Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Satellites have several types and work in space .Operates spy satellites, the humans arrived via electronic outlets and these electronic outlets working on computer programs in the treated super computers,
These programs are working to send a request to read your mind and this reading quickly navigate wave, into super computer
The computer processed several times and puts the odds of the person who leads the process of torture. Returned to take order for the program to address brain Atomitic (how to get it), It's three waves of industrial Alpha, Beta and Delta, Satellite works on the change in values ​​in the brain, which conducts the program moments after the treatment to the so-called mind control
Link explains some thing :
When you hear the voice of the skull (v2k) program is and not as you think (in the mind handles real and artificial waves then believed that man by man spoke to him) that the program,
The program receives the images for reading intervention to the database, and treated and returned arrive rights program to the bounties wanted commander process (solution), there are three things you should do it will succeed in stopping the program and foil the process (it's long, but easy)
1 - to remember in your memory repeatedly that program and not a person and be careful not to speak to him . as long as you speak to him (remember, or intend to in the brain) This will give valuable to know what is happening to you then dominated the computer to note that the address can not be resolved and this indicates the enemy aware that you are not a pig you are human. Will inform you knew and instantly know the possibility of possible police
The program will work will not rest on the waves, but remembering industrial repeatedly three times to stop the program returned

I will put a solution for entertainment with the program or with the enemy (consult a specialist) (See it)
The expert can develop a program to communicate with the enemy using a Nia ocz

2- Natural behavior: Remember that stuff does not value and money, are worthless if I am not alive

You own love always, for all moved away from the hate.Psychological warfare called war psychologically valid questions, the feeling of love and laughter
See to humans and spoke to him and Laugh
(Psychology Information)
Psychological warfare works to be disconnected from the community (do not do), as well as working to frustration (do not do)
I am happy despite the effects on the chest (it waves happiness or sadness and does not value "Laugh as you like")
3-Stay strong and happy: Whenever remained weak whenever you are a victim.Remember that you can succeed tomorrow.

What is the control: Is Devices launches waves, Alpha, Beta and Delta.What is torture Alkahromagnatis is launching waves on the target being tortured
Methods of Treatment
How to change the reality
Satellites in space watching Satellite competent to know its movements and photographed in work situations and to monitor a phenomena indicate malfunction ......
So that the process of stopping a spy satellite is almost impossible for the individual, but states can follow any satellite and to work to bring down the satellite or stop work, the European Union and the United States, Russia and China .. Unable to it ....
Individual developing countries is difficult, but perhaps succeed group
The terrifying world!!!!!!!!!!!
Be sure they benefit. you do to punish them
International Center Against Abuse of Covert Technologies Link:

Contact with radio broadcaster in the United States (they follow the radio)

Waves can be stopped???
Answer: There are several types of waves and vary in frequency and microwave or nano-Wave or ...
Is Faraday cage benefit?? The answer is probably succeed in the armor!
Can anyone stop the satellite??
The answer is yes, but the person who will do?
Remote sensing centers show magnetic spectrum and there are many ground stations ........... Universities, research centers, space centers, genetic technology centers, technology centers of the brain, military armor psychological centers, ..........
Is one of your voice heard??? I ask
Unforgiving waves, and worked to help others
Do you know that they can change your shape face and body, genes, and memory footprint .............
If you know the country's security officer told him probably think for a moment what is going on and maybe do something
I am a victim can you help me any information or device

Listen to the Koran in the link

I ask dropping (destruction) spy satellite, do you dare to application؟؟؟ 


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Comment by SheriGrutz on May 7, 2013 at 11:05pm

It's doubtful that a program is responding to each thought in your head, more likely it is fabricated voices from hallucinations and I found relief by taking medication.  Being part of the trauma based mind control targeting causes voices, ptsd, anxiety, depression and other mental problems.

Comment by Samiah binte Ibrahim on May 8, 2013 at 6:59am

Theres no doubt about it Sheri, its the truth its not hallucinations  pls refer to all details




Comment by alifares on May 9, 2013 at 9:02am

Sir / Madam
The program works in the database according to the information I have and it is re-study on any change in the information received by the victim so that the tips allow a period of time to stop torture to repeat the study, but the shock should not allow us to communicate with the program because the program will work on the torture of the victim and enter unconscious
I am the inventor of satellite and victim (psychological warfare), but with all sincerity I recommend it. I think that this information will help any victim because the program will restore the study as soon as the victim receives will laugh and ......
While physical solutions ....... May be unable tongue from the description
Techniques exist, but are expensive and there are undoubtedly ways, but hardly an individual's hard to move with the setups.
Solution, to stop broadcasting satellite with you, but you must track the satellite .......... Via remote sensing centers or high-tech tracking systems. I'm not able to stop the spy satellites or stop broadcasting satellite with me and I hope to succeed to help everyone


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