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A Cute Vid to Watch...(Relaxation)

I am not endorsing Evian water here ( I don't even drink bottled water), but these cuties are the best! Doctored vid but still the best to me if you want to overlook the technology. I try to live my life and enjoy what I can while I can. So please, enjoy this vid if you love babies, especially ones that dance this cool.

Wish I danced like that when I was a babe myself, many rains ago. Best to you all.…


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Greenwald vs Hayden Munk Debates debate: Continuing dialogue.

This is a continuing dialogue on the Greenwald vs Hayden Munk Debates debate. This comment (modified in one sentence or two) was added on 05.06.2014.


What I wrote was intended, in part, to generate precisely this healthy dialogue. Had I been writing a paper, I would have elaborated much more on the idea…

Although an observation of the political state of affairs of many…


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My Comment to the "Glenn Greenwald Debates Former NSA Director Michael Hayden " debate on 'TI' (theintercept)

Today May 3, 2014, is a day after the much watched video debate at 'Munk Debates' between Greenwald and Ohanian on the 'Con' side, and Hayden and Dershowitz on the 'Pro' side, was held in Canada. The Greenwald team will  "argue against the motion “be it resolved state surveillance is a legitimate defense of our freedoms.” I watched this debate, took notes, and voted at the end of the debate. The Greenwald team won the debate by a resounding 4 % margin, which is statistically…


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Snowden et al vs. Dershowitz et al Munk Debates on Surveillance

Today, I held my head with my left hand as the extreme pain pounded on. Billions of nanodevices course all over the scalp, digging deep at an area on the frontal portion of the scalp where I woke up in 2010 clean shaven, coating my entire face and saturating the throat. The torture surveillance aircraft never far away from my body, in order to always ensure a steady infliction of the pain. But I had to watch the debate, cast my voice, and watch them lose in a vindication of everything that I…


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Angeline Klas commented on CLS's status
"How did you stop the Perp from raping your wife. The Dutchs Perps admires your perps for raping your wife."
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Who's got my back!

Hello everybody,Violated I am. When I ask family members  for help, they attack me for things that happend in the past.In the beginning they are normal. They can't keep up the front for long. They are angry because they are guilty of something. They Tried to drag me into something I don't want.I am not to blame for their mistakes.  It''s a secrefice for me. Not for them.They want to shame me on Social Media. You can hear everything they sat to me on the App. While they go on profiling their…See More
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In the  21 century --the world is supposed to be a place where human rights atrocities do not occur. I tragically report that I am the victim of a vile, cruel and evil hate crime-wilding-and retaliation by a powerful secretive group of rogues.  I want to share that I was the victim of such a vile, perverted and malicious crime that I can not describe it with ease.For over a decade I was assaulted with remote super sonic weapons that caused me outrageous pain and other effects in my lower body.…See More
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"closely look at the world population. There are more whites than Indians, Chinese, or other groups. Retards are spreading White replacement."
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"Never ever trust the french. Dont look at russians because God doesnt know why they hell their doing this."
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"Dont fight each other USA. Its the tail that wagged the dog. The tail is French/Russians/Hungarian/Polish/KKK/Nazi brain control. Not China!"
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Justina Heart commented on Mark Dorrington's blog post Today too many psychiatrists are diagnosing a label of conditions on individuals.
"In my comment on August 24, 2020, , I meant to say that some "only a few" police can be corrupt.    I did not mean to imply the majority of the police are corrupt.  I believe most police are just.  It is--as I say on my…"
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"Trump and the white nationalist were whistleblown. Brain control. They are going to blame the Chinese. Just watch."
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