Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Today I was very angry at the Perps. 

The male thinks he's attractive so does the woman perp.

The male perp thinks I want him, you should see his head. 

Looking stupid with his Roden head, a typical RAT.

THEY know that jogging relaxes me, so they decided to torture me more in my head.

While I was jogging I was harressed by cars driving by. 

People show up to see me running. The Woman Perp is hilarious, she thinks she's so smart. You should hear how she talks to me. Her voice tells me she stupid. She can't keep up with me so she studies the stuff I know and use them against me. She bullies with my knowledge. They bully me all  day the long. Now I bathe with a bading suit on. Because of the Male Perp he comments on my body. He insults me. That's after he causes my body to bloat. it's a good thing I don't have a low self-esteem so I don't listen to him. He is nasty and pretends that we are having sex with eachother and tells people about it on an app he made. He just moaning and groaning on the app and pretends I am too. When he comes he tells his listeners that it is fake. He does it every time I meet a man I like, hoping the man will find out and you know the rest. He sabotaging my luck. 

Today he told me he really having sex with the woman Perp his Girlfriend, But they learned how to copy my voice. They turn their voice into my voice, it's a real Freek Show. 

Their receipe is, 


Using Social Media, to tell everybody about my life and telling them that I gossip about them.

Making sure Everybody keep the Social Media thing a Secret, so that I can't sue him.

Recruiting people to bully me, spreading hate against me.

Going after the men I like, maybe is is Gay. He wants the men to like him.

Financial Bankcruptcy.

Blowing cold air in my house so that I feel cold. 

Depriving sleep

Putting words in my mouth, making me talk the way they want to.

Finding my boiling point.

Sture up trouble between me and people at my job, on the streets, in my neighbourhood and in the shops. Basically every where I go.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Protectedmind on November 14, 2017 at 12:03am
I am a victim of non-consensual human experimentation (also known as Targeted Individuals) single mother who is living in Wood Green North London.  I have been subjected to this evil program for almost half my life now at the tender age of 38, so nearly 20 years.  After a long arduous process i have managed to write a book detailing the abuse. The book 'Remote Control' by Natalie Moore is now available for sale on at £13.50. 
As far as I am aware I am the first victim based in the UK to produce a book that is a record of these atrocities.  I hope you will all assist me in helping the book get traction and therefore the movement of exposing this.
Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
Book description:
An eye-opening, factual account of horrific human rights violations happening now. A covert, evil, social engineering program that is now a global pandemic. 
Tracked, traced, and monitored, this was only the beginning of a struggle for survival in an ordeal that continues to this day. A victim of a multi-faceted program that assaults the senses in ways never known, organised stalking, remote neural monitoring, psychological warfare, telephone bugging, implantation, break-ins, criminal damage and verbal abuse along with physical abuses including heart manipulation, brainwave interference, electric shocks, vibrations and manipulation of the central nervous system all via remote control. 
A silent holocaust that see’s innocent citizens become targeted and tormented by electromagnetic neurotechnology torture, engaged in a battle for liberty in the most disgusting, insidious program ever known. Unwittingly involved in the most heinous threat to freedom, worldwide for generations, after human rights violations of unimaginable proportions. 
Conveyed using a variety of media including original documents, diary entries, images, reports and poetry, this book provides a first-hand record of the impact of state-sponsored terrorism on human life and the need to raise public awareness.  
Mankind’s age-old desire to control and the nefarious lengths he will go to achieve this.
Comment by brian bovo on November 14, 2017 at 12:12am
I understand the mentality behind this. These people are basicly having fun with advanced toys.

They program the remote tech then use actors who listen to it blabbing your reactions to workers. The remote tech is likely a group moderating the reactions.


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"the device name cc308+ later I will check with other device. Device detect the same signals from mobile and wireless internet routers as well."
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"In my searches ive detected reactions from my naval as well.  I remember 15 years ago it bleeding and scabbing."
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The dark occultists, namely dark Luciferians, Satanists and Zionists are attempting to technologically enslave the human race. To that end they have being lying to us for decades and even centuries about every subject under the sun.The would-be enslavers strongly wish us to become vegetarian so they falsely profess to be vegetarian themselves. Adolph Hitler who was one of the dark occultists falsely claimed to be a vegetarian in order to convince all German people to bec...ome vegetarian. I…See More
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A specially The male perp is obscene. He abuses me with his constant provanity. He still pretend as if we are having sex and then broadcasts it online. It's really him having sex with the girl perp. …

A specially The male perp is obscene. He abuses me with his constant provanity.He still pretend as if we are having sex and then broadcasts it online. It's really him having sex with the girl perp. It's all about sex for them. People will think I am lose and imoral. I would never put myself online while having sex. He really wants me in that way.These people are crazy. They want everything I've got.I don't understand why the people around me are playing stum. Nobody talks to about the Perps.…See More
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Forward it.A must.Why? Not only for myself.

UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationHuman Rights WatchAmnesty International Amnesty International CanadaInternational Human Rights Community International Criminal CourtCanadian Governments I finished one survey from UN Human Rights because U.N. , International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court, they all know that  Toronto Police, Canadian Torturers backed by Ontario Government are hacking them and me, Canadian victim of torture.Please see how…See More
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The Illegal $5 WiFi Jammer for iPhone & Android

"1. It's not a jammer it's a deauther2. It will not block radio frequencies or phone frequencies 3.It's only illegal if used on a network that hasn't given you permission to use it 4.Give the creators a credit it's polite 5.…"
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