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A way to END the TORTURE - that WORKS!


You have everything to gain by trying it, and nothing to lose.

I have been doing a close version of this since August (TheCandidaDiet) and it really does work! 

Use this to end your pain and suffering, which can be so all…


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The TI crazies....

No, I am not suffering from the TI crazies.  I am not imagining that what I have been doing since August has pretty much changed the direction of my life, and give me my life back - well, almost.  The attacks have continued, but they have lost quite a bit of power over me. 

This information is important to each and every TI. The ONLY truth each of us possess is that of our OWN personal experience. For me, this pursuit of freedom from GS for the past 10 years has been a journey…


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A relatively painless end to the Torture?

Since August, I have been following a course of action which has all but ended the effects of the attacks, and the associated pain and suffering.  It has not stopped their attempts to attack, but the physical pain and discomfort has at least been all but eliminated.

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Blocked Blog?

You never know who you can trust, besides yourself!

My last blog post never showed up for general consumption when it was published.  I'm wondering why.  The blog content offered ongoing updates to a course of action I had undertaken to stop/control the effects of DEW and the pain and suffering.

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TI symptom cure...

     I am cautiously optimistic that I am beginning to feel symptoms decreasing in intensity due to some changes I have adopted beginning August 1, 2017.  It has only been a week, but day by day, I believe organized stalking is losing its grip on me.  To reinforce this suspicion, it feels like every perp in this county is showing up at my house to turn up the harassment heat in punishment.  They do not like to lose ground. If what I am doing continues to work, I will begin to post…


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Morgellons disease

     While looking up info regarding radio signals given off by Candida/fungal overgrowth ON/IN our bodies as an alternative way to locate and track us (for those who question whether they have internal tracking chips), I began to look at colloidal silver.  Although the author of this video isn't speaking to organized stalking, he does mention Morgellons disease being treated w/colloidal silver.  Do not use unless you do research.  But, colloidal silver does look promising.



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IMPORTANT!!!!! re: "Tactics, techniques, tricks of defense for Targeted Individuals"

-  This is a BRILLIANT IDEA! I’m sure many of us have thought of creating a webpage like it to help other TIs, but just couldn’t hold it together long enough to undertake the monumental task, much less keep it up to date and running.

-  The reason I am posting in a separate blog from AtlantiTeo's "Help Targeted Individuals" points out a major problem with the gathering of information of this type. You could spend days trying to read everything, when you are…


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PP friendship

Have you ever been on facebook and gotten bombarded by hundreds+++ of requests to be "friends"?  My feeling is that quality is more important than quantity.  Some people (TI, perps & civilians) feel that if they can show they have 3000 friends (most of whom they've never had any contact with), they are telling the world that they have value, and must therefore be a good legit person.  I have to ask why anyone would ever want to include a total stranger as a friend, just bcz this total…


Added by Bill Perry on May 26, 2016 at 8:00am — 5 Comments

serious about DISAPPEARING

If you feel you can overcome any tracking chips, or protect yourself using clothing wired like a faraday cage, this article may be of help.  It is written by a private detective and gives advice to stalked victims on how to avoid being located through a public records search.

I've talked to many TIs who read what other TIs have to say PRIMARILY so they can…


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community - joining other TIs

If my hunch is correct, there are a number of other TIs living in my community.  Some types of DEW and weaponry are only used upon me sporadically, like there’s a visiting perp who brought some of his toys along every time he comes to my area on Friday night for his monthly or bi-monthly visit with friends.   There’s no way you’d ever convince me that these fun toys are shelved when they aren’t in use on me.  If my perps had them, I’d experience them every day.

So, now I’ve…


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positive thoughts...

Normally, I'm not one to piss and moan about my daily torture.  For one thing, it serves no purpose other than to provide entertainment and positive tactical information to all those who derive pleasure tormenting and injuring other living beings.  For another thing, chewing and being fixated upon "them" and what they are doing only serves to consume HUGE amounts of my time. 

Although I don't have many moments during which I am not reminded of their "omnipresence", those…


Added by Bill Perry on February 11, 2016 at 2:03am — 1 Comment

USEFUL shielding resource??

Was looking for RFID blocking and ran across this site in a Google search.  Sounds like it might offer useful shielding products for some TIs.

Added by Bill Perry on February 9, 2016 at 11:13pm — 1 Comment

white noise - freq interference

For some reason, I'm seeing a lot of "Comments are closed for this blog post" on blogs now.  I wasn't even aware it was possible?

Re creating white noise by flipping thru TV channels on Nici's blog post - try getting a programmable remote from WMT, and set it to scan.  For a while, this scanning frigged up some perp devices that were operated remotely.  If it doesn't work, return it to WMT.

Added by Bill Perry on December 26, 2015 at 10:56pm — 2 Comments

copper and metal to block electronics

I do NOT know if copper or metal or aluminum work to block, but if you want to experiment, here's a source for copper mesh which is so light weight it could be worked into clothing - although it would be time consuming if you used this 2" wide roll - got to believe there are wider pieces you can get if it works...  (ebay hot link below) -  make sure it's not copper colored plastic!  You can make sure it's solid copper by trying to solder to it - solder should stick, and heat shouldn't melt…


Added by Bill Perry on December 23, 2015 at 7:00am — 1 Comment

HERE's some incentive!

     Has it ever occurred to you that if just 5 TIs were to overcome all the paranoid BS and join forces that we could very well turn the tide on this covert crime?  

     Imagine that 4 of the TIs secret themselves in the 5th TIs neighborhood - the more rural the better - and when perps arrive with their DEW weapons, the 4 TIs subdue one of the perps and take the weapons away from them.  Perps, after all are nothing but bullies and cowards that will wet their pants in fear at being…


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TI Community


It may not be for everyone, and will depend upon the lengths you are willing to go to live w/less interference.



Added by Bill Perry on December 18, 2015 at 11:50pm — 1 Comment

Whatever floats your Boat!

Sue, do you think this will do the job if I put a motor on the back?

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"The CORE" is with you

     In one sense, we are all alone in facing our daily tormentors.  No civilian we see can possibly understand, nor are they willing to listen bcz it is too scarey, and they fear that it may happen to them if they linger too long to listen.

     In this time we are all part of, life has become more harried.  In my lifetime, I have seen the need for 1 family breadwinner escalate to 2 family members having to work, and perhaps at more than 2 jobs.  Everyone is feeling some level of…


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Go here to see how to object when life isn't going well and needs some adjusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love animals with character, and don't hesitate to let you know when they aren't happy, and things have to change, OR ELSE!   This bird makes me laugh every…


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Who am I dating, shocking!

Dear people,This is shocking!I having trouble seeing in general.The perp manipulates my eyes.I have a boyfriend he's bald.I have seen 4 different versions of him all bald of course.One is young and my hight.One is tall and has long legs and a big belly.One looked like he haf a valcan nose and dark rings around his eyes.I kept looking at him, he ate a lot.He the male perp changes stuff in my eyes. I have seen my boyfriend changes from a avarag face into a wide face that must have been the…See More
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Happy International Women's Day to all women targeted individuals!

Today, on this day that  had certain importance in history, I ask all men, boys, young men and the elderly: "Do you expect your mothers to be silent when you are tortured, destroyed and broken and they know who is behind it all? Do you expect them to be silenced by a death threats and abuse threats?"See More
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Help Targeted Individuals

Tactics, techniques, tricks of defense for Targeted IndividualsI would like to put together all the tactics, techniques, methods of defense for any problem caused by torture to mind kontrol.I created this web page to collect strategies. Only strategies, and after them translated into the languages of the victims. Example: I am AtlantiTeo and  I have a tinnitus by microchips in my the ears, which at the highest peaks reach 8,000herz measured by audiologist. Thanks to peacepink, I have learned…See More
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