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Health Standards for Novichok in uk


The following observations are intended to guide Emergency Departments by

updating them on a number of issues that have become apparent through the

experience of receiving, assessing and managing cases of Novichok nerve agent

poisoning in the Salisbury area recently.

Important contact number

Assistance on managing such incidents should be obtained quickly through the national

ECOSA (Emergency Coordinated Scientific Advice System) and the clinical…


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How Cure the World's Ills Novichok and Corona Virus Exclusive

I've sent an email like this.

Barbara Rogers <>

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If you remember I told you that Wikipedia have told on their own when it comes to defining torture methods.  The wikipedia reference I shall include in this blog - I have heard from my perps who have confessed to torture here in Fleet yet the various professional bodies that usually get involved in gang stalking still continue - when this goes to a court of law - they will have to go in for life. They admitted torture several times and also it has been referred to and they do not seem to…


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Imdb - Comments awaiting verification on Hot Fuzz - See if you agree

I believe that this film is one of the best films on Gangstalking ever known. Check out the Mkultra hoods at the stone table. Don't forget names of the murderers and the professions all link to the various illuminati organisations i.e. Porter - hoteliers like Trump and Guinness Porter associated with Aga Khan. It’s funny because it shows you what they'd do without DEWs and telecommunications for cyber torture and they use the weapon to end it all - walkie talkies - see peacepink for my…


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My Perps and the authorities, over the surveillance equipment, have asked me to get rid of a £1 book mentioning Novichok, and because I contacted OPCW to let them know our British Government knew about Novichok - they are not happy if I am in possession of a book mentioning Novichok.  The books were published in 90's and 00's  before the Salisbury Scandal!

I have been sprayed like Sergei Skirpal in Fleet and we've had chemtrails sprayed here.  So that's our latest from Fleet…


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Barbara Rogers - Personal Story - See Barbara Rogers Thus & Friday - SEE MORE

Dear Sir Or Madam

I have been gang stalked covert for many years and overt for approximately 4-5 years now.  I wish to complaint about the various aspects of gangstalking I have received. 

I have been raped by V2k equipment  and sexually assaulted and abused and have received sexual harassment through a number of agencies.  The Police Service, one of whom(called Charles stationed at Fleet and Aldershot Police Station) is a relative of a Perp (Maria Capp and her husband John…


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YOU WONT HAVE AGENCY OVER YOUR OWN ACTIONS WHEN YOU ARE CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET OF BODIES.The Internet of Bodies is a system which is endorsed and backed by the World Economic Forum where your brain and central nervous system will become wirelessly connected from internal implants to a supercomputer and a network of computers by a bi-directional stream of low frequency electromagnetic energy. Data will then be stolen from your brain and body and sent to a central location where a large number…See More
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"I know everything. Brain control is 1 aspect. They have what you call alien tech. Walk into your home and rape you unconsciencely. Nazi KKK."
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"Its bad when part of the church has become rotten in connection with white supremacy. NOT Pope Francis. Brutal Nazi KKK rotten to the core!!"
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