Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

My request is not only for me. Please think about other torture victims.

Those who love our world without torture

UN human rights

International human rights community

International Criminal Court

Torture victims who fight for your basic rights

Please write to The Scarborough Hospital  and Ontario Government to ask them to  disclose two pieces of voice recording of mental status examinations, which are being kept in their hospital, to me, to the public, to UN Human Rights,and to  International Human Rights Community. From these two pieces of voice recordings, you/we can know what medical torture is and what systematic torture is.

 Mr Attorney General of Canada and Mr Ontario Ombudsman and...confirmed that The Scarborough Hospital of Ontario Government committed systematic torture,medical torture,conspiring with Toronto police,Canadian torturers.

Over 13 years, The Scarborough Hospital of Ontario Government has denied my request for the access to them. And International Human Rights Community asked them to disclose them. They still refused. Why? Why? Why?

My request is not only for me. Please think about other torture victims.

Thank you.

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan


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Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on April 20, 2017 at 5:18am
Thank you. Hospitals in NY SBU have been using me as an experiment since I was a child and by government agencies, state,and police. I didn't know this at the time. I may have been a cia mind ctrl victim since childhood or military experiment. Dod funds Sbu research. I have had indication that fbi police nsa dod doj td bank social services, cia , airforce, marine corp, navy police, army, dept of treasury, coast guard, real estate company , and other well known companies(2) are involved in my torture. Foia requests indicate they are involved but they do not directly admitt involvement. They used phrases, certain words in the letter to indicate involvement. Fbi I done on phone to. They were sarcastic and try to discredit me like you say as having a medical or mental problem. Family member hinting of fbi, police, but threatened in some way never to tell the truth of who is leading my torture,.A witness indicated police, told me an officer told him to do something to me. Mental hygiene, psych people involved in some way or participating in using devices technology in my torture. The lie pass rumors of some kind about me, every where I go. I'm stalked, spied on followed pyop cointelpro type tactics used over 5 ys to try to create paranoia try to create a mental condition poor trauma stress fear intimidation etc. Actors actressess used citizens used to do staged performances, hand signals body gestures arms behind back, arms in front of chest(symbolizing either cops, military,or watching me in shower, or a straight jacket of a psych unit). This is a game to them.They think it's cool to torture me.
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on April 20, 2017 at 5:20am
Medical malpractice had occurred to o many times over the years. These doctors sold have been sued.
Comment by theyseethrumyeyeshelpme on April 20, 2017 at 5:20am
Doctors should have been sued,


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update: Electro-neuro 2" Beam for monitoring victims
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"Thanks God's Grace for the info.  This sounds wrong but knowing that someone else experiences all this weird stuff makes me feel better.  It is non stop and not only to known ti's but everyone I know, seriously."
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