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Michigan bans companies from implanting microchips

This article in the Daily Mail says that Michigan has passed a law making it illegal for companies to force employees to be implanted with microchips. We can hope that other states and countries will…


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They can delete letters and words while I am reading

Today they did something to my eyes or brain or optic nerve which made some of the letters and words I was reading disapppear as I read. I was at the self-service checkout at a supermarket, and when I looked at the list of items I had checked, letters were missing from the words. This kept happening as I read each word. When I walked back along the mall I read a lot of signs and posters, and I found they could not do it with uneven letters or very small…


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US Homeland Security develop Advanced Recognition Technology biometric database (HART)

This article in the Daily Mail describes the new US facial recognition system which will also be able to recognise people by tattoos, scars, and their voice. It…


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US Scientists force birds to learn birdsong by implanting their brains

This article in the Daily Mail says that scientists in Texas have implanted song notes…


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The Guardian reports on the "neural revolution", but not on our issues

This article in the Guardian talks about BCIs and telepathy, but with only a passing reference to ethics. I used to hope the Guardian might help us, but apparently it will…


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Forced vomiting

One evening last month they made me vomit 3 times, then they kept me awake and I could feel the frequencies going across my stomach. Then at 4 20 a.m. they made me vomit again and this time it was black vomit. Then they let me sleep. After that I checked on google and it said black vomit is coagulated blood and is a medical emergency. Obviously it was not an emergency in this case, but please note it could be, and be aware of that. I could not eat the next day,…


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Article about the brain scans of diplomats at the US Embassy in Cuba

This article in the Guardian says that the brain scans of the US Embassy staff in Cuba showed abnormalities, but the experts who examined the scans did not draw any conclusions as to the cause of the apparent brain damage.…


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UK researchers find psychiatric diagnoses "scientifically meaningless"

This article says that researchers at Liverpool University UK have found that all psychiatric diagnoses are meaningless because they all use different decision-making rules, there is overlap between the diagnoses, they almost all mask the role of trauma and adverse…


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Animal experiments on which the CIA psychologists based their torture program

This video shows experiments designed to prove the theory of Learned Helplessness, a now outdated theory on which CIA psychologists Jessen and Mitchell based their torture program. The idea was that repeated and inescapable pain attacks lead to helpless feelings and depression. The original experiments were done on…


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Fingerprint bankcard - Beast technology advances another step

We have had contactless cards for some time for payments up to £30. Now we can add a fingerprint for payments over £30. You register it at a bank. At some point society will be cashless. Then it may be time for a…


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Article about human brain/cloud interface

This article is about nanobots in the brain, brain/machine interface, brain/brain interface, brain/cloud interface, sharing brain experiences, transhumanist ideas.

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US Scientists discover a quantum material which can communicate with atoms in the brain

This science article says that scientists have discovered a new quantum material which could be used to store and upload memories. It can show up the health of the brain. It could be used in brain-machine interfaces.


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Article on synchronising the brain`s memory areas using electrical pulses

This article in the Guardian shows how 2 areas of the brain, when disconnected from each other, cause problems in working memory. The scientists restored memory in older people by synchronising the areas with electrical…


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Petition to UK Prime Minister

This is from the Targeted Individuals Association. It is for international signatures, so everyone please sign.…


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CBS article and TV clips about the recent DEW attacks on US diplomats in China

The interviews actually go into detail about their symptoms and say that they were caused by microwave attacks from energy weapons. So this…


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More research on brain chips

Article about enhancing "synaptic plasticity" i.e.speed of thought, using the vagus nerve, includes work of Dr Moran Cerf and DARPA.…


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Alphabet plans to build a smart city with inbuilt 100% wifi and 5G connectivity in Toronto

Concerns have been raised about data collection and privacy, but the article says nothing about health issues for anyone who will live there.

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Burning my hands

They have been burning my hands since June 2017 almost every day. Also my arms, though they stopped doing the arms in 2018. The burns were bright red and sore from hands to elbows almost all over. I saw a private doc last year and got treatment and advice and a prescription for Fusidic Acid burn cream, all of which should have been free on NHS, but no way would I go to my own doc with injuries,

They let my hands heal…


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Chinese schoolkids wear EEG headsets so teachers can monitor their concentration levels

In this study, teachers in China will monitor 20,000 children wearing headsets in class which show their levels of concentration in real time.



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