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Macronique (Macroscrew)

Macron (sorry, I cannot say mister to that sad individual who puts his fellow citizens eye out) calls on the army against the yellow vests he accuses of causing trouble, disorders that he himself caused and which had already been programmed before his election, for example, the 2016 interview of Jacques Attali on France24 which says at 0:42: "..., there will be a yellow revolution and it will be very brutal. »…


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POSTING CAMPAIGN by John Arsher (2012)



This is a call to all TI of Europe and of the whole world. I wish to make to each one of you a proposal, in order to start a public awareness campaign of world scale.


It is about a simple action: a poster campaign in the streets, that each one of us will participate to alone or in organized groups (on the public – and legal – spaces reserved for this purpose... and they are numerous) and revealing a single message, the same in French or English…


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Could this be used as a countermeasure against synthetic telepathy, v2k?


Scientists have identified the precise area of the brain involved in “hearing voices,” a symptom 70 percent of people with schizophrenia experience. Targeting the region with transcranial magnetic stimulation has proven…


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"Forum sliding" (excerpt from the article):

"If a very sensitive posting of a critical nature has been posted on a forum, it can be quickly removed from public view by “forum sliding.” This maneuver brings unrelated postings to the top of the forum, and the critical posting “slides” down the front page — out of public view. [Ed.: By“sensitive posting of a critical nature”, the author refers to comments that include facts that interfere with the false narrative…


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"Please sign and forward..."

To sign here you go >…/1FAIpQLSdCkgeLSfk0B5J4f6…/viewform

"Please sign and forward..." from …


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STOP ZET's demonstration on 2 July in Warsaw.

On 2 July, STOPZET will do a protest in Warsaw.

« Truth and justice are silently killed by psychotronic weapons & electromagnetic attacks in the human nervous system. » STOPZET

 « In 2005, technical professor Valery Kaniaka, former deputy general manager of the energy research and development division, said: "In 1991 we thought that there might be a whole new kind of weapons of mass control, the destruction of the intellect, the personality. I then went to the government…


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Gobal TI survey

I was quite surprised before watching this video about the need to provide my address because I was worried about my family and because such information as address has never been asked on other surveys I had previously done on some Tis forums and sites.

But after watching the video, I feel more confident and understand that my information needs to be checked. So I decided to trust and join this serious and unprecedented project to initiate laws against this crime…


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Thanks Pieter!

Pieter Huylenbroek’s video at the day of awareness of remote, illegal and non-consensual experiments and electromagnetic tortures and harassments of 17 June 2017 at « Place de la République » in Paris

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Congratulations to the participants of demonstration 06/17/2017 in Paris!!!

I am so happy about the number of ICs who have participated in Paris!

I feared that there would be just few people as last year in Paris there were only two persons!

A big thank you and a big congratulations to all the participants, it is a real success.

A big thank you to Sam ADVHER and Serge Labrèze!

And Pieter Huylenbroeck too!

All this is encouraging for next time.

God bless you and pour on you all endurance, compassion, humility and friendship…


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Translation in english of Elisabeth Smithie's post in french:

Day of protest after authorization by the Prefecture against electromagnetic harassment and Network Harassment, Saturday, June 17, 2017, "Place de la République, Paris" organized by the "Association for the Defense of Victims of Electromagnetic Harassment and Network Harassment" (ADVHER), official association.

Link to the event:

About thirty victims were present, a small victory for our cause!

We informed the…


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TIs demonstration in Paris.

I thank the participants and those who help to organize the demonstration in Paris today and hope it will raise awareness and get an echo in the medias.
Je remercie les participants et ceux qui ont aidé à organisé la manif d'aujourd'hui, souhaite qu'elle éveille l’intérêt du public et trouve un écho positif dans les médias.

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Stopzet cancelled their event of tomorrow 17/6

Association Stopzet’s board decided by a vote at the last minute to cancel their event twinned with ADVHER’s event and co-organized by Sam and decided to postpone their demonstration to 2 July.

The reason given is that the general and national assembly of Stopzet will be held from 30 June to 3 July 2017 so they felt it would be better for them do their event at this occasion.

Le comité du conseil de l'association Stopzet a décidé par un vote de dernière minute d'annuler…


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Protest against Electromagnetic Harassment Protest against Electromagnetic Harassment Saturday 17th June 2017, Paris, France

Protest against Electromagnetic Harassment

Saturday 17th June 2017, Paris, France

Organized by the "Association for the Defense of Victims of Electromagnetic Harassment and Networked* Harassment" (ADVHER), an official association, after authorization by the Paris Prefecture.

*Organized Stalking

Link to the event:



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In Paris and Warsaw same day 17/06 demonstration against electromagnetic harassment, illegal experiments and network harassment(OS).

En solidarité avec l’association ADVHER, Sam et les victimes en France, l’association des victimes polonaises Stopzet organise une manifestation ce même jour du 17 Juin 2017 contre le harcèlement électromagnétique, ses expérimentations illégales et le harcèlement en réseau.

In solidarity with the association ADVHER, Sam and the victims in France, the Polish victims' association Stopzet is organizing…


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Journée de protestation contre le Harcèlement Electromagnétique et en Réseau Place de La République à Paris le 17 Juin 2017 à 12h.

"Message aux IC qui seront présents à la manif:

Il nous a été possible d'organiser cette manifestation grâce à trois personnes (TI) domiciliées à Paris, Cette condition était nécessaire pour obtenir l'autorisation. J'ai donc fait ce choix : Anne, Maria et Claire. Ces dernières ont eu la volonté mais surtout le courage d'indiquer leurs noms sur un document transmis à la préfecture. Et parce que toute la responsabilité des conséquences leur incombe en cas de propos…


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