Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

How to deal with those who  refused to implement UN Resolutions(on torture). Here are my advices.Please forward this below.

How to deal with those who  refused to implement UN Resolutions(on torture). 

Here are my advices.Please forward this below. Fight for my life;Fight against torture.Thanks.


UN Human Rights

UN Human Rights Council

International Bar Association

Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International Canada

International Human Rights Community 

International Criminal Court

Canadian Governments 

We must "deal with" those who ,State parties which  refused to implement UN Resolutions(on torture), refused to obey International law and International order.

What shall we do? I believe our people of the world  can figure it out.

My advices are as follows:

1) deperive of their international discourse right 

2) hinder them from taking part in any international affairs, such as request for international arbitration 

3) totally and thoughly  disclose them

4) ...

Regardless of UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court, Attorney General of Canada, Ontario Ombudsmen......, Toronto Police,Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government  are now hacking UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court, and everything I am using. I have provided you with the evidence about this.

Meanwhile, Toronto Police,Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government, who are living as my neighbors; who are gathering around my workplace, are madly torturing me, threatening me, terrorizing me, attemptedly murdering me by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons,  which are classified as weapons of mass destruction by  U.N.

With them, they madly attack my head, my heart, my hearing . In my workplace, my hearing, my ears function as a switch, on off; off on....They are using speech  and listening jammers on me, which  are " illegal to operate Jammers in the US "and in Canada.

Witnesses, evidence ( Signal pick-up),and  literature regarding Working principle of common jammers, such as speech jammers.  Toronto Police,Canadian torturers are using these below :

In my home, they attack my ears with Microwave, causing tinnitus. This tinnitus can disappear at once if I   take out one kind of meter. The Navy department told  the public how Microwaves can be used as weapons and how it can cause tinnitus. 

In my home and my workplace, this headache can disappear at once if I put my hand above my head. The back of my  hand  will suffer the same symptom.

They are torturing and attemptedly murdering me with EMF, higher than  1500 ut (one thousand and five hundred). ( Please refer to World Health Organizations' literature regarding EMF and see how dangerous it is.)

Recently, Prime minister of Canada, Minister of public safety, new RCMP  commissioner express their concerns over "abuse of power".

Fight for my life;Fight against torture.Thanks.

Canadian victim of torture 

Robin Yan 


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Comment by Robin Yan on April 5, 2018 at 8:17am


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International Community of the Red Cross has what I provided.And UN Human Rights has everything. You forward it?

UNUN Human RightsUN Human Rights CouncilInternational Bar AssociationAmnesty International CanadaInternational Criminal CourtCanadian Governments Toronto Police,Canadian torturers backed by  Ontario Government hack what UN and I discussed about how to file complaints them five years ago. I knew they must hack this.So, I saved it. …See More
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