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Monsters from the ID

I lov this  movie

Monsters from the ID

Mind reading not a chance a chip powerful enough to read your mind lol would be as big as

suitcase and that is giving them the benefit. The rumored VR chips 300% faster would not 

even read my pooping activities. A chip to transmit brain waves (at the…


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The nature of Ultrasonic's

Ultrasound will find the smallest crack in metal which means it can

get through the smallest cracks your home is full of holes and cracks.

If you you a sound meter you might notice the ultrasound at 14500 hz

they don't want you to notice it will hit your ear as normal conversation 

but you won't hear it but your subconscious will. Not exactly true you 

will hear tones your ears will ring. Tinnitus is a dead giveaway.

Your roof is the target…


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Coiloidal Gold

Credit to TI's in Sweden & the Netherlands

A teaspoon a day 20-30 ppm (parts per million)

Of all the supplements I have tried this is number 1

Remember your dreams be on the Gold Satellites partial beams micro waves mind reading  ALL BULLSHIT

It is ultrasonic s the audiospotlight the spike soundlaser LRAD

and a…


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Greg  lol predator lawsuit disinformation

I have not been to pink peace in months I was there yesterday  

thinking about a blog I was planing and lo and behold I get an email from greg.

Is he monitoring pink peace or all of us

Ever google GAMACHE

Chief Inspector Armand Gamache series

There is no…


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Magnetic Shielding DEW

Magnetic Shielding

This is so important it is done right. Nickel Nickel Nickel

High Nickel content is good but hard to get and expensive but there are many others

DEW directed energy weapons, Invar 36 will work, Permalloy is ideal but expensive

But it could be used to line a hat with paper as an insulator and aluminum foil…


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Posthypnotic Amnesia and the V2K virus

Posthypnotic Amnesia and the V2K virus

I meet my stalker he tried to use NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) on me

It had success but not the way he wanted. NSA FED COP MILITARY or just a Grifter



Our memories even the strongest are layered one on top of the other this is why eye

Witness statements are so unreliable,…


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The Lilly Wave

This blog will Start Something  Pulsed Lilly wave 

it bypasses the gate guard at the subconscious.

A version of the Lilly wave is what is being used.

PEMF device or the sound files which can be download so you…


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Perps or Preds

Perpetrator Or Predator THEY are better described as Predators.

The mobbing is like wild dogs

Psychopathy and Sadism



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The Immune System and EMFs

The Immune System and EMFs

As if that’s not bad enough, EMFs also knock ions out of the cells and interfere with the metabolism within the cells. This phenomenon accounts for deficiencies in calcium (contributing to arthritis, anxiety), lithium (depression, schizophrenia), and potassium (Alzheimer’s).

Also, EMFs from our AC electrical system create biologically-meaningless…


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Attention Deficit Disorder ADD are they the Targets

Are the ADD the targets ? We are so obvious some multi like a task like crazy.

Stick out sore thumb. EMF/RF will bring it on. Ever wonder how many ADD people in

prison, not! lol if you had ADD you might. It is a high number government, cops know

I just thought how do they pick there targets. An ADD house is different, a mess

100 projects going stuff all over. ADD mess is normal KAOS but not for them.

This type of ADD, intelligent, multitask to infinity,…


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EMF/RF v2k through the power lines

EMF/RF through the power lines

Cable too a hypothetical story, EMF health problems match all the bullshit

That v2k weapon’s clams to be doing. For a VLF ham radio to use the power lines as antenna

Is highly illegal but if you could camouflage your v2k but mixing it with the local radio stations.

The PUD power company would note that is was just noise EMF from a bad transformer bad block

Connections bad grounds. What if you went through your home and checked your EMF with…


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Ultrasonic Countermesures & Boswella

Sound can not travel in a vacuum.... 

The reason a Faraday cage does not work.

Beams of ultrasound directed at a window.

The window becomes a speaker.

Try vacuum >>>>>>>>>>>>>bags vacuum insulation.

Ultrasound directed at the roof and windows.

Tinnitus is caused by sound damage.

Can tinnitus be caused microwave frequency's?. Maybe but sound for sure.

Pulsed microwaves by satellites do exist but not…


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Scalar Waves and anti V2K

Scalar Waves  and anti V2K

I found this guy the old scientist  he makes scalar waves.


He is using a signal generator but an audio output would work just as well.

No antenna  or ground connections on the secondary that is long coil

With all the windings.  The smaller but with thicker windings primary he has hooked

Up to the signal generator this is…


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V2K Virus Subliminals subconscious Exploding Head Syndrome word association

Subliminals are suggestions  to the subconscious in V2K these are designed to frighten and cause anxiety.

The old word word association test to see what your subconscious is up to.

I guess the most important ones to most is, job ,work ,money, sex, masturbation, love, hate.

I say a word and you say the first word that pops in your head takes on a whole new meaning.

When for fantasy  you get (see scary faces)


The subconscious never sleeps and what it…


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Oh Scott

Well Scott I don't get pulled over.

There is now need for the Government stuff to go unmarked.

They could just hide it in plan sight. Set up a company and run it legit.

Cops use unmarked for various reasons.

Unmarked aircraft would attract more attention. Everyone watches

aircraft airports. Faking N numbers is just as bad you see there 

is always a geek that runs every N number he or she see's to find out

who owns it. Nah it just some jerky…


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500 ft

Well not all are spying most are not, about 40 story's building is about 500ft high.

The ones that are following and circling are way lower.

Note: It takes awhile to get a plane or chopper certified.

They are allowed to take check rides or being moved. Like a car

with no plates. Unmarked aircraft are illegal.

So if unmarked it is maybe in the process.

I have seen the unmarked stuff too and this was my conclusion.

It is something u don't know…


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Aircraft following U

For those of us being harnessed from the air.

Search FAA Database

All aircraft must be listed or registered with the FAA can not fly below 500ft from the

tallest structure around. The FAA database allows u to search. 

Get the N number on the tail wing or below the rotor blades. File complaint with the FAA.

Take pictures. Write down the details. 

Later J :)

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RE RE Harrp

Scott the snot I am happy you are so well informed. 

So Ha Ha and I raise U a HA LOL

My interest in Harrp is like the A bomb they have now clue what they are doing.

They did not know what would happen if they blew one up or about the radiation.

Same here, blasting the ionosphere partial beams. It shields us from the sun.

Harrp to me looks like a big ion generator like the smoke eaters in bars. Charge up some

really big capacitors and discharge into…


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RE: HAARP Closed

It is closed but word is the Air force is taking possession.  Unknown if they are going to

turn it on again. Military has many portable weather control units. They brag about it all the time.

This is dangerous science Tesla discovered this he third-ed his  plans and gave it to 3 major

world powers. So they would have to work together to use his work. He should have burned it.

This is an off shoot Tesla death ray particle beam/starwars weapons. As for the planes…


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