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How community based gang-stalkers are trained

Most people know what a Targeted Individual (“TI”) is, a Targeted Individual is a person being anonymously harassed by an organized crime group because the organized crime group wants something from the individual. And organized crime can, and does often, refer to criminal elements within the…


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Welcome to the NEW WORLD ORDER!

This illegal and …

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The human mind can easily be EXPLOITED by using techniques such as covert hypnosis or subliminal…


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The Favorite Strategies

The Favorite Strategies

The favorite Psychological Manipulation by criminal psychological harassment networks is to try to put victims on the psychological defensive in order to take advantage of them, weaken them psychologically, and to make them…


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Project MKUltra

Project MKUltra:

Code name given to an ILLEGAL and CLANDESTINE PROGRAM of experiments on human subjects.

Project MKUltra --- sometimes referred to as the CIA's mind…


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SHADOW GOVERNMENT: Sources of its Revenue:

We can identify the main sources of its revenue:

(1) BLACK BUDGETS. This is the core of its operations, but is not enough to secure its control over the country and the world.

(2) DRUG TRADE. It has seized control of the major part of the illegal traffic in…


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10 Modern Methods of Mind Control

Posted on 2012/01/12

By Nicholas West

The more one researches MIND CONTROL, the more one will come to the conclusion that there is a coordinated script that has been in place for a very long time with the goal to turn the…


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" The Program "

Not only does misleading information about targeting emanate from cable, street theater/television shows, internet, radio or newspapers; it comes from targets themselves. As with broadcast disinformation that comes from targets is often completely deniable.…


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"From what all I have read and watched on countless utube videos it seems most people who get caught up in this evil program are setup or mind controlled to do some act that makes them vulnerable to being blackmailed by the NWO.    I…"
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"Jesus Christ will be back soon, so we will not be extinct. Beating them by having the same high tech weapons as they do would be a possibility if the people who design and make these things would revolt and decide to fight back with us. I have…"
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Stop Electronic Harassment/Harcèlement électromagnétique

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