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I have been targeted by these people for the past five years and these are some of the symptoms I have felt.

These people that mind control me have falsely accused me of molesting my ex-boyfriend Charles nephew named Jacob M. These people know that me and my teenage kids used to babsit Jacob the nephew of Charles along time ago when he was little because my ex-boyfriend Charles told them this. Not only have they accused me of that while mind controlling me but they have falsely accused me abusing my own children. Not only that a lady named Michal that used to live…


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The black market sells these microchips for cheap on the internet.

Look they even sell these microchips outside the United States on the black market for cheap that how easy it is for these people to buy these microchips and implant them in me and others without our permission when they drugged us and put us out. Then they got the doctors,ex-ray and mri depts covering up these microchips in people bodys so that no one ever knows that the person got microchipped.…


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This is how easy it is for people to buy these microchips amazon sells them for $9.98 then all the person has to do is register it and say they have a dog or cat that they want to microchip at home.. Then they can drug as many people as they want and implant these microchips in their bodys without their permission. I know because one or more microchips got implanted in my body without my permission five years ago when I lived with my ex-boyfriend in Sparks,Nv and I have evidence of it.…


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I will not be silenced


My mom was visiting my apt this morning at 1504 Steelwood Ln Apt 1 Reno,NV when she told me that my son told her that someone held a handgun to his head and threatened his life yesterday on Patton Street here in Reno,Nv. My mom then tells me that my son told her that he won't call the police or give out the mans…

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What I have been through.

The hardest thing In life that I have been put through is not having my freedom and being treated like a slave every since my ex-boyfriend Chuck drugged me in 2009 and implanted the gps microchip in my body when I was passed out wether ther...…

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My petition on care2 for stop electronic weapons and microchips

Hi I have been a victim of electronic harrassment every since I lived with my ex-boyfriend Charles in 2009 when he had drugged me and put me and  implanted the microchip in the leftside of my brain without my consent and when  I woke up I felt alot of pain on the leftside of my head so asked him if I should go to the hospital then he said no you probably just bumped your head you will probably be ok. I also have a copy of my 2012 mri of the brain that shows the microchip in the left side of…


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I am being targeted through a microchip in my body and electronic weapons made up of guns ETC.

My nextstore neighbors downstairs have been using cybernetics on me to cause me health problems through a microchip in my brain. I also believe they use sonic ear on me because I have had popping in my ears on and off and it sounds like rice krispys popping, my ears are also very sensitive to sound also I feel pressure in my ears. They have also used electronic weapons on me made up of guns ETC. I know this because I bought a gps tracking device and caught signals coming into my apartment…


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I'm feeling tired like I have no energy

I have been wearing a radiofrequency hat trying to block out the Rf wave signal they send to the microchip in me. But that hasn't really helped much because they use guns made up of microwave ovens or some other electronic weapons that they have made into guns. And I feel a lot of electricity going through every part of my body, even my heart and it has caused my heart rate to go up over 100 beats per minute and has caused my blood pressure to be high in the past. I have seen a heart doctor…


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What I felt today

These people who mind control me caused me to have orgasms through this microchip in my body from their computer or cell phone. They also caused me to have real bad pain in my left ovarie after they caused my body to have orgasms. My heart rate has  went up and I feel electricity hitting my heart. I have  had these symptoms within the past 5 years every since the microchip got implanted in me by my ex-boyfriend Charles who drugged me I believe by making my drinks for me when I used to live…


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I think that the people who are targeting

I think the people who are targeting me and many others are going on this site and pretending to be a victim when they are not one.

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Why did a microchip get approved that causes cancers in the body of a living being wether animal or human?

Why did President Obama approve a the microchip that has already been used in animals and has caused cancers in the animals bodys. Do you think it will be used for the next form of identification card for people and if so don't you think that it would kill us all off. What happens to all life forms on earth after that?

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I think my offenders blame me the victim while they possibly use my identity and my family members identitys along with other peoples identitys just to keep from being caught while they murder me. They mind control me and many others through the internet on their computors with a typed in microchip code. My internet has been hacked in the past 2 years they managed to get my password for my netgear wireless router by reading my thoughts through a microchip in my…


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Targeted individuals

To all those that believe that they have been implanted with a microchip buy a gps tracking device it picks up the signals that they send to the microchip in the body. Its good to have around to collect more evidence against these people who target us.

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Last night I could hardly breath at all this has happened to me more then once over the past 2 years.  I have had my breathing checked by a doctor and the doctor said it was not bad just mild sleep apnea. I know that would not cause me these kinds of breathing problems at night. I think my breathing is being cut through this microchip inside of me and that these people who use electronic weapons on me are the ones doing this to me.

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I'm tired

A girl on twitter calls me a liar and says that no one could have drugged me and put that microchip in my brain. The Mri photo of 2012 proves it and my sons wife a certified mri tech proves that the microchip is in my brain because she even told me it looked like a foreign object in my brain.

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Brain implant on the News Good morning America

Now they are talking about implanting a microchip in the brain of a scizophrenic person to help their scizophrenic attacks. I do not agree with this at all microchips cause cancer what do they want to do kill us all even those without mental problems. This stuff needs to be stopped who's next all of the people all over this planet earth!

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Veterens Day

Happy veterens day to everyone!

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