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My daughter

She was a miracle baby, being born with cystic fibrosis and no one detecting it, no one seeing how much weight she lost, and her failure to thrive was nearly deadly.  At 7 months of age, she weighed 10 pounds, the breast milk was going right through her, she was not digesting any food.  And then we went by ambulance to the university hospitals and they did all kinds of tests on her, and said, "your daughter has cystic fibrosis," and I was shocked and huddled her close to protect her, it…


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Carol Baldwin

I am responding because you seem very upset.  I'm just thinking that its much more productive and positive to pray for our president than to shoot him down, and since you are supposedly a person who prays, why can't you do this?

I don't have to do my homework by sitting around all day watching Fox news tell me how terrible of a president he is.  I do realize he has his faults, but every other president has as well.


Also, please don't torture your grandchildren by…


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Doing Good Works

There is still a lot that can be done for our communities if you take the time to find opportunities that reach out instead of turning away.  Never stop believing that you can make a difference in the world by volunteering your time and talents.  I know for a fact that by me doing good works in my community, my daughter has remained healthy, it comes around full circle, there is this loop of getting and giving that cannot be broken.  Don't be so stuck in your own situation that you cannot…


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Political Process

After the Patriot Act and other such measures to take freedoms away from American citizens, there is this facade of working Congress when in fact its impossible to access them with any of your needs, and the grave sin of experimentation done on average American citizens is something too much beyond the scope of a controlled regime.  Dissidents, parties of distrust, sympathizers to our enemies, anyone in this country who turns its back on the ways and means of our government, will lose…


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Dear Sharon

I just posted to your blog post, but you have indicated that only selected comments are allowed by you, so I'm starting my own blog to you.  I really doubt that anyone has been mean to you on this site, and those are just mislead thoughts on your part due to the tech that turns everything against us.  I'm glad you are back.  Please make your way to the closest shelter for help and food.  There are many shelters and churches that help out greatly at this time of year, and you should not be…


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It's Never a Good Idea To Go To The Family Doctor

If you are targeted, you will have liver pain, but it won't show up on your blood tests.  You will an implant maybe in your neck, nose or head, but it won't show up.  You will likely have symptoms of having an auto-immune disease, but it won't show up.  There are countless other problems happening to the body.  Here is how I read my body, there is coiling and bubbling of my tailbone while driving in the car, and there is vibrating tailbone while sleeping at night, so its got to be a central…


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Dear Fellow Targets:

I did not think that our situation could get even worse, but it has, over night and instantly with the shooting at the school in CT. because now everyone is saying the killer had paranoid schizophrenia, and any time we now go to the public with our claims of government abuses, they will call us this, discredit us and want to force us into psychiatry or worse.  I did not think that God could have been any more cruel to us, but we have not seen the worst of what this can do to us personally…


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Winners and Losers

If we ever get out of the experiment, there will be winners and losers.  The winners who get a cash award will be the ones who had their minds read, heard, watched and surveilled by millions of people coupled with electronic torture to the head, radiation poisoning to the heart and internal organs, sexual attacks and unanswerable domestic spies in every day life.  The losers will be people who claim they are being electronically harassed with voices and no apparent tampering to their bodies,…


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The Race To End Experimentation

I get emails all the time from people who want to do some sort of activism, and it may sound good on the surface, but we really should be smart about what we are doing.  After awhile the public, the officials, the agencies they become turned off and numb to our activism, they ignore even further after being hit so many times.  The rabbit rushes in, and tries everything in a frantic, hurried pace.  The tortoise only does activism that will make a difference, once in awhile, with a powerful…


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There was more freedom working when Mandela was in jail, or when the protester was run over by a tank in Tianeman Square, and that is why there is more freedom now for us in the making, we are the ones who can't be overlooked, the way some many do with their freedoms, the drug addicts,  the obsese man, the woman married to her job, the kids bullying the disabled girl, all of these people don't get it.  We do.  Because we are fighting for it, because we have lost it and its worth fighting…


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Radiation Sickness

You will get a runny nose out of the blue and without any sort of cold or flu.  You will get hair loss.  You will have increased thirst.  You will have extreme fatigue to the point of some days sleeping for 12 to 14 hours.  You will sweat profusely at all times during the day.  Parts of your body will swell up.  And you will get nausea, dizziness and problems focusing.

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Living Under Surveillance

There are a couple of things that the media, radio, government, television, Hollywood, corporate stranglehold all have in common.

1. They play dumb. They withhold critical information from the good guys, including proofs and actual help, and instead insist upon keeping the epidemic of mind control at a health level treated as a sickness.

2. They evaluate without a role. They have forfeited helping the good…

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International Human Rights Day

It's not too early to start thinking of Human Rights Day: 

The United Nations Human Rights Day is annually observed December 10 to mark the anniversary of the presentation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

This was started in 1948 when we said we would never let Hitler happen again.  It is a global observation.

What will you do on December 10th, 2012?

Here is what I do every year:  I put ads in newspapers:  Pray For Targeted and Tortured Americans.  I…


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Suggestions or Help From Pain

Who all is getting the torture to the head?  The deep, terrible pain to the top center of the head?  Here are some of the things that help me get relief:


An Epsom salt bath.  Pour the salt water over your head for 10 minutes.  Sea salt and lavender also works.


A long walk outside.  don't listen to music on the walk, just pray or be at peace with nature.


Aromatherapy, but any old scented candles will do.


Stay away from the…


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Marcus Aurilius advice

He thought when one experiences pain it needs to be diverted from the thought process, there needs to be a major shift away from the thought and experience of pain in which to forget it mentally or to not dwell on it.  I believe John Hall also talks about this, but it was first introduced by Marcus Aurelius a long time ago, and it's true today.

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Who's Done?

The media, they are done.

The radio stations, mainly the DJ's, they are done.

Major newspapers, done.

Broadcast television news and programming, done.

Print magazines and online magazines, done.

Certain CEO's and businesses who are privvy, done.

Hollywood, done.

The Governor's office, done.

Congress, done.

The local police, done.

The FBI, done.

The CIA, done.

The NSA, done.

Certain universities,…


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I Declare a National Emergency!

And I should not be the one doing so, it should be this president that does so, after finding out that average, innocent Americans are being accosted with weapons and surveillance, this is, citizen against citizen, they are torturing their own people and it's coming from inside this government.  He needs to declare a national emergency and immediately come to our aid.  This should have been done with congress,  but it has not.  It's a national emergency because every one of us has been…


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Programming/my life

Mind control programming starts early in the home when the children lose an emotional connection with their parents and the parents rely on the mass media to teach their children how to live and how to think, you will find this also called 'hoodwinked.'  because you are in a trance with movies and television and anything can be absorbed into your brains.


I believe I am in the Monarch program to be a sex slave and have been in it for my entire life, only finding out about in…


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We all know there are terrible things happening in this world, there are many, many people suffering across the globe.  The difference between us and them is that they have their lives.  They have their minds, bodies, and lives to their own selves and they are not guinea pigs.


I've come to realize that it isn't about voices, because my voices have cleared up with proper use of medication, it's about experimenting on the body and inflicting torture to the top center of the…


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Those of us who are Surveilled

If you are being targeted,you are under 24 hour surveillance that goes into all of the media and radio stations.  In the end of this experimentation (if there is one), I am curious to see what this president does about the media and radio stations withholding the information that we are being targeted and abused, or, not letting him know a lot sooner about our plight.  In my mind, they would need to lose their jobs, just as anything corrupt must be wiped out.  I call on all media and radio…


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