Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Could ti's finally be getting some help????????

Exposure of CIA deepest secrets.  All of Alex Jones guests today say CIA should be stopped, fired, dissolved.

I worry about what consequences this has.  I think ti's will be ok but I am worried this leak might start a civil war.

This will be a process, Trump to order a congressional investigation and then go from there.  Scary times ahead but heck we are ti's we have already taken more than most prisoners of war.

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Comment by God's Grace on March 8, 2017 at 10:04pm

Wow cat, cat, thanks for this up to date news - so good to hear that Alex's guests are saying this - I think more and more people are bumping up the heat on the Intelligence agencies around the world.  I have been watching a three part series on YouTube by a former Head of the FBI, who wants a meeting with Donald Trump, and he wants to bring along Jesse Ventura (from Conspiracy Theory: Brain invaders) and Dennis Kucinich (who's tried to get this stopped), which means they know what is happening to citizens around the world, and want to get this information over to the President - he has put out an appeal to President Trump, so hopefully they will get a meeting with him, so you can be sure things are starting to happen....thanks for the share

Comment by God's Grace on March 8, 2017 at 10:08pm

I was watching a show by Dr Katherine Horton today, where she said, she and others she knows are working to get DEWS stopped within a couple of short months, and she seems to be quite determined to get this there are a lot of activits on-line, that are working full time (some of them) to get this stopped, as someone said on FB, the victims have reached critical mass now, therefore there is going to be a lot of activity to expose these heinous crimes to humanity.

Comment by Julie Barnes on March 9, 2017 at 2:01am
Privacy is a fundamental human right recognized in the UN Declaration of Human Rights, the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights and in many other international and regional treaties. Privacy underpins human dignity and other key values such as freedom of association and freedom of speech. It has become one of the most important human rights issues of the modern age.
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on April 20, 2017 at 7:53am
I agree. I have no privacy to do freedom association, freedom of expression or speech. They induce their ideas of what they think I should say to people. I've been in confinement 4-5 ys in a bed most of the time. They try to create social situations that don't exist.They use music in public as mind control tactics or to try to brainwash which it never works. They use music add if it's a distraction as if it's a social life,a life. It's not. I've been taken out of society. My hands are electrocuted daily sometimes more than 1xa day for long time period. I'm physically tortured pain induced day n night. Electronic harassment done near me in public.Theyclick on walls ceiling rev motors around me of appliances rev cars trucks motorcycle. They follow me in public 5ys. I have no life. They do forced speech manipulation of me daily masking me say thins I don't say or have too say. They monitor me they monitor every move thought.They try to control my thoughts all day n night and use their society way of I'm a hostage. I have injuries that should get medical care but doctors in ny can never be trusted again. They lie they hurt more than help. The will try to put you in a hospital or psych unit. There are other countries that do this to victims to o from what I hear read. I can't have friends. I can't have relationships. They think words in music mean something, they don't. They try to create a deeper meaning to music people clothes weather season religion etc. Everything is objects. My family is important to me negate they are suffering and don't deserve to suffer. My parents especially. The use my whole family as test subjects, without their written consent, without any help they ages them Rhett age us they cause illness they cause negativity daily.These men and women are satans family. They should be arrested and given capital punishment for what they hands done to me and what they continue to doo. They raped me more than 20xs on 5 ys physical drugged and electronic forced stimulation with v2k and these men v2k that they filmed the rapes. They watch me naked 247 they watch me in my shower toilet etc. They control my nana in shower they try to Control what I duo in bathroom. They try to ctrl what I do with my things ,my body, my home, what I say to family.They create ideas and induce them influence my brain against my own right to think choose make decisions for myself. I Have no freedom. I can't walk the street a park anywhere and feel the wind on my face or feel fresh air and feel free walking have silence of thoughts.There is never any good feelings ever. There is nothing happy. The inky thing that matters to me is being my freedom back and having no remote control of my eyes brain mouth limbs thoughts and get privacy back again. I suffer daily trying to survive in the day. My family wishes they could stop what is being done to me and us. I only have 1 option to try which is leave the country and see if it stops or some of it stops and have a chance at a real life again. I'm a slave but I'm being molested daily. They taste away ask my human rights to have freedom of"a"life" I can't work I can't join anything,I can't go to church without being v2kd, stalked, I can't go into a grocery store without being followed, MIND CTRLD what to buy, instead of my own voice own thinking own feelings own decisions. They force my eyes to look at things I don't care about don't have to be force to care about they force eyes to move in directions, they force them to look at what they want to look at they my eyes. Music didn't mean anything to me.Especially rock music. These men like rock pop 80s oldies,.I don't like this type of music, and they know this. They induce song phrase over and over to doo torture subliminal type programming or brain entrainment to hurt my brain my intelligence my creativity my identity. They try to take my identity daily. They say" avatar"to me or bring up" I robot" movie.They can induce any emotion at any time
Comment by madminster2 on Thursday


Do you get clicks like a cricket sound or morse code in your left ear/brain part from time to time?


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"Depriving a target of sleep is a common mind control torture procedure. It is actually beneficial to the perpetrators as the victim becomes easier to control. Tell her about:trauma based…"
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How do you help a friend?

I have tried to explain to my friend what is happening to her.  She has typical symptoms of targeting.  No sleep and they have mind controlled her to believe it is some medical aliment.  Now she is crying all the time and feels like she is losing her mind.  The doctor said he will have to put her on strong psych meds.  Too sad. See More
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"Also Yan, note that they also use trained genetically engineered monkeys (They are actually weapons) who are semi intelligent via computer assistance."
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"Hello Yan, Read . Also watch youtube videos from Magnus Olsson. By reading this and watching his videos you will understand what is happening to you. Also…"
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look at this photo.

Toronto police,Canadian torturers supported by Ontario government take or send those people, who are suffering mental illness, to whereever I stay ,library, restaurant, my workplace. Toronto police,Canadian torturers supported by Ontario government stalk and trace me anywhere. Why? 1. They realize I am an individual innocent victim of torture.2. I have no options to stand up for my basic human rights.Please take a look at this photo. …See More
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"Maybe it is just me but sure seems like the experiment stage of the program is over.  I guess new tech is still being perfected and developed all the time.  I feel so sorry for all citizens everywhere on earth.  None of us did…"
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"Hello Cat Cat, Making people commit a crime serves a purpose. What they are testing and doing is to be used for military, nsa, fbi, secret services etc. If you can make a innocent normal person commit an act of violence, commit suicide, or get…"



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