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Brain/neuronal damage? Also update about intestinal issues.

I posted many times about the issue of permanent slight numbness in the tip of my fingers that started some few months after the electronic harassment started, also about the feeling of energy over my forehead somehow seem to getting lower to my upper teeth.

Well, I probably posted something about this: now I'm suffering a very strange symptom related with my throat, where I feel like the muscles don't properly move when I want to swallow, which causes me a lot of anxiety because I feel I'm going to choke (also feel extremely cold but I'm not sure if this is part of the anxiety). This swallowing problem seem to be directly related to the "radiation" intensity that I feel at the time, and unfortunately the intensity is mostly strong.

I find interesting that after staying outside and getting into buildings that aren't just planned (last time 16 floor building), the overall feeling of this energy is dramatically reduced. I felt incredibly good the rest of the day, even focused more. My subjective assumption would be that the harassment (or the "illuminated" devices with these directed energy devices, if there are implants involved) lies on the same principle than microwave energy and heat: accumulation.

Today I was feeling the usual intensity, that feels like a mild headache over the top of the head and forehead, some mild dizziness. The disrupting thing about this is that I've very poor focus, so I was just fighting to keep doing some IT related tasks that I'm trying to learn (for +1 year the disruption is so bad that this is big effort).

Now the bad part: when I tried to use a VR helmet (that totally covered my forehead) I started feeling more overall intensity, and right there happened again! I tried to swallow and the muscles didn't respond, so I had to move the neck little and swallow again, this time successfully. I kept going, and started feeling strange, almost as "disconnected" and barely any energy intensity for some minutes, also very cold but not the extreme coldness from other days. After this happens I always feel terribly bad (cold, aware of swallowing, mild twitching of my jaw), and the mild dizziness and feeling of energy gets slowly back. This is absolutely HORRIBLE and the most terrible physical disruption caused by perps. I'm being slowly and painfully murdered and there is nothing I can do to stop it.

I'm aware that all TIs are attacked with directed energy weapons 24/7 or with a strong intensity, some even just stalked, so this is one of those times that I remember why I can't easily judge other people shielding attempts or angry rants... This feels like being murdered, maybe slowly but the maximum possible physical and psychological pain. These criminals lost their humanity a long time ago and I can't even call them inhuman, so don't be surprised whenever I call them sub-human torturers.

An update about the intestinal issues (keeping absolute transparency over dignity): The doctor says I have "Hypertrophied anal papillae" that it wasn't touched/removed/treated during the colonoscopy, but fortunately the pain is A LOT LOT less now and without the terrible constipation. Maybe the colon cleaning that preceded the colonoscopy helped, hard to know.

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Comment by Jason Lee Crouse on April 7, 2018 at 11:21am

Wow I think that I have the answer to all that we as a human species have been waiting for. I was tortured by a government satellite. I have now brain damage because my brain didn't what I call physically reason with the nightmare and costant beam glare. I know now that there are two types of reason. We all think that we are making human intelligent movements when we shove our body cavities forward with a drunk opiate calling feeling. The human body reasons because of atrophy. Push ups do not put the chest muscles back into the place where they once were before atrophy starts at eighteen. After eighteen I got ugly looking and without a v shape skull. I now know that even you have genetic defieciency holes. You are no longer attatched to your skeleton as I am. Tonight, without a muscle place imaging maching, I am going to move everything( every muscle to the end place) That means as far as they can go when isolated through a physical body training exercise . I am making movements without reason patterns. I have learned how to think with a an electrical impulse without a muscle movements stopping pure objective movements. Do you want to learn how to make the most graceful movements!? You know, the ones that they all claimed to make when they made all those things that shape the way the social citizens think. Zen brushing with no anger. Yeah right!!! Look no anger movements mean that when we image your movement with an imaging machine their will be no indication of a collective "human anger lock". If you feel that they have lost the characteristics of the thing that they once were, and you want to help me not get tortured by maybe the transgender politician who they have leading people in what they call an ethical direction to an brain imaging machine. I will teach you how to make pure unemotional reason movements. That is the separate thing from the objective movements that you will make after you innovate new technology because of the new brain patterns. Man you know they had some type of computer that shows every possible human brain movement. That is why I tried to communicate to the terrorizer with objective movement / reason patterns. You know this probably. If we can prove this that means that their are two types of animals. An animal can't live in the same house as a human who can make objective reason patterns. An objective reasoner makes reasoning pattern faster and constant without emotional brain moves. That means more in depth consideration for the things around him. Well that objective reasoner is me only I think.

Comment by Javier on April 7, 2018 at 12:09pm

I don't think I understand what you say. Anyway I don't think unemotional reason movements are a desirable feature, as emotions are what make us different from these psychopaths. This anger and hate also produces a spark that sooner of later would lead us to stop this system of torture, and not to desire the harm of others or take a terrible advantage if ever offered, and of course this persistence won't happen  from learning new ways to deal with this garbage.

Comment by Carl on April 12, 2018 at 8:51pm
Hi. If ever u feel you're about to choke or it hurts when u swallow food? Place a copper band over the area. Ha, perps tried that wiv me. But no more! Takecares ;)


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