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The great torture continues.

I really have to get this of my chest.

The Perps have made an issue of my clothes.

When I Wear green a lot of people show up wearing green, they even want my hair.

He has told them that I want to keeps things for myself. They show up as to say you are not that original we can get it also.

Maybe they people have told themselves who does she think she is. She not all that.

He has told them I am greedy. He (The male Perp) steals my idea's. 

He has told the the people I am stuck up. You see I design clothes I want to work in a clothes gallery you see I am very arstistic. I heard about a boy who stab another boy because of his coat. He wanted the boys coat so he stab him. This what the Perp is teaching people. The people like listening to the perps. A specially the teenagers and the 20 something people. They show up laughing loud and talking loud, they even use audio sound. Their Social media tells everybody and everthing what I do. They enjoy it and mock me hate me and bully me. They don't care for me as a human being I am nothing to them.

If they could they would steal my clothes from my back. Fools on the street, that's all I see. That's how much they want it. I"'ll fight back of course. The perps could sell them shit and say it's chocolate. The perps know how to kiss but, my my my.

The perps has even give them a title of mine, I want to write books also. For fabric, iron, things he wants to kill me. It's crazy. He wants to take everything away from me even food.How do you call this. 

I live near Amsterdam, I hate Amsterdam and my city Almere. They have the big city mentality. They are very cold. Most of them mind their business but a group of them show up with their hate. I want to leave this city. I know many Ti's want or need a nice place to find themselves again. It's a material world. Now who's greedy me or the Perps? Christmas doesn't help these people are hypocrites. They want to take my life away from me. 

They've have mind controlled me. I don't know how to get out of it. It's like being under a spell. I have no friends I only have online friends. My family doesn't care. They are busy with their lives. I have to die first before they will notice me. I exist but they don't care, I suffer but they don't care. I have said help I being raped but they don't care. They rape me every day for 2 years now. After a while you don't even care. God doesn't even stop it. It's a thing to do.

being mistreated like I am leaves me without feelings. It's not right but, he what can you do?  Nobody cares to help me. They all are ready to mock me. Mock mock mock is what I hear all day.

I can't walk in my house without being ordered around. The push me so I can't walk straight. They hurt my legs. I can't watch tv in a normal way. They blame for my bad mood. They manipulate my brain all I can do is call them names. They really get angry at me and torture me for it. The broadcast everything on a app or something. You can hear me insulting people and then get blamed for it.

They torture me and think they are better than me.  They really want me to believe I am bad, eh not working..They call themselves Jehovah witnesses. They believe God is going to clear them when they leave Gangstalking.The Perps are counting on God's support. They say we are going to disappear and surf God. We are in the clear they say. Nobody will punish us they say. WE WILL BE PROTECTED.

This is their dirty secret the sin and than say God will clear us. A lot of Jehovah witnesses are like this. They yell justice but they do nothing for it. They are big sinners.

They have already called me crazy so they can get away with MURDER!!!

They want be apart of my writing. They dictate to me what to write. IT's not working. That's how much control they want to have over me. They are stuck up and arrogant. They have turned my home into a concentration camp. I HAVE TOLD THEM HITLER HAS DIED GIVE IT UP.

They neighbours are ready to kill me. Funny.... The neighbourhood dog is barking what the perps are saying. 

THEY are very sneeky.

Please read my blog and learn from it.

Keep on doing what you want, don't stop.

This my life. 

We will catch them. They are really the unlucky ones. When the curtains fall the will end up bad. No kidding just like the war criminals

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

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Comment by Sue on December 30, 2017 at 5:29am

So sorry to hear this Angeline. It sound like you dont get much break from this. Just one thing....dont think yoid be better off in a small town. This thing follows you wherever you go. Ive been perped in holiday in europe and now in melboirne exactly the same. It might be harder in a small town because everyone knows each other and they cld really gang up on you. Try to ignore them much as you can tho its hard. They want your attention. Dont give it to them whenever you can focus on other things. Keep doing things you love.

Comment by Angeline Klas on December 30, 2017 at 8:10am

Thanks Sue for reacting on my blog. 

It seems like you're alone nobody talks to me in a normal way about Gangstalking. 

They are not honest about what they know. They don't care about us. The perps has his minions everywhere. It's hard to ignore them. I know they will find me everywhere I go. 

I want peace. We really need peace in our mind. The Perp tortured me in my head so badly I don't know what I did wrong. He got angry about something. He's really crazy.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

Comment by hassanmcv on December 31, 2017 at 8:41pm

If “The neighbourhood dog is barking what the perps are saying.” , your perps are tricking you with synthetic telepathy. Not easy to ignore, I agree but Sue is correct try to not pay attention, Angeline.  Courage.

Comment by Angeline Klas on January 13, 2018 at 4:12am

Hi Sue I planned a long time ago to leave The Netherlands.

But every time I tried to I failed. Before I was Gangstalkers my sister asked me if I would like to come and live with her in England. The Gangstalking messed up my imagination plans. I never liked the city I live in. 

I have to leave this city. It's horrible here. The people are so cruel here.The took away everything from me. My son doesn't support me any more, he believes the Gangstalkers. I came to this with my health and a baby. I've lost both of them.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas


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