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Basics of radio

|=---------------------=[ The basics of Radio ]=-------------------------=| |=-----------------------------------------------------------------------=| |=------------------=[ shaun2k2 <shaun at rsc dot cx>  ]=----------------=|  0 - Introduction   0.1 - Technical Terms  1 - Radio Basics   1.1 - Radio Waves   1.2 - Carrier   1.3 - (RF) Frequency Bands   1.4 - Wavelength   1.5 - Transmission   1.6 - Receiving  2 - AM Radio   2.1 - What is AM Radio?   2.2 - Modulation   2.3 -…

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Spotlight audio technology combined with visual static broadcast recorded alphabetical tones converted into light in order to trigger the subconcious mind

The prerecorded spotlight audio alpha tone conversions(alphabetical recordings of vowels) distribute through the visual static displayed on the mobile device and simultaiously through the tv.The pre,recorded alpha tones are a result from converting speech from a google app called cb chat which you use on your mobile device,  the visual static converts the sound into light by the emitters (a device used to exude any signal, beacon, light, odor, liquid, fragrance, ionizing particles or any…


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To my perpitrators

Its been nearly eight years since you introduced me to the world of sonar(v2k).You have changed my life,at first for the worst as i didnt know what i was dealing with but through sheer determination i am facinated by the process.I am learning all there is to know about ultrasonics and infrared and cant believe what is possible,i have been given a glimpse of the future a stepping stone to be one step ahead of everybody else including your broadcasts.Knowledge is key as it helps you trigger…


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How it starts and how it ends

Try exsplaining to the lads down the pub on a footy weekend how a remote control works and theyd laugh at me ,i remember when i was just one of the lads going out every oppotunity drinking lots and having fun.I never used to have to think about what i was going to say conversation just flowed.Seven years ago i was unwillingly entangled in the world i now know as v2k(voicetoskull)"welcome to the worlds most evilest radio station"i heard from an unknown source.At the beginning when it first…


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How v2k becomes voice to skull

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio technology,the processor converts audible sound(including speech)into millions of ultratones which reflect back to the origonal source enabling directional sound.They use sonar software by cakewalk to broadcast additional tones by way of vowels recorded and repeated vocaly through the spotlight speaker then additionaly through there broadcast which can be c.b radio or internet radio.The additional tones recieve on all known recievers dispercing  them…


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Help me help you

You all want to know how its possible,some hear voices others hear voices and see things and others are just paronoid to the point of searching for a reason.I know what v2k broadcasters use to do voice to skull,i know what there set ups look like and i do have the right answers,trouble is no one reads these blogs and even if they did you wouldnt understand my exsplanations.sight triggers there sentences ,i have exsplained this before but no one cares,they use spotlight audio technology and…


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To see the extent of there triggering visit

v2k triggersOnce alphabetical ultra tones are converted into a subconcious trigger for BLACK alpha sight spells out what you see at the speed of thought.

ABALAAA 5 recorded mannerisms of AEIOU raising pitch each time

EBELEEE there are 26 points of sight which attract the vowel tone conversions

IBILIII they work the same as your vocal chords by vibrating clashes of pulsars

OBOLOOO creating air…


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There is a v2k victim from america named leslie crawford who has proof from her perpitrators.They have made a mockery of a picture of her face by painting her eyes red and using her mouth as a puppet which speaks the words"we have such sights to show you"which is taken from the film hell raiser,it is the only peace of evidence we have that proves there are people using technology to make people hear and see things.look up leslie crawford on utube and you will come across it.

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Alphabetical ultrasonic tone conversions emitt through all known recievers reaching the victim on a subconcious scale,every subconcious action you use is recieved by way of sight.There alphabetical ultra tone conversions float on the very air we breath,amplifing what you see to the point of a concious thought which is projected to the notion of hearing voices.Speech is a subconcious action that combines with the alphatones which is amplified by your breath aswell as linear…


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The truth!

V2k broadcasters use spotlight audio(holosonics)by way of converting speech within the ultrasonic range amplified by linear sound.The spotlight audio converts audible sound into ultratones which disperse through the airwaves(using cb and other communication methods)picking up on all known recievers(including the fcc rule)dispersing them everywhere within our…


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another blog from a friend

What Is Gangstalking?: A Practical Approach To Understanding Gangstalking

Gangstalking is a…

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A blog from a friend

I hear disembodied voices all the time all around me, that emanate from the inside of my home and car, and from sometimes other places. The voices go directly into my head, and seem to surround me, but I…

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spotlight audio(the only form of technology that is capable)

use spotlight through cb and or terrestrial(tv1)vowels are a letter between breaths so when they are converted into ultratones they pick up on recievers despersing them eveywhere through start to think your hearing therefore becoming paranoid,the vowels you think while searching are combined with the emissions already around you which i exsplained above.This when combined projects your thoughts by having your sights connection to what you see range the distance of there…


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Through process of illimination...


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This is how it sounds!


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subconcious vowel movements

blink/black/ anna text to speech ,aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


broadcast through spotlight c.b radio

alpha tones become ultra coversions which disperse when hitting reciecvers spraying the tones everywhere within the home or surrounding area



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"Thanks cat cat thats very kind of you but dont worry lve seen this side of Deca for years. Thanks citizenfriend....l agree it wld be good if they wld create ways to distinguish the illness from the targeting. "
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"Deca lve asked you 2 times and also in the past to share what you know about getting evidence. You always avoid answering so do you actually have any? If you read my post properly youd notice l was talking about psychiatry and the link had things on…"
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"Deca the link was in reference to psychiatry being a fraud. I wasnt refering to the illuminati part of it.  Ive been on these forums for years. Whats yr point? As Tls l think we all know what disinformation is. You spread it about gangstalking."
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"Yeh l know you were part of ICAACT. How does that help all the Tls who did not get tested by lCAACT. And where has anyone gotten who was tested by ICAACT?"
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What I looked like in San Francisco early 80s (He Hung Du)

"Suave young man! What does it mean "day before the rapture 1981"?"
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"Oh dear...lm so shocked and sorry to hear that Jason. It makes me so sad that Tls are killed and forced to suicide like they dont matter. I hope youre coping. Keep the faith Jase....we'll get there! When youre feeling better if you dont mind…"
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"Maria is dead a fallen sister...Her body was found washed up on the beach in Kilcolgan Galway, Ireland. Maria Hennigar. She was a targeted individual like me, my best friend. Her suicide was induced I have no doubt about that, plenty evidence but I…"
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"welcome to PP  here you can find many TI's that canbe a help to your daily life of gangstalking and daily tortures on PP there is a 24hr a day and night chat there is always thousands on videos to watch, and many different blogs and…"
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