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'Shadow Stabbing' and Those of You They Accuse of Being Schizophrenic

For many years I did something called, "Shadow Stabbing." I would blame certain parties for the disturbances I endured, mostly sexual, being stalked and yelled at, along with a breakdown of my language abilities and emotions. Anyway, many people place blame on what they know, a known enemy, like a Turk, like a Jew, raw fear, and the perps enjoy this and find humor in it. Guess again.  Oh, we're so stupid and paranoid.  I wonder why.  We're helpless and these people are…


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The Future of the Grid: Schizophrenia

Now I'm a polite schizophrenic. Don't immediately discredit me because they will hurt the deviants, of course. I had the disease before they messed with me, but since I'm useless, I get picked on like they have something to prove.  They did change my backthoughts and tried to reprogram me, which resulted in me splitting everywhere and going nutty.  I kind of had a 4D reality there for a while.  Reality can only be so many ways, and we react in patterns that are predictable and hard to change…


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I'm a Body Snatcher

Hi, my name is Kaela.  I'm not sure if it's a name I should keep.  They have harassed me several times, and my brain has suffered, been burned in the head.  Strange feeling..  People who knew me before say I'm completely different, like another person.  Several of my memories are missing, and people will try to fill me in.  

All and all, this is a very sensitive topic and needs to be vetted by professionals, not artists who bite the hook for fame.  It is incredibly personal…


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Reprogramming a Population

So, I've had a hard time with intelligence agencies messing with me along with a few snobby rich people.  They've tried to get me to commit suicide, fail at life and physically hurt me with mysterious "ailments."

I know I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed, but I see something wrong with this picture.  See, lately, they've been reprogramming me.  They feed my backthoughts when I sleep and change the way I perceive the world.  I can barely fight back.  Heaven forbid they the…


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For Your Entertainment

It's no secret.  The government has trolled many establishments over the ages.  They've embraced eugenics.  They have mind control and other annoying programs, like cointelpro.

So far, they've gotten to many of the typical hits: welfare recipients, disabled, mentally ill people and the poor in general.  One might ask oneself what these people do in society.  I know the middle class likes to be brats and shove the poor into Hell (I did it to until I understood better), but what about…


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They Got What They Wanted

They've left me alone for the most part here recently.  I am destroyed. haha  The last time we spoke was over the Shakira thing.  They were bullying Shakira and had me paint such a lovely picture of her being old and a gold-digger.  And then I see the video, and I'm like, "How rude." Their technology has advanced in these past few years because they're slipping thoughts into my head, and I am not getting a headache nor feel detached from these new commands.   Prior, I was in an odd position…


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A Suggestion For the FBI

It could do a mini-investigation into our cases and decide if we're targets of the mafia or something or delusional.  It could then put us on a list so that our families and bosses know that we aren't crazy.  A program like this would save resources and lives because we'd be able to fight back, pay taxes and lead productive lives instead of being labeled crazy, though some of us might have a combo going on, which would be more difficult to sort out but not impossible.

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All This Stuff Happened Before I Committed Treason

I don't remember committing treason anymore, but I know the song was written before that because I committed treason in 2009.  I was in "I Want to Believe" before that and that's what made me so paranoid because they were after me.  I think I wanted them to get it over with.  I went to the hospital, and they didn't believe that I was in the movie because they live in bubbles.


They have kooky issues, and they are terrible leaders. 

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Marilyn Manson is Mine It's Kaela at 2:01, and I'm going to end him.  This was all setup.

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My Brain is So Blank

Tell us the rules so that we can follow.  I want to kill myself like this.  I'd gladly get on the floor and worship as opposed to this.  IF that's what they want...  It's hard to think straight.  I can't remember things.  I simply react to stimulus.  I have no idea how to form an opinion or do anything.  I can't keep an opinion, I guess. I have no morals.  I can't reason. Here…


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Now They Know It's Real

I've been targeted.  I attracted all sorts of gangsters in addition to my regular attackers.

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Would You Let Them Enhance You?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately given my current and desperate situation.  I would let them enhance me if I thought they could. 


Would you let them?

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The Threat is Real--Only From Them

So, if you're in the US, you know that the FBI frames a good deal of people.  It's comical.  It's almost as funny as their new technology that disrupts normal brain function.  What they're using on me now seems to be temporary because it'll shut off when I do other activities.


They're trying to train me to not write.  It isn't going to work.  I flip them off and do it anyway.  While my sentence structure becomes corrupted at times, or I use the wrong word, sitting down to…


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I Hate Obama as a Leader

He is so crappy.

We need to put a few things into place if he's going to do "this," his master, kooky plan.


I challenge Putin a lot, mostly out of misled desperation, but at least he thought of what was going to happen to certain groups of people and created some safety nets.  Putin's like, "I'll just say the truth!  Beat that! and here's a…


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I Wrote a Couple of Books About My Encounters and the World They Want to Set up...

They're free.

If you want to check them out, here they are:

In "Such Things Happen, But You Don't Care," I tell about my struggles with both schizophrenia and being a TI.

In "Dawn of the Hives," I put all their arguments together, the peoples' who were stalking me.  I created "their" world.  Oh, and I named myself 53, which is one of their numbers, and I made…


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Why Are They So Kooky?

I understand the need to watch us.  I really get it, but I don't understand why they feel the need to transform us into paranoid schizophrenics.  I don't understand why there is no place for us to go to report this technology, and I do not understand why it is not publically discussed in a more reaching fashion.  Yes, you have people who will say that the government is controlling their thoughts or their actions when they aren't, but there has to be a process to sort them out.  If we have…


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I Would Like To Explain Some of My Problems to Relate and Try to Solve

A lot of times, people rush into my life and try to change its course.  I realize they think they know what they're doing, but it ends up taking me in some horrible directions. 

The psychotronic people try to program "family" among other things.  Rose died.  I don't want to.  While I'm eternally trying to screw the man over, I'm also deeply ashamed of my defects as a human being and don't want to bring another person into this world to suffer as I have as fair as that was.  I…


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Good Cop, Bad Cop

So I did not know that. 


Since they messed me up, I can't bond like a normal person, so I didn't care as much.


They've made me into a criminal.  Here me ROAR! The worst thing they can do to me for my crime is prison and even that's a stretch, but they've made everything ambiguous and really tried to force me to talk to people "outside of the US" so that they could really get me.


You know, I wondered why I kept ending up in so many high profile…


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RE: Understanding Psychotic Experiences

One of the problems I've had, and I don't know if anyone else has had problems like this, is that the people attacking me feed into my delusions.  For instance, I have a recurring voice that says, "You can't even prove two lines parallel."  (Yes I can.)  Then they said, the psychotronic people, "She can do complex equations and you can't."  (I had a higher math score than her on the test, so...)  I was hearing voices pretty badly, and they could have, at any time, just done one lobotomy, but…


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The Idea of a Perfect Society--Perfect Stupidity

The idea of a perfect society is a dangerous one but no less real in modern culture.  A select group of people will always take it upon themselves to exert their influence on others hoping to bring forth a model society based off of personal philosophy--as if it's limpid to the individual, but we shouldn't be overly worried.  After all, reality has to be a certain way.  A doesn't go to B without logic.  They can't use psychotronic weapons on us all or they wouldn't have a workforce.  While…


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