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Screen Shots Of: Organized Gang Stalking In Fordham, Bronx NYC

Activities from July 21st 2016: This is a screen shot documentation of organized stalking in the City of New York and the borough of the Bronx. The notorious Fordham Shopping District. As I was walking along Fordham…

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PACTS, FFCHS, Derrick Robinson & Gavin Long

The picture above was uploaded to his gmail account. The moment I saw his picture, I instantly remembered corresponding with him. At that time he was in West Africa and I was very glad to have someone from that region of the world participating in our organization. He was requesting to be added to our Buddy List to which I replied, 'sure.' Then a month later for unexplained reasons, he wanted to deactivate his account.…


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Tyrone Dew TI is Homeless He Needs Your Help


Due to the nature of the crimes inflicting him, he has been forced out of his home and into the streets. But that has not discourage him from exposing these Targeted Individual crimes against humanity.

He is in need financial assistance so he can use the money to eat, shower and live some level of existence.

Your financial contributions should…


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Purchase Land For Homeless TIs

I am seeking your financial support to purchase land. The land will consist of 5 to more acres. We will use it as a safe haven for individuals who are being targeted with electronic harassment and organized gang stalking.

Electronic harassment is a form of torture that involves the use of micro-wave weapons. These weapons are experimental and there use is highly…


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Derrick Robinson Response To Removal From FFCHS & Delores Hall

Derrick Robinson Delores Hall

Jeff Hedlun Says: The board got what it wanted, there was no reason to flame Derrick in the Newsletter but they did, so, Derrick’s side of the story:

Peace & Reconciliation Community Conference Call – Monday, November 16, 2015

Greetings, everyone.

There is a group in our community that has been meeting privately who are very concerned about the events that happened which culminated in my being let go as president of FFCHS. Many in the…


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Wanted: Moderator To Host FFCHS Saturday Calls

Hello Everyone …
We are looking for a MC. Yes a Master of Ceremony or a DJ. yes a Dis Jockey .. or a Radio Personality that would be the Announcer / Moderator at the Saturday Night Talk Shoe Conference Call of the New FFCHS Freedom.…

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The FFCHS Leadership: A Message from the FFCHS Board

By the early 2000s, many Americans were beginning to realize that they were targeted. As a result of emails and conference calls among a small group of targets, in 2004-2005 an organization was formed. The group adopted the name Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS). A target by the name of Sylvia Snyder from New York City first headed the group.

In early 2005, Sylvia…


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Former President of Freedom From Covert Harassment & Surveilance (FFCHS) Removed!

"Over the last ten years, Freedom from Covert Harassment and Surveillance (FFCHS) has slowly evolved from a handful of targets to several hundred members. During that time, there were both successes and failures. Recently, the board of directors has engaged in efforts to decentralize the leadership of FFCHS to make the organization more transparent and more efficient. Those efforts led to rewriting the by-laws to make FFCHS more responsive to the targeted community, electing a treasurer for…


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August 2015 Journal


8-2 Around 6AM heart palpitation and irregular right arm movement. When I turned to the other side, arm palpitation stopped for a short period, but continued with less frequency. The distant between the viewer area is greater than the area I moved from in the beginning. This clarifies what I already knew the attacks are being made by single individuals carrying the…


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Human Protection Software Suite

Not accepting new members at this time.

Human Protection Software Suite Luminous is a composition of many softwares installed in the user’s Human body.

The HPSS Luminous uses non conventional technology and reaches all layers and dimensions of existence of the Human body.

The HPSS Luminous is autonomous. It does not rely on any…


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My Book of LIFE

My Book of Life

What is the Book of Life?

The Book of Life, which is stored in your double Ethereal Body, has written in it your Life Path. Your Life Path has in it many secondary paths that you choose to walk during your lifetime, based on your resolutions. These paths determines the people you will meet and also will lead you to goals you will try to accomplish.

All Books of Life have been subjected to hacking by IF – Invisible Forces (to the extent of their interest)…


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Limitation Fluxes Removal

Limitation Fluxes Removal – Work Request Procedure

The 6 Elements of Life and the Limitation Fluxes

What are Elements of Life?

The 6 Elements of Life are found in the person’s organic body (double ethereal). These elements, which exert strong influence in the person’s life are: Love, Prosperity, Health, Thought, Happiness and Relationship.

What are Limitation Fluxes?

Limitation Fluxes are…


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Legacy Of A Nation

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for participating in this Thursday’s Blogtalk Radio Show. The show starts at 9:00pm est, the times listed below is Eastern Standard Time. Please call into the show at 8:45pm Eastern Time so the host will have time to get organized. If there are any problems with not being unmuted, etc. please call me at 510-688-7277.

The phone number you call from is the number that will show on the host switch board when you call in. If you call from a number other…


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Join Us In Organizing North Carolina

We are interested in bringing North Carolina TI's together. If you are from this state and want to network, please contact me at: GSS 980-285-7950 and, or, David Mentz at: 910-264-9445. Thank you for your cooperation.

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Human Protection Software Suite Has Been Released

Come join the celebration! We will be hosting the “HPSS LAUNCH PARTY” tonight on the RECLAIX TI COMMUNITY CONFERENCE CALL @ 9PM EST!

To call in:

Dial: (724) 444-7444

Enter Call ID: 118041

Enter Pin: #1

To join by chat/streaming audio:

Click here and sign in:…


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Occupy Sacramento Support For Electronic Harassment Lawsuit

Occupy Sacramento got behind our cause and Jesse Beltran has been able to speak at several Occupy rallys about our situation.

I contacted several Occupy chapters in different cities about getting members of Occupy to file suit with us “to give us a huge amount of people”

They actually contacted me back and told me that i would need to speak in person at one of their general assemblies, and if the general assembly was ok with it they would get involved.

i dont live in or…


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GSS will be honoring Cynthia Goldman LIFE

Cynthia Goldman was Assassinated by strangulation and house was set on fire. She was an active participant in Targeted Individual conference calls and projects concerning the community. She was a beautiful person both inside and outside and we will be honoring her tonight.  

This is an emergency conference call and will be dedicated to her life. We ask you to be respect and give this time to her. Thank you.

GSS conference calls are held on You can…


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Join The Lawsuit Against Electronic Harassment

Re: Join The Lawsuit Against Electronic Harassment


Greg has asked me to tell you about these lawsuits

Please join in.

Greg’s contact is 6187997839 or or



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"Safe House" Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions

"Safe House" Community Cooperative Proposal Revisions
Building A Safe Community Through Organic Development

Idea to start Community Cooperative
  • Purchase land in Upstate New York between $20,000 to $35,000
  • Purchase storage containers for our…

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