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Euromeans TIs

Welcome everyone on our FB group, United Targeted Individuals Europe.

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Side effects of fMRI scans that is used to read our minds...

I found the discussion above on the internet searching for side effects of fMRI and found out that people who had these scans went through hell. The side effects are many and resemble ours.

These people had scans for 25 minutes, some once, some three times, before the side effects…

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Meditation vs. Hypnosis

I heard someone saying today on FB that meditation is dangerous for us, TI's because meditation lets them tap in and control our minds. I would say that it is not true and I will explain why I think that.

First of all... all programming seems to be done during sleep.
Second of all, they do it under hypnosis.

Hypnosis and meditation are very different.

When you meditate it is you that you are in…

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This can't be human...

Have you never thought about it yourself? That the perps are not human?
That they are like programmed robots? That act without much thought or feeling?

I found out that it is true. They program a computer to make me feel attacked when I say some words or do some things. The bad thing is that when you overcome some words, they reprogram others. The positive side is that they are out of words soon. As soon as I realize what action or word stops the attack, they…

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Please read this carefully and tell me if it works for you!!!

I have not been writing here for a while. In the months that were passing, I've been attacked more and more. The more I fought it, the more attacks. I even gained weight and I knew that it had to do something with the attacks. I would just feel a bitter taste in my mouth and I went up from one day to another.

One day, on FaceBook, I saw this guy saying something about Neural Monitoring that is supposed to be done directly from the satellites. I looked it up in…

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22 march 2010 Latest news

I've probably forgot most of what happened lately.
One thing that happened was though that a person working here came and told me not to feed the cats.
I don't have the gutsto watch them hungry, plus, it was their game. Just to hurras me.
I went visiting almost all Ciudad de las Ciencias Y de las Artes here in Valencia and I had fun.
Taking pictures of myself I realized I got deep lines in my face.
I look awful. I think my skin is too…

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Our story 1989 on Discovery

Vezi mai multe video din… Continue

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17 march 2010 Lady still sick and something to read

Lady is not well. I put her under constant surveillance with my web cam.
But she has been out and the two round things under her jaw are gone.
They cleaned up.

She ate a little, but she is not well. I just pray that she will not only survive but get better, healthy again.

Ethical issues involved in hybrid bionic system…

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16 march 2010 They are killing Lady och the power of prayer

They are killing Lady
Lady is one of the cats I feed.
She is one of the implanted cats, that they torture.
She is just a kitten, a few month old.
She has these round things under her cheek, as I have, and have had since I was 15-16 years old.
Under the last week or so, she has vanished for one day or two and returned, thinner, sicker, and so on.

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10 march 2010 - Everything is happening to me.

Lately, they've targeted me less with the weapons and more with invasion of property of all kinds.
These cats are peeing everywhere and they didn't do that before.
Now, today I went out to get exercise, and i monitored my home with two cameras.
When I got back, the computer was blank.
The recording from 1 camera that is on the wall, didn't record nothing - everything was lost.
The computer cam recorded some but stoppes about 20 seconds after I…

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10th march 2010 Computer Virus

After being on peacepink, after playing with google picassa that lets you make slideshows and films with your own pictures, after playing some games on FaceBook that I play daily .. I needed sleep.

Because my things got destroyed one after the other, I promised myself that I would surveillance myself with the computer every time I am not at home and every time I…

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8 march 2010 - In my own world

I know that I am a little in my own world.
Egocentrical. My view. What I know, what I suffer.
I read about what people say, what they experience, I see myself.
More than one time, i manage to put my own worldview on things.
I guess that I've been pending from one explanation to the other over the last 3 years, since the targeting got evident.

I thought first that everything was a misunderstanding.
Later, I thought that…

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7th march - sabotaged bike and digital camera

I left my bike just outside where I live and the bike was only used once. The air in one wheel (the front) was gone. It was a long time ago I preformed bike-reparations, but it went so and so and hopefully I can use this bike again. Have not tried it yet, but I bought new stuff and now i have air.…


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5th March 2010 Reading my mind

I had an insight this evening. This is not the first time.
I think that mind reading is done easily and a person doesn't know when it is done.
But it is when it is broadcasted or copyed that my head turns into a hardrive - feeling.…

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2 mars 2010

This weekend has been a little bit of hell. My head hurt a lot.
I am still trying to translate a horoscope to put on my page for march and they give me a head ache.
This time they are certain to make sure that specific parts of my brain hurt.

Sometimes i wonder if they really hate my brain or our brains. Maybe they are too stupid and we are too intelligent.
I mean , nobody that is hiding can be smart, but only a criminal with no sense of…

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27 february 2010, Strange MIssed calls and strange TI

I have contacted a woman that writes about gang stalking in a blogg here in spain. She wanted my phone number. I didn't get any calls on my mobil phone. But a few days ago suddenly I had 5 missed calls. The strange thing is, even if I watch my phone now and then, is that, the calls are dated a whole month ago. I don't even know who called, but the only person that has my phone number is this lady, Ayuda en Acccion (i help 4 children in latin america so they wanted my phone numer) and a…

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25 february 2010 More headackes and brain-computer interfaces

I now seem to know when I get an email or if anyone would speak to me, i would get a big head ache. It is very difficult then for me to think. I don't know why they do that. I've been working on my site, and I have been writing an article there about how medical corporation mislead people when they do research. I was thinking about all perp activity, how they scare us and make us feel bad when we hear certain words, like we think that everyone else will know misinformation about us.

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24february 2010 - Torture and Synchronicity

I found a way of surviving. The method is called: Never care what happens because they care crazy. Mock them back as much as you can. Laugh when they start to hurt you. I know that what they do is nonsense because I am innocent and they started to target me when I was as young as 15.

What did they do lately? First.. well. The usual stuff, but one evening what diffrent. The minute I fell asleep they would wake me up. Once I was caughing, like i could not get any air. Some…

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20 february 2010 - Stockholmsprogrammet and Facebook

Today there was a IT meeting I think in London, and even if it is nearby, and had been a good chance for me to meet other IT's, it was difficult for me to make a dicision because first of all, the bank won't give me an working credit card or I would call and they won't send it. Or if I get it in my mailbox, it will stop working as soon as I got the pin code. Maybe a bad excuse, I don't know. Or maybe, I am just not ready.

IN the last couple of days, I have been pretty much…

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19th february 2010, Hit again - tears and guilt

The last week has been a little easier. But ths morning, I went to town to buy cat food and coffee and there it was again: the stalking. People would look at me and wisper and even people driving where either looking or smiling. I started my camera and started to videofilm them and they stopped.
I bought a writer too.…

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