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Recent telepathic and PSI activity from Kilic - proof Kilic is still active - PSI diary

I became aware of the following PSI-content: (most recent first...) and I am just citing this PSI-content.

-Wednesday 08/07/2020 Kemal Kilic still present, loud shouting "Kemal Kilic" reappeared, also direct comments from Kemal Kilic, who speaks/can speak very clean and very fluent german language: "Mach's Dir selbst" was such a personal telepathic comment directly from Kemal Kilic.…


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Turkish PSI-Terror by Kilic Heidelberg: Psychophysical symptoms specifically from PSI and the question of cancer

Turkish PSI-Terror by Kilic Heidelberg: Psychophysical symptoms specifically from PSI and the question of cancer

A difficult topic. Many very advanced concept necessary to motivate the required conjunctions within the complex psychophysical system. Damaging effects from PSI could be, if so, a side-effect or a direct consequence. Naming the central element is a first goal, a sensitive complex of organs, a most complex organ, there are at least some possibilities.

On the…


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List of my own communication, reports and individual complaints in context of PSI-Terror over the years

A short overview:

1999 - verbally reported


2005 - reported via phone to parapsychological institute


2015 - reported observation to .....

2016 - reported to ........

2017 - reported to .......

2018 - reported again to parapsychological institute

2019 - reported to OCHR, questionnaire

2020 - report and complaint OCHR to the attention of Nils Melzer

2020 - 03/11/…


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Strongest correlation of Amok and mindcontrol-supported crimes with PSI-Terror by an experimenting PSI-Group from Heidelberg

I have studied many or all publicly known cases of Amok or mindcontrol-supported crimes and I must say, I could tell something about it........

It took some days until I figured out that the word self-loathing meant in reality extreme hatred and infinite rage, spontaneously percepted, probably without the knowledge from where and by what.

What became known as self-loathing appears to be one of many common elements in many cases from past years.

In my valuable…


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Turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg: Is the Rule of Law guaranteed or merely not before this background, some analytical thoughts and comments about this

The german law/authorities versus PSI-Terror from Kilic's PSI-Group

Some observations and an analysis

Up side down. Or "Up-side-down" is a telepathic phrase from the time after 1990, the first years in Kilic's new homeland, in Germany. A female turks was and is known for this. It is probably taken from somewhere. But what does such a phrase really mean if it was…


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Turkish PSI-Terror from Kilic Heidelberg and 911: Asbestos in the towers as a chemical hazard, yearslong urging PSI-Terror against services and known PSI-activity from the pre-911 time

Some observations and analytical thoughts:

-both twin tower were finished around 1970/1973 and contained asbestos for over 25years! 400+ tons of asbestos.

-existing GLADIO(since 50's) and Remote-Viewing-Program(since 1978) from past years, GLADIO is proven state-sponsored terrorism, Remote-Viewing allegedly wasn't…


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My own experiences with phytomedicine like Gelomyrthol forte or generica - phytomedicine against corona

The manufacturer of Gelomyrthol states, that it is effective against corona-viruses and rhino-viruses. Using the maximum dosage of 3 times a capsule should be effective against corona-viruses.

I am of the opinion that people all over the world should have been told more precise that this phytomedicine is actually effective against corona-viruses. Maybe, many casualties could have been prevented.

I have already ordered my little reserve of two boxes(200pcs.) Gelomyrthol…


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Political dimension of PSI-Terror by an experimenting turkish PSI-Group in Heidelberg

Memet Kilic(Die Grünen), born Ali Güldane in 1967, is closely tied to this PSI-Terror and was a visitor to this turkish PSI-Group and was seen several times visiting the house where I was a neighbor (Humboldstrasse 24, 69120 Heidelberg-Neuenheim).

We have profound reasons to assume that there is a danger to the public. This turkish PSI-group has shown and proven more than once their homicidal nature. But is it sufficient to say they are simply psychopaths, sadists, sex-lunatics,…


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Some comments about arbitrarily fraudulent psychiatric diagnostics in context of PSI-Terror in Heidelberg

Just one sentence about this: It already was a detailed content of Kilics PSI-Terror and of his telepathy to terrorize, manipulate, urge and deceive people that much, playing fate with them, that their life or course of events actually lead them to mental institutions.

This turkish PSI-group is fully aware that their behavior is illegal and against the law, is fully aware of the fraudulent consequences they cause. It is their full intend. 

Since PSI-Terror started and…


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Turkish PSI-attacks and assaults: child, the childhood and infantility

When I lived in Heidelberg and learned more and more about the PSI-Terror and specifically came to know that Kilic is the real cause behind it another odd thing started to become recognizable.

First it appeared to me that Kilic was only interested that much in my childhood because he felt or gained the impression in any way that my childhood was so much perfect, was too much perfect, and how handsome I was. For many years I believed this to be the true cause for his special jealously…


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Urgent need to name the actual mindcontrol manipulators for legal action

I am a first-hand-witness from Heidelberg, Germany. In the past I lived as a close neighbor in the floor above a certain turkish family who became known as "the actors" of mass-mindcontrol, experimental telepathy and sexually oriented psychokinesis in Heidelberg. I was physically attacked and telepathically terrorized and assaulted sexually by members of this turkish group. My first psychokinetic experience happened in Heidelberg and goes back to 2002, was perpetrated through means of…


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Turkish PSI-Terror: a description of the different physical persons involved - the perpetrators

Since the first appearance of manmade PSI-Terror and since it is assured that Kilic is behind this, many details of the actual perpetrators could be recognized and revealed. During many PSI-assaults and PSI-attacks several features of these turks were observed. There are enough features of these turks from these attacks to be convinced about their own physical appearance. They even liberated that some of them are wearing glasses. They also repeatedly showed themselves closing and locking the…


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What permanent PSI-Terror by an experimenting PSI-Group from Heidelberg means to each of us.....

It means a lot of problems. I am currently unemployed and had my last serious job interview in 2018. Although well educated with a science background and best or second best grades, it became over the years more and more clear, that the credibility can be that much damaged, or can look as if damaged, that effectively no one will instate you. In my opinion the reason is clearly a mindcontrol influence with the result of discrediting individual candidates to render them not…


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