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Biometric systems can identify you by bone conduction, ear shape, and gait

This article in New Scientist says that skull bone conduction can accurately you, and the link to " ear shape" says  is a better identifier than face recognition, and could identify callers on the phone.

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CIA torture victims`case scheduled to go to trial next June

This article says that top CIA officials will be made to answer questions under oath in the trial of the 2 psychologists who designed the torture program. This is unprecedented.

The case is about gross human rights violations - torture, non-consensual human…


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Shop mannequins spy on you with facial recognition

Shops in Europe and US have Almax Eyesee mannequins with facial recognition technology. This article is a few years old, but I wasn`t aware of this at all.

Almax says it doesn`t violate shoppers` privacy!!

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Nanobots can be mind controlled to release drugs into a living organism

This article in New Scientist describes research by scientists in Israel involving nano bots which were injected into cockroaches attached to an electromagnetic coil. The bots contained drugs, and had a gate which when heated released the drug. A man…


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"Remote Control" - short trailer about Dr Jose Delgado and Mind Control

Jose Delgado was one of the first to do horrible brain experiments on animals, with a view to a "psychocivilised" human society.

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New brain mapping research

This article in the Guardian says that scientists at Washington University have created a new brain map by combining scans of 210 adults in the Human Connectome project. They are looking at how neurons are connected in the human brain. Of…


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New brain scan study finds young men with anti-social behaviour have abnormal brain development

Neurologists at Cambridge studied the brain scans of young men whose behaviours were aggressive, destructive, stealing, carrying weapons etc and found parts of their brains had developed abnormally compared with a group of…


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India creates ID megadatabase of 1.25 billion people, their total population

India is compiling a biometric megadatabase of the country`s whole population, with face recognition, fingerprints, iris recognition, and a unique ID number for each person.

So, as I thought, this idea is starting to go global.

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Moderators, why are members` posts already opened in my email, and I see them without clicking on the link?

Members` posts in the CM status thread are coming out already opened in my emails, with the usual link underneath, which works normally when I click on it.

Is something wrong in that thread? I noticed the message headings were also titled "...the status" instead of "CM status".

Please can you have a look and fix it, thanks.


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CIA medical doctors gave advice on torture

This time it really is medical doctors, not psychologists. Where do they even find doctors willing to do this? They know perfectly well they are breaking their oath to do no harm. It is horrible.

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FBI has a biometric database including face recognition - it wants to exempt it from privacy laws

This is important for everyone in the US. I`m not from the US, but I just came across this. Your FBI has a system called the Next Generation Identification system, keeping biometric data including fingerprints, face recognition, iris patterns, voice…


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Control Factor 2003 movie

I wanted to post this in Videos, but haven`t been able to. It was taken off Youtube some time ago.

It`s an excellent fictional drama about Mind Control/targeting - I recommend it if you haven`t seen it before.

I hope you can see it via these links:  Part 1 Part 2

If they don`t work, you can find the links on…


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App that can find out your identity from any photo anyone takes of you ;

This article reviews a new app that anyone can use if they take a photo of you, and the app will search the internet and social media and compare it with millions of photos and find ones that are a close match, which can give away your…


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Neuroscientists show areas of brain responding to words while listening to stories

Neuroscientists at UC Berkeley have mapped responses to spoken words in people`s brains via fMRI scans.

One scientist said "It is possible that this approach could be used to decode information about what words a person is hearing, reading, or possibly even…


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3 men sue psychologists involved in their CIA torture - Lawsuit allowed to go ahead

This looks like a huge step forward, at least for torture cases in the US.

The article says that the ACLU is supporting 3 victims of CIA torture to sue the 2 psychologists involved in their torture. This is the 1st time such a case has been allowed…


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Moderators, why is my name coming up as "me" on my latest blog post?

Please could you correct this, or tell me how to correct it. Thanks.

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Are they trying to normalise mind control? New device alters mood via nerves of face and neck

This New Scientist article is about Thync, a wearable device which stimulates facial and neck nerves with electricity to change your mood.

This man went and tried it out and guess what - it burned his skin.

I suppose the real mind control going…


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Milgram-type experiment shows volunteers` brains become quiet when obeying orders to inflict shocks on people

A neuroscientist has repeated a version of Stanley Milgram`s classic obedience experiment, and took EEGs of the

volunteers while they obeyed orders to inflict real electric shocks on people. The EEGs showed that their brains

were quieter when obeying orders…


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University 3D-prints human organs in soft gel

This article says that scientists at the University of Florida can 3D-print human organs including brains by using a special soft gel

Maybe they could try out weapons testing on them?

Added by Sandy Lomax on September 29, 2015 at 3:06am — 2 Comments

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