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Hey pppls

When my targeting started years ago l turned to God as many of us do. I prayed for years for God to take away my addictions and for help all of us. One day l found God gave me 2 miracles. He undid a "lovesick " curse l had since l was a small child. I was always infatuated/obsessed/lovesick with any guy that walked by and got my attention. It caused loads of heartbreak in my life. I never knew it was part of my mc program from very early on. I fell in love with God and He broke my lust for men. The other miracle he gave me back was self love. I hated myself from a small child as well....always comparing myself to others...never feeling as good as the other much hurt and struggle in life from this feeling l realise now was part of my programming from before 5yrs of age. Interacting with others was painful. School excursions, camps, sports always lonely....other kids rejected me. One day God healed me just like that. I got back self love tho l still have some timidity l no longer feel less than anyone else.

I never prayed for these things because l thought they were part of my nature but God in His wisdom knew l had been damaged in these ways. He changed me in ways that l never even thought to ask and no counsellor/psych could have helped me in those areas....they were so deeply ingrained. These were true evil curses. Its so liberating to not crave a partner or romance anymore. His amazing grace.

The thing is He has not answered my prayers for sobriety. Im drinking and smoking today. So depressed. The perps make me feel bad if l so much as touch a pen or paper but they let me drown myself in alcohol of course. 

Its weird....think back to childhood....l think for most of us we were programmed with behaviours from very early on....before preschool. This can be via trauma-based abuse or even tech mc programming. Think of the negative feelings/ways/behaviors you think might not have been your authentic/true self and see if you can undo anything that does you harm. They have been with you long before they made you know it.


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Comment by Sue on July 29, 2017 at 3:08pm

They are keeping my attention constantly. With stimuli they are keeping my focus on them. Its getting hard to breathe. If l try to do something to distract they guilt-trip its cruel l do a jigsaw puzzle coz a tree died for me to do it. They know lm a softy for all living things so they are using guilt to show me theres cruelty in everything. Eg-computer is cruel coz tech is cruel, music is cruel coz tech is cruel (environment, ppl etc) doing the dishes is cruel coz using chemicals is cruel. They have my constant attention....its horrible....

The entire community is gs me. Every shop l go to, every person l see or speak to on the phone are involved in gs. This is so big l dont know whats happened to this world. Are they alien/demon posessed. My mum is posessed, every thing she says is double-dutch. So she'll say "oh are you leaving"? (If lm going out) but the under tone is are you in going to the psych-house. Or ppl in the shops saying goodbye will say "take care" but with a sinister tone (so everyones speaking with double-meaning). 

My situation is getting really sinister and evil. I went camping to give up alcohol and smokes. First night l slept...morning came and then they extended the night went for 5-10hrs longer. I was semi-conscious and weirdos from the campsite came to my tent and they have "fun" with me. Its like they drug me so lm out of it but remember when l wake up and they do weirdo evil shit around me. Ive got phone calls on my bill that l didnt make at times lm not around. I think they are knoking me out for days, wks, months having sinister evil parties here. I had a vision (but l think it was real). I was laying in bed, something metal/mechanical came out my ear, l staggered to the corridor to my mum and dropped in front of her. She had the most malice look on her face. I said l love you mum and she syringed me with something in the lip. I woke up in bed. I checked my lips and my upper lip has pin marks all over it. A year ago l found a syringe in the backyard l thought was starnge atm. Ive seen cigarette butts on the ground and my cats are so scared of everything that moves. They have no reason to be coz l really look after them and they should be used to things around the quiet crt l live in. This is my biggest proof....the way my cats behavior has changed. My little one is so depressed over last yr to two yrs. My situation is really sinister/evil shit and l cant find a friend in this world. 

Comment by Sue on July 29, 2017 at 3:18pm

I feel like nothing this world taught me is real. My family are evil, strangers, neighbours, everyone is sinister. Its like a horror movie. I think they are taking me to the "white house". Does anyone know what the white house means? White hear is not the color of purity....its the color of psych-ward hell.

My situation is truly hellish and theres nobody to help or protect. Even the frickin ambos and cops follow me in there cars to scare me.

You know the bible says something like...."fear is for those who deserve punishment" lm like hey lve done nothing to deserve this. Im still scared but l understand what Gods saying is that truly only fear Godly punishment...if its not Godly its not lasting and its not righteous so dont fear them. But my world is turning into a stepford-wives situation. Everything is getting/feeling really sinister. And when l go out ppl are scowling at me....looking so angry. Im like "hey are you listening to my thoughts perping me or am l in yr head bothering you? Im just minding my own business what are you angry at me for?" 

This is getting really scarey.

God bless

Comment by Sue on August 1, 2017 at 5:10pm

Im stuck in this house with my mum. She is evil harassing me and l cant get a rental. Everywhere l call they are denying me a home to rent. Its awful living with my mum l thought she loved me all my life shes been involved in this entire thing. I can go to the homeless support place but they will put me with strangers. I need a place to myself and they are not allowing it. I tried camping and got perped in my sleep. The world is contrived against me. Its shitful. I was doing so good with God and growing then a few months ago they started this pain on me. Im feeling suicidal and not a person/friend in this world. 

I lost friends, job, life, pets, freddom, everything hurt but we survive right. But losing my mum and being forced to live with her as my enemy its so hard to live with. I might have to go to streets but l know l will end up on drugs/alcohol. 

They taught us about humanity...."humane". Was it a lie? Are we Tls a different species/race? What happened to this world?


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