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Any T.I. meetings in kent, london or westmidlands?

I'm trying to find T.I meetings/meetup that are held in london, west midlands  or kent.  I would like to attend does anyone know if any meetings will be taking place soon?

Most meetups seems to be happening mostly in the usa.  In the uk it's kinda dead.

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For the people that are being attacked with weapons of any kind

For the people that are being attacked with weapons of any kind white noise or dew.  Invite a family member or friend or maybe if you've got children that are old enough, they will be able to assist with this.  Stand by your front door entrance and tell the person inside to switch off the main electricity switch.  

As soon as it's done bolt outside on your road and listen for any vehicle going off making lots of noise immediately as your main switches are down.  Carry a pen or…


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Perp using my emails

Does anyone else has this problem where perps use your emails to create accounts all over the internet?  A few months ago they use my professional email to join whatsapp I found out yesterday that whatsapp is an app that yoou have to download on a smart phone.  All this time I thought that whats app was a social network similar to facebook.  That is how uninterested I am in whats app but it appears that someone has joined it and pretending to be me on whatsapp.  I've recieved letters in my…


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Military T.I's

This job is for the targets with military background in the usa and uk.  You need to focus on one perp, perhaps one that you've seen following you once too often.  Or even the one you deem as threatening.  Take a day off and go out for a casual drive.  They will start to swarm and circle you.  Look out for the familiar faces pick one and focus.  He she is now your target.  Follow her/him and try to find out where they live.  Try to find out where he she works, maybe they are a stay at home…


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People that are targets from childhood are they criminals that are punished for their pass also?

There is no such thing as people punish for pass behaviour.  Criminals, mobs, mafias, police state, gangs and government has come up with a tricky explanation to commit murder.  That's as simple as it gets.  Not all t.i are government targets.  Everybody is doing their own thing and jumping on the government bandwagon.

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T.I punish for pass behaviour? utter nonsense

I keep reading that T.I are punished for pass or wrong they did years ago? what utter RUBBISH!!  What bad thing can a single person have done t warrant years of abuse?  Murder, rape, peadophilia and so on but the people they pick on are law abiding citizens that do not commit those crimes, hence the reason they hire perps round the clock to try and set them up

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I don't think anybody needs to watch anymore videos after seeing this one because this is from the horses mouth itself. This video right here sums up everything pretty well.  

Gangstalkers are indeed working for the illuminati.  Regardless of what religion or culture they're from they are all managed and paid for by the illumicorp.   I think the illuminati are the eary birds in this fight.  It's impossible to even make any attempt to change things, because they have the whole body…


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Half Asleep Half Awake State

At the age of sixteen plus, I had the most peculiar experience while I was in a dream state.  I was half awake and half asleep; I could hear what my family were saying even though I was dreaming and appeared to be in another domain.  I was trodding through a deserted land and it was very wind.   The sand was blowing at me so powerful was the wind I could hardly move forward.  It was late and almost dark in the dream.   It was in Egypt because I was surrounded by egyptian famous tombs and saw…


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Hacker from the uk taking over my peacepink profile

I've tried to log out and even though I've logged out from my computer it is showing the green button underneath my profile that I'm still logged in.  This has been happening from the day before yesterday.  It appear that someone else from the uk who has ties to the daily mail is using my account, because everything I write on here they would start a topic in the daily mail using some of the same words.  They also keep editing my profile.  Everytime I remove the location on my profile, only…


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Five Eyes Alliance

For months the number five has been spinning through my mind, then I had this weird feeling that maybe five countries joined forces and was up to something.

 I have been racking my brains since trying to come  up with the answer of which are the countries that made up this mysterious five and for what reason?  Then I started thinking that of course the uk and usa is part of this.  I had my suspicions about australia as lots of uk prisoners were sent there as punishment centuries ago.…


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Is this for real?

U.S. and foreign intelligence agencies are taking this technology one giant step further. They fully intend to use implantable biochips to turn every man, woman, and child into a controlled slave. Through cybernetic, biochip brain implants, people will think and act exactly as pre-programmed. What a tremendous bonanza for the coming Antichrist! Inject the chip into a man or woman's brain and he or she instantly becomes a living vegetable and a subservient, New World Order…


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"I never thought of it like that...its a belivable theory. I always got the feeling that my targeting is coming straight from the elite and shadow gov so there would be nobody above them to pay them. Im prob wrong but I think they do it for the love…"
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