Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Don't forward it right now .Please check everything.Let it fly for a while.I will tell you when to forward it.


UN Human Rights

UN Human Rights Council

International Bar Association

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International Canada

International Human Rights Community 

International Criminal Court

Canadian Governments

Earlier, I shared one photo with International Criminal Court, which was one page of Toronto Police's report,  of which  Toronto police, Canadian torturers are afraid  and hack. 

Now, I provide International Criminal Court with two more photos. One was from Mr. Attorney General of Canada. One was from Mr.Ontario Ombudsman.

Email letter from Mr. Attorney General of Canada:

 Email letter from Mr. Ontario Ombudsman:

What happened? What are happening? I was advised to file complaint against  Toronto Police, Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government four  years ago.

What happened? What are happening?  UN Human Rights promises to keep evidence  for me and for all victim.  

What happened? What are happening? They  madly hack UN ,  International Human Rights Community, and International Criminal Court as they madly attack my head, my heart, my hearing with rays guns , sonic weapons, EMF weapons, Microwave weapons in my home and in my workplace, which UN classify as Weapons of  Mass Destruction.RCMP  investigated the same case in Cuba.

Toronto Police , Canadian torturers are still living as my neighbours although I report to Canadian Governments. They keep  torturing me, terrorizing me , attemptedly murdering me by everypossible means regardless of UN, International Human Rights Community ,and International Criminal Court.

Non-Lethal Weapons includes radiological,microwave, radio frequence,acoustic weapons . Law enforcement labels these weapons 'behavior modification devices ', 'crowd control devices '.UNDIR classifies them as ' weapons of mass destruction ' (WMD )."

UN, International Human Rights Community ,and International Criminal Court ,  can you work with Canadian Government to stop them and to implement any related UN Resolutions? 

My request is not only for me. 


Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan


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Comment by Robin Yan on September 25, 2017 at 12:13am


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brian bovo commented on Mathiew Burkett's blog post Being Severely Abused
"Its hard to tell but i think this thing aside from actual stalking is basicly an a.i. of sorts.  I found wax smudging can stop the hacks i was experiencing which tells me its external signal manipulation."
7 hours ago
Mathiew Burkett posted a blog post

Being Severely Abused

I am having someone that is severely abusing me really bad right now by repeatedly breaking my internet connection when I am trying to do my job.They are able to do this because they are hacked into my computer and these people are for sure hacking into everyones computer here because that is how it all starts out, they are all hacking into our computer through the internet.That is not the only thing that this person has been doing, they are attacking me and harassing me with some kind of an…See More
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Sandy Lomax replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"In reply to your question about a perp being jealous, maybe he is psychopathic? This article says that psychopaths feel envy and…"
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CLS replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Hello, I updated my website. Please read it and share it save it. I recommend all victims to document what is happening to you. My website has details at the bottom no how you can do this if you…"
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Lez commented on Sonar♦0's group Victimes Francophone De "Mind Control".
"Bonjour,  Dans la dernière lettre d'info de PACTSINTL ----> - un article sur les dégradations  cérébrales probables  dues à du HCE ,  des employés de…"
20 hours ago
CLS replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Hello Angeline, I wonder about the humans involved in this crime. How do they look at themselves in the face? Does the CIA/NSA/Military people involved have kids? Do they go home and say I had a good day at work destroying innocent peoples lives?…"
Angeline Klas replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Sorry what I am trying to say is that they tell everybody I gossip about them. They lie! I believe that a lot of people believe what they say about me."



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