (80% vs 100% previously)

This problem of forcing people out of their own condos is so serious that they should find a way to put a temporary moratorium on the law until they can correct it, either with a special session of the legislature or at next year's session. No condo owner should be forced into a situation where they have no input into the ownership of their own home - they are owners, not renters, and these owners should determine when they want to sell their own condo, not the investors/developers. This law is… Continue

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Enhanced Interrogations = V2K Brain Invasions

The CIA used waterboarding at the torture facilities as a cover for the real torture & enhanced interrogation techniques, which consisted of v2k brain invasions, brain interrogations & brain experimentation (Saddam Hussein & Abu Ghraib victims both complained of electronic brain invasions). Who was the real entity that was using v2k brain invasions, was it the NSA/DOD (synthetic telepathy research), the CIA (MK-Ultra, etc), DARPA (brain to computer interfaces), or some other large… Continue

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9/11 Anniversary, World Bankruptcy Master Plan

Food for thought on the anniversary of 9/11 & a call to start restoring & strengthening the foundations of the world economies (note the increased pressure & intensity all over the world leading up to this anniversary):

The 9/11 Master Plan to bankrupt the USA & the whole world, and steal the assets from the entire world involves the following:

■bankrupt the corporations and take them over, put well placed operatives into those companies,

■bankrupt governments all… Continue

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Trying to sneak in prop tax exemptions for 'new businesses' .. be sure to vote

Be on the lookout for property tax exemption questions on your primary or general elections. They are not reporting it extensively in the media, and they may be trying to downplay its existence so that voter turnout is low and they can pass it surreptitiously with very few people aware of it.

I have discovered another reason why the rich are trying to create property tax exemptions for new businesses (they have this proposal on today's election ballot in Pinellas) .... it seems that this… Continue

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NSA/CIA Spambot buries real posts with spam pharmaceutical ads

It seems like these mindless spam pharmaceutical ads are designed to fill up the forum with junk and bury the real posts. I made one blog post yesterday, and shortly after that, it got buried by the junk spam pharmaceutical ads. Is it NSA artificial intelligence spambots, or are these real people (idiots) that are trying to flood the forum with mindless spam?

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