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Info: Is a website site with a lot of credible info:

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Thought mind reading

The technology they are using on us is thought prediction mind reading technology. One suggestion i have is while entering your passwords ,think don't say out loud , yaba daba do, to through them off. Be creative you might come up with something better than yaba daba do...

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Try to link this stuff to when things go

Try to make a link on a local level that when something goes wrong in the paper the person involved might have been illegally targeted with technologies that the public is not yet aware of. Its actually starting to become a lot easier to make the link these days. The real question is. Was the person being assaulted, tortured, and tormented by experiential devices. And was that what made him act out in a negative way.

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Hand held rf and microwave scanners

I recently found out a basic analog am fm radio can be used to scan for microwave frequencies.

I did a basic test at home with good results. I turned on radio to am with no signal static.

What your listening for is a change in noise. First, i held it to the cell phone and could hear a change.

Second, i tried it with the TV remote control and herd a different noise. I even put the radio in a metal box and was surprised to still hear the difference when tested.

Third, This… Continue

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Electronic torture and harassment

I recommend if your feeling stinging or other discomfort on your body make sure to keep track of date, time, and location of city. Also make a note of something unusual, like helicopter, airplane, or van that might be the source. Worst case is its coming from a neighboring building or house. Receipts make a good thing to write on to help verify date and then copy stuff on to a note book or other source. Even better if you can compare notes with someone in the same city. For example, Yesterday… Continue

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"Voter Fraud!!! . Point and Shoot with DEWs. Can change opionion feelings emotions. To read your thoughts do require implants."



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