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God is allowing this Genocide... But please don't go along with these satanic operations, we are in the last days

70% of targeted individuals are female

As of 2020 70% of the prison population in the UK are male

Still convinced targeting has anything to do with crime prevention. How is electronic rape anything but horrific sadistic torture. 

"Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not…


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Wake up!

 Are we looking for pity absolutely not. I'm looking for someone to have the balls to take a stand, speak out. Ground level gangstalkers ye are doing the work of intell agencies, those who poison communities with drugs, who traffic humans and run elite paedophile rings, corporations who could care less about ye and use terrorist networks, corrupt police, the criminal fraternity for whatever they want, plus using neighbourhood watch groups and the like to attack targets. If all us…


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Deeper insights on how to create a total mk ultra mincontrol slave(Trigger warning)

This is a book from the 90s I've been programmed since I was a child, with all the new technology what chance does a child have to break free in today's society

( TRIGGER WARNING)  please do not read unless fully under the blood of the lamb! Look up mk ultra symbolism too  < DO NOT READ PROGRAMMERS WORDS TARGETS JUST SKIP OVER THEM

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Interviews on Targeting and neurotech etc

Jeff Godwin Jeff Godwin Christian and film maker interview Dr Robert Duncan interview Dr Eric Kalstrom interview... speaks on…


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Repent now! All you who search for truth read!

Call On our Lord God Jesus now. Cry out for the author of salvation is coming.

He is a shield in times of trouble. Salvation is of the Lord freely given for by his stripes we are saved. By Grace through faith we are saved. Cry out now children fear not! For the Lord is with you. Put on the whole Armour of God brethren for victory is in Christ. Fear not the present calamities, pray pray, pray!

Tribulations have come the adversary has but a little time, for…


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Neuro scientist speaking at Westpoint.

won't let upload link anyway there ye have it folks straight from Westpoint

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Irish Targets

Ok guys, I'm sick to death of this crap, our brain has been fried for too many years. I'm not prepared to completely lose myself to these attacks or to quietly go along with this slow kill system without taking a stand.

I'm prepared for the heavier targeting that will no doubt come with this decision. If any of you Irish targets are still using this site and want to organise and see if we can raise awareness let me know. I've had enough of being passive! Nows the…


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