Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I been branded with native symbols on my arm with EMF.So much hatred toward us.They said we deserve to di!.For everything they have done to us..We have been branded with the EMFs by this vicious Terriost cult (Iam ust crying as i type) I dont know how we was choosen to be use for attack on our country? How a woman with ptsd was put on the battle field to stand as a soldier and to be this crazy sick person for and after life with jesus.Ther bible i dont believe in due to being writing in 1900 by aa apostle who stated he rewroted the bible .reasonis cant accept the truth !.how a person wake up and millions of ppl use of communication devices and militatry devices to display there sick behaviors.Torturing,.They all had others buy prepaid phones ask a friend ask 3rd parties to clone voices duplicate images to say they are victims .They state that i know what happen to them..I dont know what to say.I look at my mother as and elderly woman who rape my mother her distant family rape my mother with sick as former gangmembers.Only advice I can give to others who are older(older ppl are easy for them to target they, state they are just venerable ).How do the United State Military feel that there listed and Veterans hate our country and blame civilians of something that happen to them are just because the follow a religion cult not forced to cause more problems in the world.??? I they stating to I right now who not going to post ,what we saying to you.The same thing i spoke on and call about.They also state they want to know what we demanding and saying(pubilically annoucing) what was already stated 2014 and 2015.If difficult to read as the perps annouced yesterday.who are drugtraffickers.Not perfect.please help us.please go to wikipedia artificial intelligence and also the sleep terriost and other methods and tactics they will display.I had to research what they were doing to us.not displaying any movie at all.also so contacted and informed the right ppl.(writing legal documents,emails,phone contacting,direct contact and website,now social media facebook.

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Comment by brian bovo on June 9, 2018 at 1:59am

Take a photo post it here please.  I had one appear on my leg and dissapear


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"im engish, been targeted since end of 2001, been through the lot, know they plan to take half my brain away, to cover up the truth, unfounaly that wont stop them, luckly you have your wife, then another 7 years, its 15 year police operation, I…"
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"UN' s response and UN' stance for me."
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"Hi,  I'm French targeted for 28 years now. You described exactly what i can feel on my skin and in my body. it is a permanent feeling of Electricity that circulates in the body and causes pain and itching. My skin burns approximately…"
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"Je passe rapidement vous saluer Début septembre, c'est là que tout commença pour moi, il y a 28 ans je crois maintenant. Pour resituer, c’était le début de la première guerre du golf, Mitterrand…"
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