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EASY PeacePink hack!

     We all know about https, right?  Well, make sure you check your address every time you sign into PP.  If the addy is not preceded by https, then your PP account and you are at risk.  It takes only a moment to add the https to your PP address

     Change your password as a routine security measure, EVEN if you believe "they" can read your mind.  There's no sense in helping them by being sloppy.

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Outsmarting ourselves w/disinformation

This will sound like heresy, but please consider anyway.

There is much disinformation everywhere as we all know.  Some of this disinformation is unknowingly perpetuated by us upon other TIs.  This is the most dangerous source of disinformation.  Who else are we more likely to believe, than another TI.

Use your experiences, personal observations and experiments to produce empirical knowledge you can believe…


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ODD Countermeasure that works!

     I decided to do a new blog entry instead of adding to the one here:

     In that blog I spoke of using an electric toothbrush to stop vibrations I’d been experiencing for a couple of years. These vibs were beginning to cause some issues w/hip and knee joints for which I’d sought physical therapy.

     I noticed some relief each time I would take hold of…


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Don’t Just Sit There!

     In the 12+ years I’ve been a TI, I’ve experienced an occasional success in throwing a monkey wrench into the smooth workings of the perp machine. I’ve done this by keeping my mouth shut, and paying attention.

     In order to conduct the monotonous and repetitive tasks of being a perp, perps are somewhat brain dead when it comes to initiative and imagination. They remind me of arduino robots that are programmed by their handlers, and never deviate in carrying out their assigned…


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Wrong pathway, proceed with caution...

It is a great temptation to read what a "source" says, and begin to believe it bcz it seems like it fits with what we are experiencing.  It doesn't seem to matter that what is being touted might be stretching the bounds of feasibility.  For a TI living in an information vacuum, it can quickly become a reality.

Our minds stretch to understand and explain the unknown.  Before becoming a victim of Organized Stalking, that was the basis of my scientific education, career, and how…


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capturing neural brain signature

     I’ve seen posts from TIs who use the radio as a means of transmitting disruptive signals in an attempt to protect themselves from having their neural signature captured.

     Aside from the issues of the methods of how a TI’s neural signature is/isn’t captured to be used against them... using a radio to cause interference will not work.  A radio is not a transmitter - it is a receiver.   transmitter is the radio station, or a ham radio, or a walkie-talkie.

     If you want…


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A member at last!

Question:  has anyone reading this blog experienced vibrations in their legs and feet? 

I know compared to most of the torture and torment TIs go through this seems like a trivial question, but we all come into this nightmare at different speeds.  This vibration began around the same time the mobbing at work and phone problems started, and was sort of low key.  It was mostly annoying, but it has continued non-stop over the past year and now it's…


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