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Attack via unwitting people; After all these years I lost a big battle

       First of all I am sorry that I did not answer emails nor posted here for awhile

As I stated, I am a TI whose been using my advanced knowledge (gained by many years of experience) of almost all of the perps tricks to out fox the perps and lead a pretty good life. As a TI, I joined the military, got married while in the military, had three lovely daughters, and even retired from the military with a decent amount of life time pension. After I retired, I got a job as a contractor…


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Biggest psychological condition of TIs

The biggest psychological condition we TIs are most likely to suffer is delusions. Just because it is a fact that all of us are aware that we are attacked by the perps via Electromagnetic Mind Control/Harassment Machine (EMCHM); and we know this for a fact does not preclude all TIs including myself from being deceived into believing something that is not true. I suggest that we try our best not to believe in anything except about the fact the EMCHM is being…


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We should understand the administrator of this site and stick it out

I don't know if its just me but this website seems to have a large amount of ads and pop ups that navigate you to some products sites too frequently but I understand that this sites creator and administrator is also a TI who had quite a hard experience. That's why even if it is bothersome and irritating; I decided to stick with frequenting this site because I understand the administrator has to have a source of income to make ends meet.  But with the recent message from Ms. Mary Ager; I am…


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Who is Ms. Mary Ager????? looks like she sent a same message to all of us....weird.....

Who is this person? anybody tried to contact the email she left? I noticed she mass mailed the same message to most of us. What kind of a gimmick is this.....???

"Hello,Am Ms Mary Ager by Name I like your profile in Can we get in contact to know each other? I'm sorry c…


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Help! Need answers to questions about your experience when first hearing the voices

I am trying to see if I can identify a certain pattern in how the perps operate when using a Voice to Skull. I would appreciate it if you can answer the following questions as best as you can

  1. Are you a male or a female:
  2. How old were you when you first heard the voice(s) talking to you?
  3. What was the voice(s) saying to you when it talked to you for the first time?
  4. Was the voice you heard seemed like; a female or a male?
  5. What was your reaction…

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real articulate description of Gang Stalking

I do not agree with about fifty percent of the content at the below sight but I think it is a very articulately written article that talks about GS and a little about TIs......if only everybody knew that the perps are real.....

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10 warning signs of defeat

Most of the indications below can be reversed once you realize that you don't want to be defeated except for the last one for obvious reasons.  

1. When you walk around the street homeless shouting and talking aloud with voices

2. When you suspect any and everybody to be stalking you

3. When you come to have blind faith in whatever religion it is that you worship without reason

4. When you find yourself to be a cult leader of a new…


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Gang Stalking: to all victims pt 2 and the goal of the real perps.

Gang Stalking: to all victims pt 2 and the goal of the real perps.

In light of many comments; I realize that some clarification and re-phrasing of my earlier post is warranted to clear up some of what I said. Instead of stating that Gang Stalking do not exist; I will say that it did exist in the past and does still exist in some form or other to this very day.  Also, although I stand firm in my view that the majority of the TIs that exist all over the world are not being…


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To all TIs who are suffering from Gang Stalking: please copy and post every where

Gang Stalking: To all Electromagnetic Mind Control/Harassment Machine (EMCHM) victims

I already mentioned in my other posts that I have been a target of EMCHM for 25 years. Despite my views disclosed in my other posts; I am receiving requests from people to sign a petition to our government(s) to investigate and stop Gang Stalking (GS). If I was asked to sign such petitions during my first 3-4 years of being targeted; I would have signed such petitions without a second thought…


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Oh death where art thou sting? just maybe we are all already in Heavenly paradise

Just sometimes, I wonder if I am actually in heaven because it feels like I am having the best science fiction adventure there could be. The things I know and the mission I have in this life makes me feel like a main character of the best possible science fiction novel. I actually feel sorry for all the so-called normal people of the world because their reality seems so mundane. Us TIs reality seems much more fun doesn’t it. It’s even more fun when you believe what I believe…if you don’t…


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13000 years old satellite! could it belong to the perps? TIs that overcome the lie will be the saviors of humanity

Check out the below sites or just google: black knight mystery satellite

I believe this is another supporting information that support my theory that the perps has been influencing humanity for thousands of years to cause us to destroy ourselves via their mind control technology. They used their superior tech to pose as gods to our ancestors and enticed them into killing each other. That is why our world is a graveyard of collapsed…


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answers to comments on my earlier post about the perps true identity and additional must read

I really appreciate the comments and logical questions being asked by all of you. Please keep asking and commenting. As for the involvement of our own governments; I agree that there are some people who are being used as targets by the governments of the known world. But I think that the whole humanity and those of us who have been targeted by the perps in a more blatant manner as to have enabled us to become aware of the harassment and hence made most of the TIs become aware of the remote…


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The absolutely Fantastic and Strange but true identity of the perps for those who have ears to hear and eyes to see

I totally agree with Sue's blog post titled "how i believe gangstalking is carried out" its about what  the stalking as well as the possibility that the perps are not any known human government or organizations.'  What I am about to tell you now is a culmination of almost 25 years of research. I believe that anybody with a reasonable amount of intelligence will come to the same conclusion if they examine all the things and consider all the information I have. I can't possibly present all the…


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