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What is Remote Neural Monitoring?

The answer is very complex and much of that can be found here:

A much shorter answer is that it is a satellite constallation which operates two main platforms:

RNM OpenMind

RNM Nobody

The platforms have operational uses, but those complaining of torture are more interested in the development side of things.



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DeepThought - Come and Say Hi

I suppose it is time to introduce myself.  I am DeepThought, the author behind the wonderful Modern Warfare Series which developed out of the 'Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts?' series of investigations.

This is a very interesting support group that you guys have here, but I do get the impression that this is a CIA front operation designed to sedate those that are being attacked.  This talk of stalkers, TIs, perps and harassment is CIA language used to downplay the seriousness of…


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