Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs                                                        Thousands of solid, intelligent hard working Americans are complaining of the exactly the same issues that Arron Alexis (The Navy Yard Shooter) Was. Here is hundreds of testimonies of other citizens before the Presidential commission on Bi...See More
Against use of Psychotronic Weapons. Testimonies of victims before the Presidential Commission, USA

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Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 20, 2013 at 4:31am

Using Aron Alexis as an example could look bad, after all he killed 12 people. He had made a choice to keep and use guns. I would hope any real TI would see the danger in keeping a gun. The perps could influenced you or even just take over your body, and make you use that gun on someone else, maybe even a loved one. Alexis chose to harbour feelings that put guns on a pedestal as a means to get the 'justice' one feels they deserve

Comment by Chanath on September 20, 2013 at 4:53am

Right, Daniel, this could go pretty far .....hopefully!

Comment by Daniel Morgan on September 20, 2013 at 4:54am

Aaron is a murder. I do not agree on any level with his actions or guns. But this story has more evidence than most pointing to the use of microwave weapons, gang-stalking ...

Comment by Chanath on September 20, 2013 at 5:03am


Comment by Sue on September 21, 2013 at 4:45am

A l e x i s  c o u l d  h a v e  b e e n  m i n d  c o n t r o l l e d  i n t o  d o i n g  w h a t  h e  d i d  a s  I M O  a r e  m a n y  w h o  g o  o n  v i o l e n t  r a m p a g e s  o u t  o f   t h e  b l u e. T h e r e  i s  o p i n i o n  t h a t  s c h o o l            s h o o t  o u t s  a r e  d o n e  t h i s  w a y. I t s  n o t  r e a l l y  t h e i r  f a u l t.


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brian bovo replied to Ricardo's discussion Real-life electronic harassment versus “conspiracy theories”
"i know i have a body/mind state implant.  i was just put on insulin injection.  and when i poke my stomach the voices get quiet for a while and say "he found us".  also ive felt movement under the skin in my left ear, and…"
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The "sting operation" scheme as a part of a threat to national security

The mainstream media is contributing to the huge disinformation, and misinformation, there is regarding electronic harassment.  All they care is Kim Kardashian's putting on a few pounds or possibly getting divorced, or Donald Trump's banana-republic kind of rants.  For years I have investigated covert intelligence matters, with all the difficulties exposed at:…See More
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"Sue, you are well informed.  So I can add a few more things for you to know.  It is outrageous: there are foreign powers really interested about one's sex life.  In "A Mafia State," the British journalist Luke Harding…"
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Ricardo replied to Ricardo's discussion Real-life electronic harassment versus “conspiracy theories”
"It has to blow in their faces; I have great hope in the U.S. Congress at least addressing the espionage side to the problem; I do not expect them to reveal to the public anything about electronic harassment, but, alas, to reveal something…"
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Ricardo replied to brian bovo's discussion if this is real
"Brian Bovo, if what you report is real, then it is not a hypnosis device, but psychotronic synthetic telepathy harassment, which works through modified microwave noncontact motions sensing espionage technology, of the kind reported…"
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Ricardo replied to Ricardo's discussion Real-life electronic harassment versus “conspiracy theories”
"By "foreign powers," above, I mean the foreign power/s behind the drug cartels.  As, in themselves, the cartels are mere criminal organizations.  But, as I have posted it elsewhere in Peacepink, South American generals are behind…"
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Ricardo replied to Ricardo's discussion Real-life electronic harassment versus “conspiracy theories”
"I am answering to inquiries as to how do I know that the government protects me from electronic assassination.  Listen, the government is never going to acknowledge that there is electronic harassment going on; you will never get a letter or…"
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