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Letter to James Pollard

Good Day,
The reason I did not respond to your address to me on December 27, 2018  is - at that time I doubted almost everyone. Unfortunately , I still have that suspicion. I cannot understand the evil in  man and especially not the public manifestation of that evil! From then until today, terrible things have happened in my life. As you can see, my profile is no longer short. Did you have anything of such vital importance to suggest to me? You don't have to…

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This is for you, son

Or, perhaps - preparing and exercising for mass control of its own occupied population What about your experiences of programmed dreams?

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This is for you, son

              I do not give up fighting to expose everything I know. At the moment, while I am accusing the highest authorities of Serbia of torturing and killing my son, I am personally constantly tortured (mostly and most often) by programmed dreams. I wake up listening through the “voices in my head” the most primitive Serbian swear words.

               My son was not aware that this form of torture was being destroyed (among other things), but he told me about his dreams: “I have…


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Answer to Stephen

Thank you for your interest! I know that as a European and a soldier, you are familiar with some of the circumstances in my country. My answer to your question is: Serbian Government on their own, pro - Russian oriented! I am enclosing the letter that I failed to send to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, which will explain everything to you!

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Answer to Stephen

Dear President Putin, I am Gordana Filipovic, the target individual for 34 years from Belgrade for political reasons. I want to tell you that suppose that there is a possibility I would not be an admirer and supporter of you if I were born and lived in Russia, but that is not the reason I am sending you this letter. The reason I am addressing you is - The International Conference of Victims of Psychotronic Terrorism held in Moscow in December 2018 and its conclusions. I am not naïve to think…


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This mornig

I want to share my experience with you hoping you absolutely trust me. This morning, I stood in front of the main police station near my apartment and, looking at the surveillance camera, introduced myself and said: "I accuse you that for the very top of the Serbian authorities many of you have been into political police who use high military technology he kills , persecutes and humiliates his own citizens in order to stifle freedom of speech and opinion.I accuse you of the death of my son…


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Digital concentration camps

I enclose my letter (for all us) to Mr Piotr Setkiewicz from the Auschwitz Museum Research Center

Dear Mr. Setkiewicz,

Searching the Internet for information about the Auschwitz Museum, I came across your short biography. The fact that as a historian you have a doctorate on the subject of the greatest evil in history (as a conception, as a meaning, as an…


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