Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They are still controlling me....not letting me leave the house, go to the park or enjoy anything. I spend hours and hours stuck on my bed all day. They are giving me horrible dreamscapes with vision of raping and cutting my genitals and total monsters after me. They have horrible plans for me. I keep crying out to God or someone to save me from them. It never comes. Constantly in a continual state of horror. This is more than l can take. Theyve said they are going to drive me to suicide. I believe what they say because they have so much control and keep their promises. I cant stop crying in total despair. I cant believe this unimaginable horror is happening to me. I feel so alone even faith is leaving me as l dont know how God is letting this happen in this world.

Please keep a strong mind everyone, especially if your situations not that bad, think how much you still have because it gets so much worse. They drive ppl into virtual hell existences every day. You are lucky if your targeting is not that bad. Look at all the good you still have in your life and are allowed to live everyday.

God bless

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Comment by Anneline Harisunker on April 14, 2018 at 3:08am

But I know that my father in heaven, my heavenly father and I care about me. - thats what i meant... angry typing. LOL! 

Comment by Richy Peel on April 14, 2018 at 3:57am
Be carefully of using the acronym GODS it actually the system they use... My advice and works for me is download a frequency generator app with 2or more frequencies which can be played at the same time play one lower than the other and tune to the lower. This miss alignes their weapons. As you are consontly stimulating your audio cortex and subliminal listening. Play it all night if you can. I recommended you try 1hour and see if you notice any difference. There main tacktic is to play your subconscious or prethought back to you modulated in another voice. This turns that off. Think of a special rare word that you will never use I use "golden" if you hear them say that you know I'm right. Peace be with you. Xx
Comment by Xuthal on April 14, 2018 at 5:43am
Stay strong sue! I will pray for you. Keep faith. I hope you will be ok.


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CLS replied to Kathleen Henry's discussion Who targets us for gang stalkers?
"Hello Kathleen, you can read my website for some details that may help you. You can also Google for groups that meet yearly to discuss this and Facebook groups. I'm in Canada. However the main country behind this is USA. Dr Robert Duncan has…"
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