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December 2013

The torture is barbaric. The planes are hyperactive lately. They have the engines roar in a terroristic fashion when I leave any building (store, library etc). And when I enter any building (same). Or leave one room in my house to go to another. All day, they vibrate the nanodevices with super amplified energy to cause maximum pain. The top of the scalp is covered in bandages. They drive the devices into the ears. Eyes. Nose. Armpits. Anus. Neck. All with  more amplified energy, and…


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Best Wishes to All for 2014

A New Year, 2014, is less than 3 days away. As it comes in, out exits 2013 in the same number of days. I would like to congratulate all of us, myself included, for accomplishing the impossible: surviving hell like no one can ever imagine. And surviving each in his or her own way, yet while we survived together on this website. Offering support to one another. Offering shielding tips. Sharing information. Venting even. What we have proven is that, human will is incapable of being reduced to…


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I have a fellow TI with whom I communicate once every week by phone for mutual support. We know that every word is listened to but we cannot allow that to take away the mutual psychological benefit that we derive from sharing our pain, commiserating, sharing ideas on shielding and offering each other research material in the form of books, professional journals etc.

They torture me immensely after each communication, but we have vowed never to stop supporting each other. He…


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Torture is NOT synonymous with POWER

Power that does not derive from the populace but violently imposed upon it instead, has false foundations, and is like a castle built on sand. It cannot, and will not stand. Those that believe that possession of advanced electromagnetic weapons systems, and their ability to abuse, torture, maim and murder hundreds of thousands of innocents with them, equates to power that…


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A Song of Inspiration

With your head held up high, hold your own and stand your ground. We have been violated in a most complete and superlative way and left to wander in the wind with no one out there tasked with protecting our interests, rights and welfare, seemingly having enough guts to stand up for us, and everyone else pretending that we are either crazy or that we do not exist as they choose the easy but cursed path of complicit acquiescence. So let's be proud that we are fighting back even as they do…


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A Tribute to Nelson Mandela

Darkness as bottomless as the black hole, descended upon earth on Thursday December 5, 2013, marking the grand entrance of a vacuum in global moral political leadership with the passing of 95 yr old Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela. Ten thousand years will elapse before another like him walks among us.

By his example of leadership that was rooted in a stubborn conviction in cause; incredible courage;…

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Delgado and Nanoparticle Mind Control Torture

Delgado has been dead for a while now. Delgado is the man who wrote that man has no right to his own brain as it belongs to the state. To prove it, he abused the trust of his patients and instead, administered series of electroshocks to them that were at electric current levels far exceeding the legal limit. The bodies, tied down in straps, writhed violently in convulsions until the brain cells, exhausted and depleted of glucose, could no longer fire. Then, he injected dosages of insulin…


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Mind Control Torture and Wireless Communication Abuses

After I purchased my cell phone, I configured it to meet my needs, something that every cell phone users probably does. Among the settings that I changed, were the settings for incoming and outgoing calls. The phone is a smart phone by Samsung. The default settings for incoming calls had no restrictions. The new settings restricted this to contacts only. The phone worked relatively well for a while, until 10.18.2012 at 5:35pm Pacific Time. On this day, an incoming call that was not…


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