Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Facebook, Canada at once deleted my post below on ICC's Facebook. Everything is clear.

Including two Prime Ministers of Canada can not stop their ongoing  torture, harassment, terror, attempted murder.


UN Human Rights 

UN Human Rights Council 

International Bar Association 

Amnesty International Canada 

International Criminal Court 

Canadian Government

This video on YouTube is "After UN contacted me..." ;

It contains:

1) One of email letters from Attorney General of Canada  regarding Toronto Police 

2) My report to UN Human Rights 

3) Ontario Ombudsmen's letter regarding Canadian torturers and Ontario Government is not in this video

4) their torture, terror, bruty "after UN contacted me "

Toronto Police,Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government are madly hacking  this video. From VPN, I realized this. They even invade my cellphone to hack this video which I saved in my cellphone.

Meanwhile, Toronto Police, Canadian torturers 

, who are living as my neighbors; who are gathering around my workplace, are madly torturing me, threatening me, terrorizing me, attemptedly murdering me by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons,  which are classified as weapons of mass destruction by UN; which are classified as  weapons for incapacitating targets by UN.

UN advised me to file complaints against them  5 years ago. UN Human Rights has everything  regarding what they are doing , what Non-Lethal Weapons they are using and what I have been through now.

UN, International Criminal Court, International Human Rights Community, including two Prime Ministers of Canada can not stop their ongoing  

torture, harassment, terror, attempted murder.

Robin Yan 

Canadian victim of torture 



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Comment by Robin Yan on May 7, 2018 at 9:32pm

How they hack this video "After UN contacted me..." on YouTube


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"Blocking.  Creams/lotions different for parts of body inc genitals Rubber over under sinks and foams.  Avoid reflectives Shungite stone/paint.  Corkboard windows  Basement bags of soil/rubber"
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"I'm sorry that you're feeling pain as I know how bad it can get. When I am hit with their weapons I literally roll up into a little ball and can't function. There are no blocking techniques, and this just really sucks because…"
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[Targeted Individual] TI: Symptoms of "MIND CONTROL" and "ELECTRONIC HARASSMENT"

We refer to “symptoms” as both “effects” and “control mechanisms”. They have both functions at once. Mind ControlControl and manipulation of thoughts, feelings and ultimately behaviorControl of thoughts and thought patterns; feelings and their expression; behavior control.Dark NLP and gang stalking (street theater) that anchor feelings to certain words, and sometimes colors, certain types of people or objects… Creating the illusion of ”guilt”.Hypnotic ”trigger words” that results in specific…See More
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"International Criminal Court and me"
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