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My diary of being attacked被攻击日记

Two kinds of sleeping feelings as a mind control victim:

(1)lethargy sleeping: in deep drowsy status, as if the sky would fall and the earth would break. As if the end of world was coming.

(2) Dead sleeping: Sleeping like a dead man, had no any consciousness during sleeping. After ten hours sleeping, woke up feeling like I did not sleep.






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Why Mind Control Is Bloody?

Here is the new term: THG-The Hidden Government. Members of THG Canada hide themselves in military, CSIS, RCMP, police, prisons, research institutes, hospitals, universities, companies, etc. They are mind controllers.

PM Stephen Harper has no control over THG Canada.…


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Professor Persinger's assessment letter for Qijia Cheng

15 February 2009

Mr. Qi Jia (Charles) Cheng

402-607 Heritage Drive

Kitchener, Ontario

Dear Mr. Cheng,…


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Cheng-My Story as a Victim of MC and DEW

Cheng-My Story as a Victim of MC and DEW

( MC—mind control, Also known as electronic harassment, Or psychotronic weapons, Or psychophysical weapons; DEW—directed energy weapon)

(Notes: This article was written early 2009 in Kitchener,…


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The Mind Has No Firewall (大脑没有防火墙)

The Mind Has No Firewall


From Parameters, Spring 1998, pp. 84-92.



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Mind-Control Agents’ Electronic Harassment Weapons

      脑控受害者(Mind control victim)或精神控制受害者常常经受高级电子武器的攻击和骚扰。脑控受害者常常被脑控特工(或叫高级军医)在脊椎里植入纳米芯片,用于探测和输入神经信号或脑波。






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Letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper

3325 Uplands Dr.,Unit 126

Ottawa, ON,

K1V 9X6


Respected Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

I am writing to ask for your intervention to stop mutilating and abusing my family in secret  human comprehensive research and experimentation internationally (especially Sino-Canada joint research). These secret experimentation are conducted by secret agencies in Canada and internationally.



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Who can help me tweet or fax this below?

 Why are " they" afraid of this  paragraph and hack it?UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationInternational Criminal CourtCanadian GovernmentWhy are " they" afraid of this  paragraph and hack it?Recently ,  one professor of University of  California, San Diego stated: If you are secretly forced to take one medicine called " sensitizer ", they can start their torture, terror and murder by Microwave, Radio Frequency...because you are now very sensitive to  Microwave,…See More
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Currently, the capability exists to spray minimal sized electrodes close to individuals so that they adhere to the mucus membranes of the mouth, nose, ears and eyes of those individuals and these devices would then navigate the human vasoculture, cross the blood brain barrier and precisely auto-position themselves among or even within brain cells. They would then wirelessly transmit encoded information to and from a cloud based super-computer network for real time brain state monitoring and…See More
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