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Temperature Manipulation In Remote Interrogation and Mind Control Torture


Temperature Manipulation In Remote Interrogation and Mind Control                                                          Torture

Pat B.         March, 2018


Most of us know what having a fever feels like. The profuse sweating. The chills. The aches and pains in various

parts of the body caused by the illness causing the fever. The tossing and turning. The extreme discomfort.…


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Edmund Igberaese Is Back...

Hi All:

This morning (12.29.2017) at 0708 Pacific Time, I received a phone call from Edmund Igeberaese, a very good friend and a TI who has been targeted severely since the onset of his abuse. There was no better reason for me for a hopeful 2018, and no better way to end this horrific year. Needless to say, I was overjoyed to hear his voice. Like I wrote in my earlier post about him, he is like a wonderful son to me and his disappearance devastated me.



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Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten. Come back soon.


Edmund Igberaese, you are not forgotten.

-         Pat B.

The events that marked the beginning of 2010 boded ill for many in our community. Edmund Igberaese, a young male of African descent, began his account thus:

“ My story begins in the United States. It is May of 2009 , and I wear a robe befitting a recent high school graduate. I am a 16-year-old boy of African descent so blessed with gifts that I managed to finish high…


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Email encryption

Barbaric and horrific acts of torture that you will soon know about, with abuse levels that indicate a decent amount of desperation on the part of the criminals, have been put in place since my active participation in the "theintercept" ( This website has an international audience, the majority of whom are journalists.  Needless to say, it  also has its fair share of the lowly type that is often used…


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A Cute Vid to Watch...(Relaxation)

I am not endorsing Evian water here ( I don't even drink bottled water), but these cuties are the best! Doctored vid but still the best to me if you want to overlook the technology. I try to live my life and enjoy what I can while I can. So please, enjoy this vid if you love babies, especially ones that dance this cool.

Wish I danced like that when I was a babe myself, many rains ago. Best to you all.…


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Greenwald vs Hayden Munk Debates debate: Continuing dialogue.

This is a continuing dialogue on the Greenwald vs Hayden Munk Debates debate. This comment (modified in one sentence or two) was added on 05.06.2014.


What I wrote was intended, in part, to generate precisely this healthy dialogue. Had I been writing a paper, I would have elaborated much more on the idea…

Although an observation of the political state of affairs of many…


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My Comment to the "Glenn Greenwald Debates Former NSA Director Michael Hayden " debate on 'TI' (theintercept)

Today May 3, 2014, is a day after the much watched video debate at 'Munk Debates' between Greenwald and Ohanian on the 'Con' side, and Hayden and Dershowitz on the 'Pro' side, was held in Canada. The Greenwald team will  "argue against the motion “be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defense of our freedoms.” I watched this debate, took notes, and voted at the end of the debate. The Greenwald team won the debate by a resounding 4 % margin, which is statistically…


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Snowden et al vs. Dershowitz et al Munk Debates on Surveillance

Today, I held my head with my left hand as the extreme pain pounded on. Billions of nanodevices course all over the scalp, digging deep at an area on the frontal portion of the scalp where I woke up in 2010 clean shaven, coating my entire face and saturating the throat. The torture surveillance aircraft never far away from my body, in order to always ensure a steady infliction of the pain. But I had to watch the debate, cast my voice, and watch them lose in a vindication of everything that I…


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Pat Burhan comments on 'Excerpt from The Battle for Justice in Palestine' by Glenn Greenwald

The following is a comment that I made this 04.27.2014 on an article by journalist Glenn Greenwald, titled 'Excerpt from The Battle for Justice in Palestine'. For the record, I have made a decision to copy all my comment posts there, both those that were suppressed by torturers from posting on that website, as well as those that made it through.



Excerpt from The Battle…


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Comment on "" fails to post after several attempts. 04. 15. 2014

The following is a comment that I wrote and tried to post on the "" website, in response to some who fault Greenwald and his team for not dumping all the information at once. To establish a record, I have made a decision to post here in my blog all comments that are blocked by the torturers from posting on that…


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My Comments That The Torturers Have Prevented Me from Posting on ""

I have made a decision to document all comments that the torturers have blocked from appearing on "". The owners of this website have previously posted my comments on the internet whenever they received them, so I know that it is not them blocking the posts. 

The latest Comment that I wrote was in response to the following article by…


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Electronic Torture and Conspiracy Theories (or not? )

In the course of my torture, I have willingly exposed myself to information available on the subject of targeting, remote torture with advanced electromagnetic and scalar weapons systems, and gang stalking. The information consists of input and contributions by fellow remotely tortured, targeted and gang stalked individuals found on this website and other websites addressing the same issues. The information consists of official documents about some of the electromagnetic weapons…


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Nanoparticle Torture on January 24, 2014

The bathtub drainage emits the usual loud, strange, noise as I take a shower. The sound is selective; when other members of the family take a shower, it is never there. It is part of the mind control psyops at harrassment and to intensify menticide efforts. But I am used to it now so that I'm seldom conscious of it at all. I can silence this sound by merely plugging the drainage hole. The derranged torture contractor got so incensed with me doing this one day that he drove a jet of air from…


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Nanoparticle Torture on the night of January 12, 2014.

It is January 12, 2014. The night shift was finally over. After breakfast in bed, I drift into sleep from about 1000 to 1510. The sleep is fitful, and frequently interrupted by a severe cramping of hands as nanomaterials are deposited into the body via this route. The tips of the fingers, apparently from the nailbed or  matrix, no longer drip long, white strands of fibers now as they used to do when the diabolic practice began about a year ago, coating everything that I touched that…


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They Are Killing Me...

The misery they are putting us through seems greatly intensified since 2014, at least in my case. They certainly want me dead. Because I am walking evidence of their abuse. And because Snowden may be having the last laugh on this. An international organization found a ton of frequency emissions from my body, including numerous in the head, neck, near the heart, etc. And the gentleman taking the readings said: " I've never seen…


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December 2013

The torture is barbaric. The planes are hyperactive lately. They have the engines roar in a terroristic fashion when I leave any building (store, library etc). And when I enter any building (same). Or leave one room in my house to go to another. All day, they vibrate the nanodevices with super amplified energy to cause maximum pain. The top of the scalp is covered in bandages. They drive the devices into the ears. Eyes. Nose. Armpits. Anus. Neck. All with  more amplified energy, and…


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Best Wishes to All for 2014

A New Year, 2014, is less than 3 days away. As it comes in, out exits 2013 in the same number of days. I would like to congratulate all of us, myself included, for accomplishing the impossible: surviving hell like no one can ever imagine. And surviving each in his or her own way, yet while we survived together on this website. Offering support to one another. Offering shielding tips. Sharing information. Venting even. What we have proven is that, human will is incapable of being reduced to…


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Search Page Info...

I have a fellow TI with whom I communicate once every week by phone for mutual support. We know that every word is listened to but we cannot allow that to take away the mutual psychological benefit that we derive from sharing our pain, commiserating, sharing ideas on shielding and offering each other research material in the form of books, professional journals etc.

They torture me immensely after each communication, but we have vowed never to stop supporting each other. He…


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Torture is NOT synonymous with POWER

Power that does not derive from the populace but violently imposed upon it instead, has false foundations, and is like a castle built on sand. It cannot, and will not stand. Those that believe that possession of advanced electromagnetic weapons systems, and their ability to abuse, torture, maim and murder hundreds of thousands of innocents with them, equates to power that…


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A Song of Inspiration

With your head held up high, hold your own and stand your ground. We have been violated in a most complete and superlative way and left to wander in the wind with no one out there tasked with protecting our interests, rights and welfare, seemingly having enough guts to stand up for us, and everyone else pretending that we are either crazy or that we do not exist as they choose the easy but cursed path of complicit acquiescence. So let's be proud that we are fighting back even as they do…


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