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Pointer laser used at friends house from a governement drone at 10 pm at night??????

We were in my friend's driveway and in his backyard a green light appeared on the side of his storage shed (it was round and a faded bright green).  Then a few minutes later the green light was streamed in a straight line across his back lawn (very very bright). His neighborhood has no street lights, it is very dark.  Then the faded green light was used again on the corner of his carport.  We searched with a flash light the adjoining backyards (no fences in this neighborhood) and could not…


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Does anyone know why ti's wake up from a deep sleep with our hearts racing?

The following happens to me all the time, I can not believe they have not caused me to have a heart attack.

I fell asleep sitting up (probably induced sleep) and woke up about 30 minutes later with my heart racing.  I was still very sleepy and fell back asleep again still sitting upright and woke again an hour later with my heart racing again.   I was not dreaming for a change.  Also, I was not awakened to my eyes flashing images or clips of my memories.  Are they doing some sort of…


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It is on it way......Marial Law in the USA.

They are setting up the USA for martial law more and more everyday.  It is almost a text book scenario.  The latest being Hillary Clinton found not guilty of her email/server crime.  The whole point is for the American public to be outraged if she is elected as president. The rioting will be rampant.  So much paid theater acted out in the streets the last two years to make the citizens volatile.

Does anyone else see it this way?

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New attack method used on me. Input needed.

Last night was scary.  I woke up while in rim sleep to my whole body being electrocuted.  I could not move or speak. 

My scalp/head felt like all the veins running through it were electrified.  How did they do that?  Was it done via satellite or

a device operated by someone on the ground or what?

I knew something new was going to happen because Monday and Tuesday the attacks were minimal compared to the usually daily/nightly attacks.  Also the gang stalking increased. …


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My Story

Hello Everyone.  I would like to share my experience with being a Targeted Individual.  What a ride it has been for the last 3 months of knowing I was being tortured.  When I look back I now know I was being ganged stalked for the last 5 years.

I am not sure why I was chosen for this lifelong form of torture.  I am an old fat stinky lady who could not hurt a fly.  They could take me out so easily and…


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