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I started getting harassed a couple of years ago. It's not as extreme as it once was, but there is at least something each day. My family has experienced some minor things as well, but they simply rationalize and I know that the few who would believe something is afoul, wouldn't be able to handle knowing what I do. I still don't know exactly what I did to upset the people who are doing this to me, but change of location hasn't made it stop. I don't know who these people are, but I've never felt so dehumanized in my entire life. I wish I was more bitter, but I wouldn't even wish this on the people who were gangstalking me and continue to electronically harass me.

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Comment by God's Grace on May 17, 2018 at 7:17pm

George, don't feel hopeless, we are all here for you, we know your story is true, and the truth will come out, President Trump is also aware of this technology and how it is being used. And as someone else here pointed out, the x-ray etc technology is becoming so advanced, so it there is anything in your body tracking you it is going to show up pretty soon, and that will be your evidence to prove to people that you were telling the truth all along. (and as far as surgical scars are concerned, they use a form of glue (I've seen the video showing how it works) that can close a scar so that it can't be seen, and it can be done within less than a minute.

You may not have been implanted, but due to the length of time you have been a TI, you more than likely were....there are some amazing people out there that are coming out with amazing information and getting the word out there....hang in, it is all about to be exposed. Go onto a website called, there is a member there who has studied the law, who is very clever and is going to bring this awareness forward in the legal arena as well. Watch Ramola D on Youtube, she has some fabulous guests on this topic.

Great that you are sharing, and not keeping this to yourself, you are in the company of people who understand. God Bless!!


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"What Canadian diplomats undergo and suffer is " Sonic Attack"; while we undergo and suffer is " mental disorders "."
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"Hi Harry , well if it is happening to me in shitty little Ireland then it is happening EVERYWHERE. I don't get tortured with V2K thank God , though I have had it a few times. What the continuously torture me with is mind control , whenever I am…"
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Stephen O' Neill replied to Robin Yan's discussion CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
"I hope to God our nightmare ends soon , when I see what CBS has to say it brings home how far we have to go (as I am a victim of electronic assaults and mind control). Lets hope that something comes of these diplomats being attacked , lets hope that…"
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Mind control

Mind control tortured yester day and today night also son of of ass axe md harish md aurz pharma bangalore I f u ck u. Son of highly country brute if u meet I kill u warring over .only punishments remains us. Don't worry I will punish u
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Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's blog post CBC news and what happened in Cuba. shame on you.
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